• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bradley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Anglian Gundog Society

East Anglian Gundog Society – 30 September 2018

My thanks to the Officers & Committee for the kind invitation to judge the variety classes and BIS/BPIS at a very well run EAGS, a show that I enjoyed exhibiting at for many years before my move north. Thanks also to my steward, Debra Kerr, and to all the exhibitors, for your entries and your sporting acceptance of my decisions, some of which could easily have changed places on other days. I was delighted with my BIS & BPIS winners, I was spoilt for choice shortlisting 8 for BIS and 9 for RBIS, it was lovely to have such depth of quality to choose from.

AV Gundog Imported Register

Open (1): Chevalier’s Stormdancer Coral, SRHP BAV Imp Reg & BIS4. 6 year old bitch that I’ve admired from the ringside over the years, correct head with kind expression & correct ear set & length, good bone, straight front, well laid shoulder, well sprung ribs that are carried well back and to the elbow, correct harsh double coat, moderate rear angulation, well muscled with well let down hocks providing sound driving action from behind with good reach in front, was pleased to award her BIS4, understand this is a first for the breed, congratulations

AV Gundog

MP (6,1 w/d): 1. Adams & Scales Fisherbloom Fancy That, Pointer 9m b/w pointer bitch, most lovely head of correct planes with a super dark eye giving a soft, gentle expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest and nice angulation fore & aft, holds her topline both standing and on the move, correct oval bone, strong legs down to tight, well padded feet, moved really well for her age, like her litter brother who was BPIS3 she must have a bright future 2. Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Won’t Let You Go, really fell for this very sweet FCR who was just 6 months old, her head obviously is still to break but is correct for her age, another with a lovely dark eye, super angulation all round, good reach of neck which is strong and slightly arched, balanced in body, well boned legs down to good feet, coat coming nicely, such a cheeky baby who was full of herself but once settled moved well, unlucky to meet the more mature pointer today 3. Salter’s Eskimals Life After Jack, GSP

P (9,4,1w/d): 1. Mewson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave JW, one day off his first birthday this NSDTR is nice for size and type, good double coat of a rich colour and texture, correct tailset, tail has good feathering & carried correctly on the move, he has an attractive head and soft expression with good eye colour, strong neck, compact, strong body, correct angulation, good tight round feet, moved well 2. Powell’s Bonnyhilbrae Love of Joy, another nice FCR, head developing well, dark eye, lovely bone and good feet, excellent lay of shoulder and correctly matching rear angles, strong topline with correct tailset, tail carried correctly on the move, good coat and feathering, still a little loose in front movement at this age but presents a lovely picture when viewed in profile on the move 3. Smith’s Tivalake Anything Goes at Tollisty

J (8,5): 1. Finch’s Silberliss Summer of Love, Weimaraner 15m bitch who is just maturing into herself now, nice head and expression, good angles front & rear, enough depth of chest and ribbed well back, level topline with correct tailset, moved well 2. Chapman’s Katimba Trebbiano at Dkai, NSDTR, dense double coat of slightly darker colour, correct texture with good feathering, was reserve in previous class, nice angulation, head still needs to come on & eye colour needs to darken a little more, movement ok but a little close behind 3. Lawrence’s Suelynda Kiowa over Cajuma, Spaniel (Clumber)

Y (5,3): Two nice examples of their breeds, splitting hairs to decide between them 1. Caldwell’s Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan, WSS bitch with a pretty head, lovely dark eye, nice for size, nothing overdone & extremely feminine, strong neck, correct layback of shoulder, good bone, tight feet, silky coat of clear white with rich red patches, strong loin with slight rise, muscular but retaining her femininity, difficult decision between these two but just preferred the front movement of 1. 2. Lewis & Levene’s Glenlaine Squirrel Nutkinn at Valasarch, Irish Setter, lovely head with melting expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders, strong topline, nicely balanced when viewed in profile but would like to see him a ribbed back a little more, nice angulation front and rear, nothing overdone, well coated in rich chestnut, on the move he drives well from behind but was toeing in a little in front, although the soft sand surface probably didn’t help

G (8,3): 1. Bowden’s Gillbryan Dare I Say, Golden Retriever, mid gold with pretty head and expression, nice eye colour, excellent forechest, slightly arched strong neck into well laid shoulders, moderate angulation, strong in topline & correct tailset, she carried her tail straight off on the move which she does with a nice easy stride although a little close behind 2. Lewis & Levene’s Bardonhill Ginger Nut at Valasarch, Irish Setter well coated, rich chestnut masculine dog, lovely head and expression, excellent front construction, well muscled, strong topline, moved well 3. Collins & Powley’s Danehaven Kovik, NSDTR

L (4,1): 1. Caldwell & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan, WSS dog of lovely type, super head and expression, good in forechest and depth with a good spring of rib, rich red colour on clear white coat of silky texture, well feathered legs and tail, balanced in profile, movement true coming and going on well boned legs and good feet 2. Beckwith’s Troverothway Jack the Lad at Balaambeck, Spaniel (Cocker), lovely masculine head with dark eye and soft expression, cobby body, good layback of shoulder, strong topline, good forechest & depth of brisket, in good coat, lovely sound mover with the typical cockery action I expect to find in the breed 3. Elkin’s Tollekin Water Dancer, NSDTR

O (5,3, 1w/d): 1. Tague’s Wyrebeck Midnight Breeze, FCR, masculine, mature male, nice head, strong neck with a good front, correct depth, well ribbed back, good bone, in good coat & feathering, strong topline with correct tailset, moved ok, would probably benefit from the handler moving slightly slower with him

Brace (2,1): 1. Bayliss’s Spaniel (Cocker) nicely matched pair of blue roan males, nicely matched for size and type, attractive heads, moved well together

V (5,1w/d): 1. Watkins’ Starlite Red Robin, English Setter, OB dog of 9 years, lovely head and soft expression, dark eye, good neck, correct angulation front and rear, nice bone, good feet sound mover in nice coat and condition BV 2. Mandley’s Maltqudos Miss Mash, Golden Retriever, 8 year old bitch, pretty head, dark eye, good coat & undercoat, correct bone down to tight feet, sound mover keeping her topline & correct tailset 3. Chapman’s Decoymans The Dreamworker, NSDTR

BIS: 1. Norbury’s Medogold Bamalam, Pointer, this l/w bitch caught my eye as she came into the ring, absolutely full of herself and shouting look at me! I wasn’t disappointed going over her, she has a beautiful head and gentle expression, I would like to see a slightly darker eye colour but she is still young and this has time to change, her coat is a clear white with dark liver of correct texture, strong slightly arched neck, into correct shoulders, good oval bone, strong legs down to lovely tight feet, a series of flowing curves as called for in the standard, when she moved it was with style & drive, her correct bee sting tail lashing behind her, at only 14 months she is still a youngster but she must have a very bright future, I will watch her progress, very deserving of this win 2. Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie, WSS, I had some very nice Welshies to go over today and this one certainly didn’t let the side down, masculine, attractive head, strong neck, well made all through, well coated and feathered, balanced in head and body, strong well boned legs down to well padded feet, moved with soundness and drive 3. Goode’s Owlspoint King of Trouble at Brackenvale JW, ShCM, Bracco Italiano I’ve done this young dog well in the past as a pup and am delighted to see him maturing into a fine example of the breed, strong upstanding male, I just love his head and expression, balanced body, excellent bone, correct loose elastic skin, his movement is powerful and ground covering and a delight to watch 4. Chevalier’s Stormdancer Coral, SRHP, a well deserved place in a strong group, this girl is a lovely example of the breed, a credit to her breeder and owner that she has done so well and is a fine representative for the breed.

BPIS: 1. Grimsdell’s Tatterset Dark Honey a super orange belton English Setter bitch, just 1 day short of her 1st birthday who I also shortcut in the group, she has the most lovely head and expression, correct silky coat with good feathering but underneath it all a body of correct depth and angulation, good bone and feet, sound driving action, I will watch her future with interest 2. Thomas, Burchmore & Bowd’s Bowdonia Moon River another just rising 12 months, smart little bitch, pretty head and expression, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good topline & tailset, moved soundly with a gently wagging tail, pushed hard for BIS but had to settle for reserve today, but well done, another I’m sure with a bright future 3. Adams & Scales Fisherbloom Re’Encountered, Pointer b/w dog who’s sister won the AV MP class, he is a masculine version of her, many of the same comments apply, a sound, ground covering mover 4. Golder & Ward’s Laurenley Vincent, Golden Retriever, a very together young man, lovely coat, balanced height/weight, well off for bone, lovely feet, moves soundly holding his topline and correct tailset.