• Show Date: 25/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

I would like to thank the Cheltenham and District Canine Society committee for this appointment and providing some excellently sized indoor rings for the judges and exhibitors alike.

Alaskan Malamute

J (1) 1. Warburton, Tailfly Jitterbug 11 month old bitch who enjoyed her day out talking to everyone. Correct dentition, slight stop, dark almond shaped eyes, neat ears well furred and correctly set, level topline, nice coarse coat, legs Straight in front with good angulation and ample turn of stifle at rear. Carried tail well on the move. BPIB.

PG (2,1A) 1. Pitcher's Marahootay Linx Under Tatkresiwok, 21 month old moderately sized male in very good coat. Nice masculine head, deep, broad muzzle, dark eye with a moderate stop, always alert triangular shaped ears set wide apart towards back of skull, correct front angulation with good depth of chest but would benefit from more breadth as a tendency to stand close looking form the front, slightly sloping topline, good turn of stifle used well on the move to show nice drive, tail of good length and carried well on the move. RBOB

O (1) 1. Jelf’s, Lapema Garoto Rude JW, 5 year old red and white bitch, nice sized head with feminine features, scissor bite, moderate stop, almond shaped eye with colour in keeping with coat, small well furred alert ears set wide apart,. Strong moderately arched neck, slightly sloping topline, and nice underline, correct front angulation, slightly angulated pasterns with tight feet, very well-muscled rear with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, correct tail carriage, moved well demonstrating reach and drive on an efficient gait, BOB and very pleased to see this bitch get WG4 in a very strong group.


J (1, 1a)

O (2, 2a)

Siberian Husky

P (1) 1. Tinker, Zaltana Heartbreaker Kid at Lolotea, A reasonably sized 8 month black and white male youngster. Good proportions throughout head. Scissor bite with tight fitting lips, correct muzzle length with slight taper, moderate stop, medium sized forward facing well placed triangular ears. parallel front legs with slightly sloping pasterns and tight oval feet, well laid back shoulder, level topline, good underline and tuckup, rear well-muscled with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, tail carried like a sickle as he covered the ground well pushing the open dog winner BPIB, RBOB who went on to win WPG4.

PG (1) 1. Crowther, Kobuk Snow Fall, A three year old bitch out of coat on the day, Scissor bite, muzzle in proportion to head with a moderate stop. Ears triangular in shape, set high, slightly wide, strong well arched neck, legs parallel in front with well laid back shoulder, moderate breadth of chest with depth to elbow and sufficient spring of rib, level topline moderate rear angulation, moved well going away with good drive, tendency to paddle on the front when moving towards.

O (5,1a) 1. Morris, Hold Back The River Legend of The Spirit with Cwnhapus JW, ShCM, Almost two year old dog, moderate in size with appropriate bone, strong head of good proportions, correct dentition, tight lips, good ear size placement and furring, almond shaped eyes obliquely set, moderate stop, strong arched neck, moderate breadth of chest between parallel front legs and tight oval feet, level topline, good underline and tuck up, good turn of stifle, well let down hocks, correct coat texture with a well furred tail, covered the ground with a confident effortless stride showing good reach and drive while maintaining a steady level topline BOB

2. Tinker, Esquimaux a Kind of Magic JW, 5 year old dog of slightly more square body proportions to first. Strong muzzle, correct dentition, dark brown almond shaped eyes, moderate stop, well placed correct sized triangular ears. Good front angulation, chest moderate breadth and depth to elbow, level topline, strong short loin, good coat texture with a well furred tail which was carried well on the move. Ample turn of stifle and hocks parallel, covered the ground effortlessly pushing first who was just slightly more composed overall.