• Show Date: 28/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ashbourne & District Canine Society

Judge Mr E Forsey (Muzoku).

Finnish Lapphund

J (3,1a) 1. Allison, Glenchess Kuuma Hiekka of Oberitz, 6 month old bitch, still a bit raw but showing plenty of breed type and promise. Well balanced head, scissor bite, oval eyes colour harmonising with coat, ears set well apart, erect and very alert. Good lay of shoulder and upper arm matching, sufficient breadth of chest, well boned throughout, good sized tight oval feet. Bit bouncy on the day but improved as she settled into a steady gait. BPIB

2. Kennedy, Lapponnia Halimede Keyza, Another young bitch just 10 months old who was very excitable on the day. Scissor bite, light brown oval eye. Foreface shorter than length of skull with a moderate stop. Good lay of shoulder, lighter in build and bone than first. Held topline on the move, body slightly longer than height at withers, moderate turn of rear stifle, tail of good length.

PG (3,1a) 1. Allison, Oberitz Valkea Yo, 3 ½ year old male who catches your eye, well balanced throughout, having sufficient bone and good muscle tone. Head in balance with body, oval eye, ears perfectly placed, broad at base and very articulate. Good front and matching rear angulation with a good turn of stifle, low set vertical hocks, profuse tail, excelled on the move covering the ground in a strong brisk gait BOB

2. Kennedy, Lapponnia Aamu Solo Dreamer, 4 ½ year old bitch with a sweet expression, scissor bite, nice muzzle and dark brown eye, moderate stop and medium sized ears. Would like a slightly longer neck. Depth of chest to elbows, front legs vertical Level topline, Good underline, well plumed tail of adequate length. Moved true away and back, brisk side gait but needs to extend more at the front.

O (2) 1. Allison, Oberitz Marimekko, 10 ½ year old veteran fawn coloured bitch with plenty of energy, another pleasing well balanced head with a tapering muzzle, oval eyes, ears in proportion to head and alert. Strong moderate length to neck, well placed on shoulders, overall body slightly longer than tall, good bone throughout, short strong loin, high set tail well plumed, moved at a steady gait. RBOB

2. Kennedy, Herding Instinct’s Nova Niiskuneiti (imp SWE), 7 year old bitch with a soft expression, scissor bite, nice muzzle of good length, moderate stop and dark brown eye, alert ears, strong neck and profuse coat of good texture. Sufficient lay of shoulder, vertical front legs and strong pasterns, body slightly longer than height at withers with nice short coupling. Moved true away and back, but another who needs to extend more at the front.

Alaskan Malamute

J (1) 1. Dwyer & Wallace, ArticRainbow Heat Wave at Thundaspirit, Good sized enthusiastic youngster just turning six months old with a nice coarse coat. Good muzzle length and breadth, scissor bite, dark brown almond shaped eye, very alert medium sized ears. Balanced front with good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, legs straight at front with slight bend to pastern, level topline, and moderate turn of stifle and straight hocks. Enjoyed his day but the handler maybe not so much, BPIB

PG (1) 1. Whyman & Murry, Tailfly Flamenco, 21 month old bitch who left her coat at home today. Pleasing feminine features, dark almond shaped eye, well placed ears, good neck with a nice arch flowing onto shoulders, good breadth of chest, legs straight. level topline, longer in body than height at withers, correct tail set and carried well on the move. Good rear driving movement with a pleasing effortless side gait. RBOB

O (2,1a) 1. Whyman, Heartbreaker Siwash Legend (Imp CZE), 18 month old black and white male, good compact body giving a 9-10 height to length ratio. Broad head with small well furred thick ears, well placed and alert. Dark almond shaped eye and moderate stop. Strong medium length neck. Good breadth of chest and depth to elbow, good lay of shoulder, legs straight with reasonable bone and strong pasterns. Sloping topline with short strong loin, good set to tail and carried well on the move as he drove around the ring. BOB


J (0)

PG (1) 1. Owen’s, Zobullea’s Kooler Than Me at Keeperswatch, two year old muscular dog with short tough coat standing alone today. Broad and deep skull giving a square outline, muzzle of correct length and of good breadth, teeth level and marginally undershot, medium sized triangular ears folded forward and well placed on head. Strong neck, wide chest with good sloping shoulders, good bone throughout level topline with short broad and strong coupling. Moderate rear angulation, moved with a sense of power with legs staying in line at a steady gait. BOB

O (0)

Dogue De Bordeaux

J (6,4a) 1. Tibbs, Zeleski Chica De Cuba, 15 month old bitch, Broad square skull with a feminine appearance, broad muzzle not to short, oval eye and distinct stop, symmetrical wrinkle, undershot jaw. Strong neck , good lay to shoulders and legs well off for bone. Broad chest. Held a level topline when standing which dropped slightly lower at the front on the move. Strong short loin and moderately sloping croup. Good turn of rear stifle which was well muscled and gave good drive on the move. BOB

2. Mcenaney & Oldman, Zeleski Cuba Rhumba sister to first with many similar qualities, just not as mature and toned as 1st. RBOB

PG (0).

O (2,2a).


J (2,1a) 1. 1. Jones Bavaruki Kusan Beefmaster, excitable young male of 13 months, scissor bite, close fitting black lips, broad muzzle. Dark oval eyes well placed strong neck of good length and flowing seamlessly into well laid shoulders. Well boned, straight for-legs and nice sized round feet, level topline, black tips to coat, good rear angulation and turn of stifle, moved straight away and back, RBOB

PG (1,1a).

O (1) 1. Bodle, Debbollinby Just Kruzin into Kitarn JW, more mature 20 month old male, Balanced head of good proportion and black mask, broad muzzle of good length, scissor bite, Dark eye, high set pendant shaped ears. Powerful neck with slight arch, broad deep chest, elbows tight, forelegs straight and of good bone with large round tight feet. Level topline with a slightly longer than tall in overall outline, broad rump, strong well let down hocks, covered the ground well on the move, BOB

Siberian Husky

J (2) 1. Tinker, Zaltana Kiss My Paws at Lolotea (imp POL) 11 month old dog with a pleasing foxy shaped head with well placed triangular shaped ears, obliquely set almond shaped eyes, moderate stop and correct dentition. Depth of chest just above elbow, well laid should with sufficient return, legs straight with slight slope to pasterns and oval feet. Level topline and moderate tuck-up, moderate rear angulation. True and effortless movement. BOB, BPIB

2. Allen, Zimavolks Force Awakened, another nice 7 month old puppy, quite fine in build but everything in proportion and with a very pleasing feminine head, scissor bite, almond shaped eyes, nice arch to neck giving her a proud look. Level topline which she held on the move, good underline and tuck up, good turn of rear stifle with well let down vertical hocks, didn’t fully extend and reach today on the move but one to watch as she matures.

PG (4,2a) 1. Allen, Zimavolks Force Awakened, As previous class

2. Mencel, Fidis Sachems Dream (imp PL), 18 month old male, heavier set than fist with a broader head, muzzle of good length and moderate stop, ears triangular but slightly wide in set, almond shaped eyes, strong neck, moderate front angulation, vertical pasterns and tight oval feet. Slightly long in body in comparison to height, nice turn of rear stifle and good muscle tone throughout.

O (4,1a) 1. Tinker, Esquimaux a Kind of Magic JW, 6 year old mature male, wolf sable in colour, pleasing well balanced fox like head, moderate stop well placed, almond shaped eyes and well shaped triangular ears set high on the skull. Strong neck with good arch giving an proud appearance flowing into the withers, good breadth of chest, legs vertical with almost vertical pasterns, level topline with a well set tail which was carried beautify on the move. RBOB

2. Mencel, Firechief From Legend of The Spirit (Imp PL) male just short of his second birthday, well balanced head features which was slightly fuller than first, well placed alert ears, nice length to neck, ample lay to shoulder, legs vertical, strong pasterns and tight oval feet. In good coat with a well furred tail. Good tuck up and nice turn of stifle at the rear, pushed first on the move but just didn’t reach at the front as well.

3. Cunningham, Icebex in the Valley of Elah

Russian Black Terrier

J (3) 1. Eston, Shadlian Grand Entrance, 11 month old impressive bitch of good size who impressed from the start, scissor bite, good parallel planes of skull and muzzle, long strong neck set well on shoulders, correct front angulation with good bone, large tight round feet, matching correct rear angulation with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, move true in all directions at a steady gait while covering the ground with ease RBOB, BPIB

2. Perks, Dromnagus Mother of Dragons IR.JCH, another impressive young bitch of just 14 months and good substance, pleasing head not to broad with level planes and well placed ears, of good size and held tight to the cheek. Well off for bone, and well-muscled, good front angulation and breadth of chest, less fore chest than first, level topline and short strong loin, moved well in patches with good drive from rear but played her handler up today.

3. Norton & Thomas, Kalaslane judge Judy at Carantana (IKC)

PG (5,1a) 1. Hammond, Dromnagus Dutch Gold at Koschei, lovely 23 month old bitch with a friendly nature, overall square in outline with adequate fore chest. Head of good proportions and balance, moderate stop and dark oval eyes. Strong neck which flowed into the withers seamlessly, level topline and nice underline showing a slight tuck up, In good coat with ample woolly undercoat. Moved straight away and back.

2. Perks, Dromnagus King of the North IR.JCH, lively 14 month old male, of substantial size and good bone throughout, Broad masculine head, with nice parallel planes, scissor bite. Good lay of shoulder and equal return on upper arm, depth of chest to elbows and ample breadth, level topline, lovely turn of stifle at the rear, good reach on the side gait but slightly loose on the rear.

3. Newton, Fun Nords Maxilmilian at Lintweed (Imp RUS)

O (6,1a) 1. Perks, IR CH Dromnagus Black Ice , 6 ½ year old bitch who really showed her worth on the move today, Not the biggest overall but in proportion and solidly built and in good muscle tone, deep chest just below elbows with well sprung ribs, level topline and good underline, short strong loin and broad rump, good turn of stifle which she really used to provide excellent drive on the move covering the ground with ease BOB

2.Eston, Shadlian Grand Entrance, as previous in Junior RBOB, BPIB

3. Thorpe, Voice of Generation Druska.