• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Barking Canine Club

Judge Mr E.Forsey (Muzoku)

Russian Black Terrier

J (0)

L (1) Dickenson, Kalaslane Demyan (IKC) ShCM 4 year old substantial male who has a pleasing overall square outline, Broad skull with parallel planes to muzzle and skull separated by a moderate stop, pendant shaped ears, strong muscular neck leading into some well laid shoulders and level topline. Deep chest to elbows. Straight forelegs and large round tight feet. Short loin and good turn of stifle combined with well-muscled thighs. Moved true away and back covering the ground with a driving action. BOB

O (2,1a) Dickenson, The Ace of Spades ShCM 7 year old male. Broad muzzle with scissor bite, dark oval eyes, moderate stop, high set small pendant ears. Good lay of shoulder set around a deep broad chest just below elbows and prominent fore chest. Heavily boned Straight forelegs with short pasterns. Level topline with slight rise over loin. Moderate turn of stifle, with vertical hocks. Slightly tighter rear movement with less drive than his younger competition.

Siberian Husky

J (4,1a) 1. Riaubyte, Fire in paws the lord snow (imp pol), 10 month old male of a moderate overall build in good coat, holding a nice outline on the stand. Gently tapering head, scissor bite, almond shaped eyes set obliquely, alert high set medium sized triangular ears. Strong neck, moderate breadth and depth of chest to just above elbow. Well laid shoulder, legs straight at front with slight angle of pastern, oval feet. Level topline, strong loin, good rear turn of stifle with moderate breadth of thigh. Moved true away and back. BPIB

2. Brown, Polarcreek Taiya, 10 month old male with a pretty fox like head, correct dentition, dark brown almond shaped eyes, triangular well placed large alert ears. Would prefer slightly more depth of chest. Good lay of shoulder with legs straight at front, well up on pasterns, level topline, short coupling, moderate turn of stifle with vertical hocks, effortless gait covering the ground well on the move with tail carried over the back. Generally of a finer overall build than 1st

3. Johns, Azgard kapma for Alepenkye

L (5,3a) 1. Riaubyte, Fire in paws unbelievable (imp pol) Bel Jr CH. feminine looking bitch 21 months old, nice fox like head with a moderate stop, equidistant muzzle – occiput, almond shaped well set, high set triangular ears. Nice arched neck, well laid shoulders, sufficient bone on legs, tight oval feet. Good depth of chest, level topline which she held well on the move, slightly long in loin and overall profile, good turn of rear stifle and straight hocks, showed some good reach and drive on the move. RBOB

2 Riley and Codling, Dexter’s Adventure Eskimoski Domek, 3 year old red and white male in a full coat. Correct dentition, dark eye, tapering foxy head, size in proportion to body, alert active well placed ears. Neck strong but could be longer. More upright in shoulder than 1st. Good breadth and depth of chest, level topline and short loin giving a slightly longer body length than height at withers profile. Moderate turn of stifle. Held topline and tail nicely on the move keeping true in all directions, just lacking the drive of 1st .

O (2,1a) 1. Riley & Codling, Dexter’s Amour Eskimoski Domek, 3 year old brother to limit dog second. Handsome foxy head, correct dentation and dark almond shaped eye, medium sized ears set high and not to wide. Strong arched neck, good layback of shoulder , sufficient breadth of chest and depth to just above elbow, Moderate bone, legs straight with slight slope to pastern, tight oval shaped feet. Well balanced profile, nice underline and tuck up. Well angulated and muscled rear, move true away and back in a light effortless gait while covering the ground with good extension BOB


J (3) 1. Pearn’s, Bonmac Jackanory, sweet youngster just a few days over 6 months of age. Strutted into the ring with confidence showing her nice square outline profile. Feminine balanced head, muzzle size in proportion, distinct stop and dark brown forward facing eyes showing no haw, moderate length of neck flowing into withers and a slight slope to the croup. Depth of chest to elbows with nice underline and tuck up. Good turn of stifle and well toned for one so young. BPIB

2. Taylor & Lay, Izzamoor Athena At Wivendene, 15 month old bitch, well-muscled throughout, Another nice balanced head, muzzle length 1/3 length of skull. Beautiful eye shape on this girl, defined stop and slightly arched skull. Strong round neck of adequate length. Good breadth of chest, forelegs straight, Sloping topline with tail set on high, slightly long in rear angulation and second thigh just throwing off her overall balance.

3. Ames, Marbleview Phantom Menace At Thenamy

L (4) 1. Weller, Hollijon Tooty Fruity for Geenawell, 18 month old bitch who’s head mesmerised me. From the front a strong but still feminine head, good breadth and depth to muzzle, showing a nice chin and moderately padded lips, distant stop, lovely shaped forward facing eyes, slight arch to skull, ears high set and lying flat. Body showing a nice square outline, deep chest of good breadth, sloping shoulders with equal return of upper arm, slight slope to pasterns and tight cat like feet. Well angulated and toned rear providing a strong driving action on the move BOB

2. Pearn’s, Knightcott Ruption Bebop by Bonmac, Another nice 3 year old bitch with a pleasing head, well-proportioned clean muzzle and skull, undershot jaw, well-padded lips, dark eyes well placed looking forward, would prefer slightly tighter eye rims. Good fill to cheek, defined stop, and strong neck with an elegant arch to withers and sloping topline to croup. Good breadth of chest and depth to elbow, moderate turn of stifle, firm muscle throughout.

3. Taylor & Lay, Taranut Tymeline at Wivendene,

O (1) 1. Weller, Geenawell Glitz and Glamour, 2 year old bitch holding a square outline on the stand. Broad muzzle 2/3 width of head, dark eyes with tight dark rims. Nose dark with broad nostrils and slight turn up at tip. Defined stop and nice undershot jaw. Clean strong neck into a slightly sloping topline, well laid shoulders , front legs straight and well-muscled, small cat like feet, well up on toes. Moderate turn of stifle and good breadth of thigh, hocks well let down. Another who moved with purpose around the ring RBOB


J (1) 1. Smith & Horton’s, Jarjarjinx Tutti Frutti, young bitch just a few days from reaching her first birthday. Feminine elegant head, scissor bite, dark eye, slight stop, pendant shaped ears set towards rear of occiput. Neck flowing into a slightly sloping topline, sufficient breadth of chest, moderate front angulation, legs straight from the front, vertical pastern and well up on toes, moderate tuck up, moderate bent stifle, hocks well let down and vertical. RBOB, BPIB

L (0)

O (1) 1. Smith & Horton’s, Jarjarjinx Razamataz 2 year old bitch who had a pleasing square outline, Head with a feminine look and a nice blunt wedge, muzzle and skull having good parallel planes with a slight stop. Dark almond shaped eye and correct dentition. Head carried well on a strong neck flowing into the withers and body with a slight slop to topline. shoulder of good length and upper arm equal in return. Rear angulation equally balanced which she demonstrated on the move with good extension and drive BOB