• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thank you to the committee for offering me this appointment and allowing my first opportunity Judging some new breeds. I’m also grateful to the exhibitors who braved the blustery conditions and provided me with a nice selection of dogs.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

P (0)

SY (2) 1. Heads, Kilvroch Mystikos for Millermead JW, lovely 13 month old bitch giving a sturdy outline, wide skull but flat between ears which were well positioned, large and alert. Slightly tapering muzzle giving a foxy overall shape, medium sized eye. Good broad and deep chest, strong front legs with elbows held close, level topline which was maintained on the move. Well angulated rear with strong bone and vertical hocks. RBOB

2. Froggatts, Wildcard Queen of Clubs for Gerefa, Another nice 13 month youngster, black and white in colour with a short harsh coat, finer in head than first, but with lovely well-proportioned ears, scissor bite, moderate stop and dark medium sized eyes. Moderate breadth of chest with good body length, Level topline with well angulated and muscled rear, tail just touching the ground, moved cleanly around the ring.

L (4,1a) 1. Mantels, Tismels Apple My Eye, Two year old Red bitch with a nice alert expression, Scissor bite, Eyes of good shape and wide placement, eye colour matching coat, moderate stop, ears broad set and of good size with slightly rounded tips. Well-proportioned wedge shape head, muscular neck fitting cleanly onto shoulders, strong bone on front legs down to tight round shaped feet, Level topline, broad but strong loin, well set tail reaching to ground. Pleasing free movement around the ring.

2. Froggatts, Gerefa Cowgirl Blues, Six year old blue merle bitch with brindle points, scissor bite, eyes set wide with good rims but slightly large in comparison to head size, moderate stop, Ears large with rounded tips, well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm, elbows tight to body and strong bond down to round large feet which could be tighter. Nice underline and tuck up, well-muscled rear with good bend to stifle, hocks vertical from the rear, another clean mover.

O (3) 1. Froggatts, Gerefa Ghost Rider, 61/2 year old blue merle male still with a spring in his step,

scissor bite, nice head with muzzle / skull length and good parallel planes, well placed eyes, one blue one brown, proportionally sized ears well placed on skull with rounded tips. Strong neck sat well onto shoulders, deep and broad chest with elbows close fitting. Good bone throughout, large round tight feet, well angulated rear with good turn of stifle. Covered the ground well with good forward reach while holding a level topline. BOB, PG2

2. Apperley’s, Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo, 2 year old male with a beautiful well-proportioned head giving a friendly kind expression, Scissor bite, muzzle shorter than skull with moderate stop between. Eyes widely set with distinct corners. Perfect ears on this boy both in size, shape and position. Well angulated front, Strong bone throughout, tight round feet, long body with strong loin, well angulated rear and well-muscled. Good side gait holding a level topline, driving well from the rear but moving close at the front.

Bernese Mountain Dog

P (2) 1. Sutton & Davenport-Willis, Nelstephbern Dior Foreva Lovely 9 month old Bitch, Dark almond shaped eyes, scissor bite, triangular high set ears, although young showing good bone throughout, a deep broad chest, 9:10 height to length outline with a straight back and short strong loin. Broad rear with a good turn of stifle, feet round and legs straight both front and rear. Generally moved true although unsettled in the blustery conditions BPIB

2. Price’s, Silvretta Alpine Angel Another nice youngster, 11 month old Bitch, Dark almond shaped eyes, scissor bite, straight muzzle and defined stop, moderate sized well placed ears, good bone throughout, a deep chest but with less breadth and also slightly longer in body than first, straight back and smoothly rounded rump. Silky coat soft in texture, moderate turn of rear stifle, another who was distracted by the weather.

SY (1,1a)

L (3,1a) 1. Price’s Kyleburn Night Umbrette at Silvretta, Confident 3 year old bitch with good overall proportions but towards the smaller side of the size spectrum. Dark almond shaped eyes with tight eyelids, broad muzzle and scissor bite, breadth of chest adequate for size and legs straight from all sides, round feet, depth of brisket to elbows, level topline with slight rise over croup, soft silky coat. Moderate turn of rear stifle with well-muscled thighs, moved true away and back at a steady gait.

2. Deradour’s, Meadowpark’s All Eyes On Me, 2 year old dog, correct dentition , Dark almond shaped eyes, good sized ears, triangular shape and laying flat, moderate stop, Deep broad chest to elbows, moderate front angulation, forelegs straight and vertical, tight round feet. More upright in rear angulation, tail well-furnished and length to below hock, moved well around the ring but slightly looser in front pastern when reaching.

O (4,1a) 1. Deradour’s, Fortonpark Lilly May, 3 year old bitch, with a very feminine head, good length and depth of muzzle, scissor bite, dark almond shaped eyes with dark tight rims. Well paced triangular ears, strong neck set well on shoulders, well angulated shoulder and legs of good bone, tight round feet. Level topline which she held well on the move, body longer than height at withers. Good turn of rear stifle, vertical low set hocks, covered the ground with purpose today BOB

2. Avery’s, Lujento Morse, 61/2 year old male in a good thick but soft coat, correct dentition., even muzzle to skull length, muzzle moderately broad and deep, tight lips, dark almond shaped eyes, would prefer tighter rims. Strong neck and good depth to chest, would like slightly more breath in a male. Nice bone throughout, front legs straight with nice angle to pasterns and round feet. More compact than first giving a nice 9-10 height to length ratio RBOB


P (0)

SY (1) 1. Evans, Paloduro Gold Dollar at Maddiecass JW, 15month old male youngster, well-muscled throughout, longer in body length than height at withers, full dentition and scissor bite, well developed nose, short broad level muzzle, dark alert almond shaped eyes, defined stop, small pendant ears lying flat. Strong neck with good breadth of chest, level topline, broad slightly sloping croup, good turn of stifle, well let down hocks and round feet, covered the ground energetically. RBOB

L (0)

O (1) 1. Franklins Nageem Haribo at Haccasbrook schm, 3 year old substantial male, Classic Rottweiler head, broad muzzle, correct proportion of 1/3rd head length to well defined stop. Well placed dark eyes of almond shape, High set small pendant ears either side of a broad skull, full dentition and scissor bite. Well-muscled throughout, moderate length strong neck, well laid back shoulders, legs straight with good bone and slight angulation to pasterns. Deep broad chest, short strong lion, moderate rear angulation, moved with purpose and drive holding a steady topline. BOB, WG1.