• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Domenico Santoriello Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ashford Faversham & District Canine Society


J (2) 1 Wall’s Jarjarjinx Tutti Frutti, 12 months blk/tan bitch. Balanced & square of a good size. Prety head, dark eyes, good ear set. Well angulated throughout. Firm topline and well set tail. Moves out well with plenty reach and drive. Sure she will do well in the future. RBOB, BP, PG2. 2 Cottingham & Anderson’s Arenite Boo Boo at Chancepixies, 17 months black & tan, handled sympathetically by her young handler, nice head and eye, good ears, topline could be held better, longer in loin than one. Moved OK. 

PG (3,1) 1 Tousent & Ingram’s Jojavik Camorra, 13 months black and tan bitch, she has really come on in the last few months. Pretty head, flat skull, dark eyes. She has a good neck, into well laid shoulders. Balanced throughout, good front, well muscled hind quarters. Moved well with plenty of drive. Good tail set. BOB, pleased to see her take WG1. 2 Wright’s Amazon American Graffiti with Sealandair, 2 year old black & tan male. Preferred the head of 1 today, he has dark eyes, correct ear set, good neck. Topline could be held better on the move. Good front & rear angulation. Moved well. 

O (1) Wall’s Jarjarjins Razamataz 2 years black and tan bitch. Pretty head, dark eyes, well arched neck into well laid shoulders, short coupled, well set tail, moved OK. 

CHINESE CRESTED DOG PG (1) Bartlett’s Michadaine Strike A Pose, 4 year old H/L Feminine bitch, pretty head & expression, dark eye, good ear set, good depth of brisket. Well angulated. Moved well. RBOB  

O (3,2) 1 Barlett’s Michadaine Crazy For You, 4 year old grey PP male, litter brother to RBOB. Masculine, up to size, well balanced throughout, nicely chiselled head. Dark Eye & good mouth, well set ears, good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good topline and tailset which he holds on the move. BOB & G3.

  PUG. A quality entry. J (7,4) 1 Saffer’s Ragemma Upsy Daisy, gorgeous fawn puppy who is such a showgirl and commands your attention. Pleasing head piece, dark eyes & open nostrils. Super shape, short & cobby in body, holding her topline at all times. Well angulated, shown in great condition. High set tight tail. Moved out freely, she is one to watch! BP, RBOB & TPG1. 2 Care & Mutum’s Thunderail Tally Ho, another super puppy with a pleasing head to examine. Again short & cobby in body & well set tail. Pasterns need to strengthen but at 6 months of age, this will come. Moved out very well. 3 Fredman’s Edgwarebury Black Jade PG (2) 1 Saffer’s Bilohka GI Baby at Ragemma JW, 2 years bitch, square and cobby, appealing head piece with dark eyes & soft ears. Presents a lovely picture in profile. High set, well set tail. Moved out well. 2 Fredman’s Edgwarebury Red Riot. All male. Good head, large dark eyes, good open nostrils, cobby in body. Good feet Moved well. O (2) 1 Saffer’s Boynham’s Vanilla Latte Ragemma, I have admired this bitch before having judged her as a youngster, my opinion hasn’t changed. Square & cobby, pleasing head, with large dark eyes, good ear set, and open nostrils. Good feet. Well boned. Moved out with purpose. I am sure her crown will be just around the corner. Pleased to see she later won the Toy Group! 2 Care & Mutum’s Tsuselena Goose Bumps at Snugglepug, 3 year, very enthusiastic which made it difficult to assess. However, he has a good head, large dark eyes, good open nostrils. Fairly square in body. Good feet. Moved OK. 

PAPILLON’S O (1) Buss’ Flutura’s Something Special, r/s, I judged this boy as a very promising puppy and I was delighted to judge him again as an adult, correct for size and shape, pleasing head and expression, well placed ears which he used well. Lovely free flowing gait maintaining his topline, well carried tail. BOB. I will continue to follow his progress!