• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Brittany Club Of Great Britain


What a lovely atmosphere at this well organised Club show. A super venue with plenty of outdoor space and of course for judges and Officials a wonderful home cooked luncheon. I was delighted with my entry and had only a few absentees. There were a few 'young hopefuls' and of course a number of good mature animals for me to assess. Thank you to exhibitors for accepting my decisions in such a sporting manner. I will remember this appointment fondly.

Minor Puppy D/B (4,0) 1. Cooks HIGHCLARE ONLY ONE AVEC TALLISIDE (AI) Really well put together youngster with good proportions and a super body. Good angulation front and rear, with moderate angulation all through. Good muscle already and with correct amount of bone and good feet. Deep chested and well ribbed with correct spring and length to his ribcage. Short in back and loin. Presenting a balanced picture and with a nice workmanlike appearance which was paramount for me in this appointment. He possesses a good eye with correct lively expression, and has the correct proportionate head. Just a tad stronger in head than I normally go for. He had a great temperament and moved positively when he decided to ! 2. Lays TARWARD OLMO Another with a good body and pleasing shape. Up to size. Good bone and feet and with slight slope to front pasterns. Good in ribbing and with correct top line, giving a very slight slope. A little bit plainer in head than 1. 3. Robinsons TARWARD OUR JOE

Puppy D (4,0) BEST IN SHOW & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW 1.Andersons ROCHUS NOBLE What an exciting young boy ! He impressed me as soon as he came in the class. Tri dog of great substance, balance and of great type. Right up my street for his constructional qualities and with the most appealing head. So sound and together on the move with correct footfall and showing typical short stride and gait. I particularly liked his correct topline on the stack and his shape. Moderate and unexaggerated but with true length to height ratios. He has a super rib cage, big with plenty of heart room, well sprung and of good length to his short strong loin. He has good width over his hindquarters with great muscle tone. He has a very appealing head with great expression. Good in foreface with no snipeyness. Correct triangular shaped ears, high set and of decent size. All of these add together to give a super bundle of real quality. I hope his owner realises the enormity of this win and channels her energies into correct schooling and development of what I can clearly see is going to be a real star for the breed. 2 Hare's ROCHUS NORMAN Really nice type with great body. Workmanlike with good substance and super ribbing. Good in hindquarter and good muscle. Really good expression. Compact, strong and sturdy. 3. Purawal's ROCHUS NICO

Junior D (4,0) Very close call between these two, both of nice type and both with good balance and quarters. 1 Poole SANBOSIER NAOS AT LAURREMAR So moderate and unexaggerated. Good head planes and with nice expression. Good bone and neat feet. Length to height good and with a pleasing topline. Moved ok. 2 Mooney's CHALLOWMOON NOAH Really super expression on this one. Good bone and feet . Super length of back with big ribs and short loin. Actually preferred this one in head to 1. Decent in angulations and with enough musculature. 3. Browns SANBOSIER NIRU

Novice Dog (2,0) 1. Lays TARWARD OLMO Cobby and of good overall shape. Well ribbed up and short in loin. Good bone and feet. Moderate in angulation with good development in front and rear. A little plainer in head than is my personal preference but generally with good proportions. 2. Hayes & Wilsons SANBOSIER NEVIS Rather strong in head for my preference, with too much strength in stop. Good length of back and standing on decent leg. Good in upper arm but a little steep in shoulder. I would prefer more width to hindquarter. Moderate in rear angulation but today rather erratic on the move, probably because he was too preoccupied with the other dogs around.

Post Graduate Dog (1,0) 1Mooneys CHALLOWMOON NOAH Limit Dog (1,0) 1. Samardzija's PATOUCHE LAMBERT Black and white male of super muscle and condition. Up to size and a tad plainer in head than is my taste but he had other good attributes. Really good coat texture which was not so prevalent in the overall entry. Quality bone and feet . Really strong in rear with moderate angulation. Decent shoulder line but rather short in upper arm. Would like a little more fill in front. One of the best today in schooling and knowing what was expected of him.

Open Dog (2,0) 1. RESERVE BEST DOG Andersons ROCHUS MOET Black and white boy of lovely type. Big ribs with good overall balance. Strong, compact and sturdy. Really nice front assembly, loved his length to height proportions. Deep chested with the best of ribbing and short strong loin. Good shoulder line and return of upper arm. Good width over first and second thigh. Quality bone and feet as the standard calls for in front and rear, which was not evident in many in this entry. Liked his head and expression and on another day he could quite easily have been my winner, just unfortunate to meet the stunning youngster from the same kennel. 2. Wrights HAWKWISE LAND AGENT Another black and white boy made from a different mould. Smaller framed than my winner. This dog excelled in his musculature and was rather over presented for my taste but its the dog underneath the presentation that I was more interested in. Rather plainer in head than I like and typically has bigger ears than is usual but that being said I still found it distracting. Lacking in front angulation and would prefer more depth of chest and spring of rib. I just found him to omit breed characteristics I was looking for. Moved ok.

Special O/D Orange and White (2,0) Two very different males of good quality and of differing types, both of whom I liked for their qualities. In the end I went for the overall soundness and sharpness in gait. 1 Hargreave's BONAPARTIST LANCELOT Sound moving boy with correct footfalls, which was delightful to see as so many today had been so exuberant I had to carefully look through the handling to assess movement. He was really compact and well built. Nicely balanced and angulated as required. Moderate, unexaggerated and with lovely big ribs and deep chest. Short and strong in loin and with correct slope to his topline. Strong and with good width to hindquarters and moderately set in angulation. Quality bone and feet. He had a good enough expression but I found him a little thick in muzzle. He was so sound out back and around. He was just not giving enough of himself today in the Challenge to go to the next level, but there was plenty I liked about him. 2.Coveney's SH CH TILLBIRLOCH JEM This boy is so full of it and this I really liked. He showed himself from the moment he came into the class. I absolutely loved his attitude and that expression - wow, the best of the day without hesitation. He has it all going on, with great muscle, good bone and neat feet, big ribs, powerful in hindquarter and with very nice length to height ratios. Deep chested and with plenty of fill in front. He has a very appealing head, dark mega expressive eyes of correct shape and ears so well placed. I loved the way he used them, all adding to that expression. Today he threw it away on the move, and at this level it surely has to be the whole package.

  Special Open Any other colour except orange and white (1,0) 1. Andersons ROCHUS MOET

Junior Bitch (3,1) 1Graham & Denwood's BONAPARTIST ORCHID OF LYNFIL. Orange and white. Loved her type and such a super little head and expression. Really well put together constructionally and such a sound mover. Deep chested and with lovely proportions all through. Most appealing head and expression with good amount of stop and with correct ear set and carriage. Clean in neck, good front assembly and moderate angulation . She is carrying a little too much weight for sure and it did affect her topline. Her other attributes are many and these coupled with her abundant breed points pushed her in my mind into the number one spot in this class. If her owner can trim her to size she will do extremely well I have no doubt. She was positive and sure on the move.        2. Coveney's CHALLOWMOON NAYA Black and white. Loved this girl on the around - super to watch and puts it all in. She has a great carriage to her and is well put together with the best of ribbing, short in loin and good angulation in front and rear. Kept a super topline at all times. I was not so keen on her head although she has good enough eye colour and decent ear placement.

  Novice Bitch (2,1) 1.Gudgin's NEUVELLE NARISKA AT JASSENDUE Black and white. Black and white girl who was presented here with quality muscle and conditioning. Her head was pleasing with good expression. Clean in lip with correct finish to her foreface, just a tad longer in foreface than I would consider to be ideal. She has a good topline into tail set, has lovely ribbing - big with plenty of spring and good length. Short in couplings. Moved ok.

Limit Bitch (6,1) This quality class gave me much food for thought. I liked the first three, each having many breed characteristics and type. Each appealed for differing reasons, but sort them one must with my final placings, as follows. 1 & Best Bitch & RBIS. Yarrow's BONAPARTIST LINNET Orange and white girl who presents a picture of balance. Not balance as of matching angulation but balance as of complimentary, quality front angulation, with sufficient rear quarters to help give her the desired and most typical brisk gait synonymous with this breed. She has a very appealing headpiece with alert expression. Eyes of correct oval shape with good pigment. High ear set with triangular ears of good size for head. Skull width and length proportionate to foreface, which is devoid of exaggeration, clean in lip and good finish to muzzle with enough underjaw. I liked her head a lot. She is clean in neck, into super angulated front assembly with the required length of scapula and matching upper arm. She has a full rib, with plenty of heart room and her rib length is good. To be absolutely correct I would prefer her a little shorter in length and this is evident in her topline at times but she comes together well on the move. She has good bone and feet. Moved and handled well and presented today in clean coat with good muscle. She has her breed points in abundance and is certainly from the top drawer. 2. Ryan's PATOUCHE JAIMEE Another orange and white girl who I absolutely loved for her typical head, expression and attitude. She is cobby and nicely put together too and has the very best of musculature. Her coat texture too was super. She has just sufficient bone and good feet. I loved her short back and good couplings and she kept her topline so well at all times. Unfortunately she did not have quite the finish to complete and take things to a higher level. 3. Anderson's ROCHUS LUCIE I feel I must mention this girl as I found her very typey. She had much appeal for me personally and I'm delighted to see why - she is the mother of my eventual Best In Show winner. She had plenty to offer me but could not just match the winners on overall soundness and condition today, that being said I did like her a lot.

Open Bitch (4,3) 1. Scothorn's ROCHUS JULIET Appealing for type and overall she is of a nice quality. She has much to commend with lovely construction front and rear and super bone and feet. She has the best of ribbing in shape. Her head is correct in its planes and ratios but she is rather round in eye, albeit it is of a good colour with good pigmentation. She loses out for me on her length to height proportions. Whilst I love her cobbyness it just does not fit harmoniously with the whole dog to my eye. However she has much to give breed wise if presented with the correct male. This is something I was very aware of as I went through the girls today - their place in the genetic gene pool of this numerically small breed.

Special Open - Orange & White (4,1) 1. Yarrows SH CH BONAPARTIST IRYSSA This quality bitch has much to commend. It is easy to see why she is titled and I would agree that she is very deserving. I loved her front development with superb prosternum and lovely open angles. Great ribs and the best of quarters too. Most lovely head and eye with alert expression. Today she was presented in softer condition than I would like and this of course only aids on a stacked animal to lose its topline, which she did frequently today. She is actually not as cobby and square as I prefer so this too cost her in my final high honours places. She is however sound enough on the move and was in good coat. She has quality bone and feet and I loved the subtle slope to her pasterns. She has a lovely head and eye with correct ear set and shape. 2 Robinsons ROCHUS HAZEL TO TARWARD Really liked her headpiece with the best of expression. Super in rib, good in upper arm length although a little steep in shoulder. I found her a little long in body for me which lost that cobby look I was aiming for today. 3. Gudgin's JASSENDUE HIGH SOCIETY

Special Open - Any Other Colour Except Orange and White (3,0) Black Tri 1. Andersons ROCHUS LUCIE My notes say 'easy winner, loved her for type and shape'. Such an appealing head, big ribs, short and cobby, good angulation but not so tidy on the move as I would like today. 2. Gudgin's NEUVELLE NARISKA AT JASSENDUE 3. Axtell's PATOUCHE LYRA FOR CALLMILLARD

Veteran Bitch (2,0) 1 & BVIS Gudgin's SH CH COXELLOT CHICITA AT JASSENDUE This veteran impressed me no end. I would really have loved to have seen her in her prime. She has breed type in abundance, she is short, cobby, of desired size, and is so well put together constructionally. Super topline and tailset with ever so slight slope on the stack. The best of ribs and such a short strong loin. Her head in my humble opinion is outstanding. I loved it - whilst it is alert and expressive there is still a kindness to it. Dark eye of good shape and still maintaining pigment. Correct head planes, proportionate and moderate in every way without losing class and that true stamp of quality. Small triangular shaped small ears, set on high. She got right under my skin, so much so that whilst writing this critique I decided to look her up to see how she had looked in her younger days. What a super girl she was. She still has it but age comes to us all and it was the overriding decision in the final line up. Make no hesitation she is right up my street in type and construction and is one of the best I have judged. 2. Axtell's PATOUCHE EVONNY WITH CALLMILLARD Tri. Pleasing in head, with dark eye, and excellent alert expression although a tad rounder than preferred. Good in hindquarter but would prefer a shade more length in upper arm. Good ribbing and short in loin. Uses herself well on the move with plenty of drive.

Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Judge)