• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ruthin Canine Society

Manchester Terrier O 1 Jones’ Barleydust Fayre Day. Balanced, correct for size and shape. Flat, narrow skull with strong jaw. Rich tan and correct markings throughout. Moved well with free and balanced action. BOB.

Sealyham Terrier J 1 Tobijanski’s Zippor Miss Skye. Sturdy, balanced and well constructed bitch. Slightly domed skull and strong, powerful jaw. Well proportioned body, well sprung ribs. Moved with vigour and drive. O 1 Tobijanski’s Ch Zippor Sapphire Jones. Eye-catching bitch, well balanced and soundly constructed. Moved with drive and vigour. Well spring ribs, deep and broad chest. Slightly domed skull with strong jaw, dark round eyes. BOB.

Chihuahua Longcoat J 1 Malcolm’s Vardene Foxy Lady. Correct size, good level topline that she carried on the move, dark eye with correct expression, well placed and carried ears. BP. PG 1 Hughes’ Trefnanny Piper. Correct shape and size. Level topline with correct tailset and carriage, moved well. Well placed ears. Preferred her overall outline to 2 Evans’ Lemaritz Wish Upon a Star. Nicely domed skull, well placed ears, moved well but not using her tail to advantage. 3 Bate’s Justenfus Dark Velvet for Kalunika. O 1 Evans’ Lemaritz Soul Survivor ShCM. Balanced, correct size and shape. Coat in good condition, soft with good feathering. High set tail, carried over his back. Nicely domed skull with well set ears. BOB. 2 Hughes’ Trefnanney Prudence. Liked her head and eye, good apple dome with well placed ears. Correct for size. High set tail. Moved effortlessly well.

Chihuahua Smoothcoat J 1 Stading’s Stadmeyer Reggie. Sufficiently domed skull, well placed and carried ears, round eye. Excellent tail, tapering to the point, carried up and over the back. 2 Taylor’s Arkoschi Miss Prim n Proper. Nice shaped head and well placed ears. Correct size, moved reasonably well with good reach in front. 3 Evans’ Moonlight Sahara over Lemaritz. PG 1 Stading’s Rainbow Pooch Lets Dance at Stadmeyer. Correct for size, nicely domed head, large round eye, well set tail, carried correctly. O 1 Evans’ Ritagold Ice Warrior at Lemaritz ShCM. Very typical dog, sound and well constructed. Moved with correct brisk action. Correct apple domed skull with well placed and carried ears and dark expressive eyes. 2 Taylor’s Arkoschi Blue Jaggers Little Jerry. Excellent temprement and character. Nicely domed head, level topline, well set tail carried over back.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel J 1 Lee’s Calonlan Love Actually for Kelrick. Correct for size, flat skull, with well set ears, dark and round eye. Well marked, coat in good condition with suitable feathering. Moved well, with drive. 2 Parson’s Castlewytch Moonlight. Enchanting puppy, with gorgeous expression. Moved well with elegance and drive maintaining a level topline throughout. BP. O 1 Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack JW. Sound, well constructed and balanced overall. Decent head with flat skull, high set and well feathered ears, dark and round eyes. Well laid shoulders, level back, good rear angulation. Moved well. 2 Parson’s Lemaritz Moonbeam. Very attractive bitch with correct outline, nice head with flat skull and high set, well feathered ears. 3 Owens’ Trehys Myrtle at Parkwall.

Italian Greyhound J 1 Mellis’ My Funny Valentine at Lamoye. Attractive, sound and good for size. Correct shape to head with large bright, expressive eyes. Was sound enough on the move. PG 1 Mellis’ My Funny Valentine at Lamoye. 2 Mellis’ Lamoye Midnight Jazz. Attractive bitch, but not showing much enthusiasm today. Moved reasonably, maintaining a correct topline. O 1 Mellis’ Lamoye Edward le Bear JW. Attractive, sound bitch, good for size. Correct shape to head with large bright, expressive eyes. Well constructed, deep chest, slight arch over loin; sound on the move with typical IG gait. BOB.

AV Junior Stakes 1 Sayle’s Gunners Newf Above ‘n’ Beyond to Infinity Bear. Well balanced, strong and substantial Newfoundland. Large, broad and clean-cut skull. In strong muscular condition, moved with free action maintaining a level topline. 2 Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance, Whippet. Excellent outline, well muscled, moved with typical freedom and elegance. 3 Kehoe’s Affrhoda Ons Meisie Kya, Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Margaret Brasher Memorial Open Stakes 1 Lewis’ Trixhund Opium JW ShCM, Long Haired Dachshund. Good head and expression, string neck leading to well laid shoulders and level topline. Moved well, with long stride and drive from hindquarters. Well presented soft coat and in good muscular condition. 2 Philipson’s Sh Ch Menstonia Marksman ShCM, Welsh Springer Spaniel. Smart, symmetrical and well built. Proportionate skull with clearly defined stop. Strong and muscular body, moderately angulated hindquarters providing strong drive for powerful, smooth action.