• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

AVNSC Toy P 1 Mulligan’s Donocielo Guilietta Smart and eye-catching Bolognese, excellent for size, shape and overall balance. Pure white, long, flocked coat in good condition. Correct pigment on eyes, pads, nails and nose BAVNSC Toy, G3, PG1. 2 Denley’s Zumarnik Dazzling Diza at Polonique, Maltese. Another very promising puppy. Balanced and well constructed, moved with free flowing action, maintaining a level topline. Correct pigment, pure white coat in good condition. 3 Tatnell’s Galatea Winning Smile of Spiritcrest. J Tatnell’s Etno Spirit Right Choice of Spiritcrest. Correct outline, good topline, long graceful neck. Moved ok. Nice head with dark eye and well placed ears. 2 Dopson’s Tonsarne Hodmedod of Jalindri. Classic Affenpincher expression with round, dark eyes; small and well set ears. Moved well in profile. PG 1 Bartlett’s Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem among Michadaine JW ShCM, Chinese Crested. Sound balanced and well constructed, moved with flowing, elegant action. Dark eye, low set ears, graceful neck. 2 Brown’s Hawksflight Black Russian, Miniatute Pincher. Good front action, typical hackney gait. Liked his head, proportionate to body, flat skull. 3 Mulligan’s Donocielo Cassia. O 1 Bartlett’s Michadaine Crazy for You, Chinese Crested. Over the size limit but overall, well constructed and moved with drive and elegance with straight action in front and rear. Well placed and carried ears, dark eye. 2 Mulligan’s Donocielo Caesario, Bolognese. Typical Bolognese outline in this class, square shaped with a level back. Correct proportions to skull, ears set on high. 3 Mulligan’s Donocielo Seraphina.

CKCS J 1 Konoike’s Ainrose Apple Cinamon. Sound and well balanced, level topline, dark eye, pleasing expression, high set ears. O Evans’ Evansly Earnest. Good for size, well balanced and sound, moving with drive and elegance and parallel movement in front and rear while maintaining a level topline throughout. Appealing expression, dark eye, well placed ears with good feathering. Well placed and carried tail. BOB, G2.

Japanese Chin J 1 Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Jacobean. Smart, elegant and stylish. Square, compact and correct for size, well laid shoulders gave him the correct lift in movement. Well set and carried tail with profuse coat, in good condition. BOB. 2 Evans’ Evansly Emoji, leading a troop a puppies at their first show. Correct Chin expression with dark well placed eyes. Moved well, good topline. 3 Evans’ Evansly Erika. PG 1 Benton-Taylor’s Sansarc Jacobean. 2 Dopson’s Godheim Nashville at Jalindri. Lovely head, broad skull with correct expression. Sound and balanced throughout with level topline good angulation. High set tail that he carried well. RBOB. O 1 Evans’ Jonsville Secret Smile at Evansly. Correct head with typical Chin expression. Sound and balanced, level topline that he maintained on the move, good angulation. High set tail that he carried well.

Papillon O 1 Buss’ Flutura’s Something Special. Attractive Papillion, correct for size and shape, lovely head and expression, well placed ears, used and carried well. Correct free flowing gait maintaining poise and level topline; well placed and carried tail. 2 Melvin’s Ringlands Sunshines Story at Shalandar ShCM. Sound and well constructed, moved well. Slightly rounded between ears, dark rounded eye.

Toy Group 1 Swinge;s Samhaven Rocket Man at Balthazar ShCM, Pug. Ideally sized with compact and cobby body; sound with a level topline that he maintained on the move. Correctly shaped and proportionate head, good pigment. Moved with great style, showing off a typical pug roll. 2 CKCS. 3 Bolognese. 4 Japanese Chin.

Toy Puppy Group 1 Bolognese. 2 Japanese Chin. 3 Swinge’s Balthazar Shakira, Griffon.

Albert Millen Memorial Open Stakes 1 Thorogood’s Sh Ch Winhampton Over the Yardarm of Harrifield JW ShCM, Clumber. Balanced, well boned and strong, in good muscular condition. Moved with effortless drive, was a joy to watch. Large, square head with deep stop. 2 Allen’s Malenda Majalis, Miniature Schnauzer. Stylish and sound with excellent construction. Strong head and muzzle, dark eye, neat and well placed ears. Deep chest and straight back sloping correctly from the shoulder to hindquarters. Free and balanced movement. 3 Parson’s Braidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett, Irish Setter.