• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Evesham & District Canine Society

Bichon Frise PG 1 Stanley’s Elancie’s It Only Took a Moment ShCM. Sound, in excellent condition, moved very well. Dark eye with good pigmentation. Moved well. O Stanley's 1 Elancie’s Blaze of Glory ShCM. sound, well constructed and balanced male, moved correctly with drive from behind. Nicely arched neck and well placed shoulders. BOB.

Griffon Bruxelois J 1 Suggitt’s Aptrick Time for Elevenses. Eye-catching, cobby and elegant bitch. Large, proportionate head with prominent chin. Short, level back, high set tail that she carried well on the move. Free and elegant movement. BOB 2 Suggit’s Aptrick Liquorice Toffee. Fairly large skull, dark and round eye, cobby, correct for size. PG 1 Meaden’s Stormjac Val Can in the Middle. Proportionate skull, dark eye with good pigment, high set ears, slightly arched neck. O 1 Suggit’s Aptrick Alexander. Sound, cobby and correct for size. Short, level back, moved well good drive from well angulated and muscular hindquarters. 2 Payne’s Beauborne Babe of Hearts. Correct for size, rounded skull and moderately wide between the ears. 3 White Emjaycee Country Playboy of Whistleyhill.

Japanese Chin O 1 Paradise’s Shardlow Yum Yum. Really like her head, good cushioning and expression with well placed and carried ears. Moved freely with style and good reach. Well balanced, compact, with level topline. 2 Vincent’s Shardlow Oshkosh B’Goch in Kofyn. Another with correct head proportions, wide muzzle and good cushioning. Moved well, carried his tail correctly over his back.

King Charles Spaniel J 1 Hardiman’s Tovarich Ticket to Ride. Charming, happy puppy with lots to like about him. Good for size and shape, short and level topline that he maintained on the move covering the ground with elegance BP. PG 1 Hunter’s Tovarich Thomasina at Hooebarton. Tricolour with a very appealing head, moderately large, well domed skull and square muzzle. Well set ears with good feathering. Moved well. 2 Cox’s Petitpaws Black Pearl. Not giving her best today. Liked her proportionate and well domed head and large, dark eye. Correct for size, well balanced. O 1 Hunter’s Tovarich Teanna. Balanced and proportionate in every way, she moved with a free and elegant action that was a pleasure to watch. Liked her well domed skull, dark eye, well set ears. Her coat was in excellent condition with good feathering. 2 Hunter’s Maynorth Shades of Heaven at Hooebarton. Another with an appealing head, proportionate with wide and well turned-up lower jaw and good cushioning.

AV Toy P 1 Smith’s Tubize Foxtrot, miniature Pincher. Well balanced and sound puppy with good angulation and straight, sloping back down to his high set and carried tail. Dark eye and high set ears. 2 Taylor’s High Society Cheshire at Arkoschi, S/C Chihuahua. Nicely domed skull, well set ears. Good topline, moved well with style. 3 Baranzeck’ Villenelle’s Cream Crush. J 1 Pickering’s Leahcartoys Lady Esmerelda. Nice head and dark eyes with correct pigment. Moved with typical pom briskness, though was a little too close behind. Correct foxy expression. 2 Taylor’s Arkoschi Miss Prim n Proper. Nice shaped head and well placed ears. Correct size, moved reasonably well with good reach in front. PG 1 Pickering’s Prince Andrew by Leahcartoys, Pom. Sound and well built, moved well. Correct foxy head and expression. Well placed ears, good dark eye. Coat in good condition. 2 Baranzeck’s Capevidles Skyfall, L/C Chihuahua. Dainty and compact. Well rounded skull, dark expressive eyes. Well placed and carried ears. Moved well with level topline, well placed and carried tail. O 1 Smith’s Ch Tubize Hudson JW. Balanced, sound, compact and sturdy. Moved well, with parallel front and rear action and good drive from well-angulated hindquarters, and reasonable hackney action. Strong neck, straight topline, sloping to well set and carried tail. Correct, narrow and flat skull with strong jaw, high set ears and dark eye. 2 Taylor’s Arkoschi Blue Jaggers Little Jerry. Excellent temprement and character. Nicely domed head, level topline, well set tail carried over back. V 1 Stanley’s Manoir’s in the Line of Fire of Elancie ShCM, sound, well constructed and balanced male, moved correctly with drive from behind. Nicely arched neck and well placed shoulders. 2 Dale’s Zanjero Odyssey’s Shadow with Dalrosmic JW ShCM, Chinese Crested. Well chiselled head, dark eye, low set ears. Level topline, moved with drive. 3 Davidson-Poston & Farrell’s Spinillons Zuzzi JW ShCM. Vintage 1 White’s Sankofu Eugenie of Whistleyhill, Griffon. Cobby, well balanced and square with correct head and expression. Level topline that she carried on the move.