• Show Date: 19/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: DENISE HURST Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheshire Agricultural Society

Chihuahua Long Coat

I was very pleased and honoured to be asked to judge at this lovely show. One of my favourite shows of the year – but oh, that traffic! 

Movement was very hard to assess due to the uneven ground, the relatively long grass (although all grass is long to Chihuahuas!) and it didn’t help that there was a mound of sand in the middle of the ring so unless there was an obvious fault with movement, I erred on the side of leniency.

In the puppy classes I didn’t really penalise bad mouths – with 6 month old puppies so much can change. I wasn’t quite so lenient on the older classes. Speaking of which, what a shame there weren’t veteran classes at this show. There were some truly lovely oldies present 

P (5/0)1 Lucas’s    Talbotchis California Popsicle To Philandiane . What a beautiful  puppy.  Feminine Tri colour bitch not yet 9 months old. Moved confidently keeping lovely level topline. Good tail set, nice flaring ears set at the correct angle topping off a beautiful domed head with a nice moderate length muzzle and well defined stop. Pleased to award her BPIB and RBOB and she also went on to get Puppy Group 4. 2 Greens Ellochi Chasing Stars . Energetic parti coloured dog.9 months old.  Obviously enjoyed his day.  Large dark clear eyes, nicely set ears which he used to his advantage. Correct dentition, Good length of neck and moved well. 3 Cooper’s Wilachans Luna

J(7/1)1 Obringer’s Barwater Ebony And Ivory Chiaffe . Striking black and white dog. Moved with confidence and drive. Good tail set and nice flaring ears. Nice apple domed head, not overdone. 2 Hughes Salsero Samantha.  Pretty black and tan bitch, correct dentition, lovely gentle expression, moved well keeping topline level and tail correctly held. 3 Entwistle’s Dorenty Dazzling Duncan

PG (8/3) 1 Green’s Ellochi Audacity. Nice well-proportioned bitch. Correct dentition. Moved forcefully and confidently   2 Obringer’s     Oozora Mama Mia Chiaffie JW Unlucky to meet 1 in this class. Nicely balanced bitch who moved well. Tail set is good and ears show her expression to her advantage. 3 Hughes Trefnanney Piper

L (6/0) 1 Hughes Trefnanney Prudence. Attractive and lively red fawn girl whose attitude belied her 7 years. Correct dentition, nice moderate muzzle, excellent tail set and a good topline. 2 Obringer’s Amato Azzurro Rock Me Amadeus Chiaffie (Imp) Lovely reach of neck, level topline, good tailset and moved well. 3 Waterworth’s Yorone Treading The Boards For Barwater

O (4/0) 1 Rooney’s Zoya's Kingdom Golden Boy At Yorone Good head with large well set ears. Nice moderate length muzzle and good well defined stop. Well let down hocks and good turn of stifle. BOB  2 Entwistle’s Dorentys Viva Vienna JW Very attractive well proportioned cream bitch. Moved well and with confidence.  Lovely head and well set ears. 3 Obringer’s  Slyksa Harveymoon Chiaffie