• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Denise Garratt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society 

Open Show 


Judge Mrs Denise Garratt 


I must say that it was great to see the dog show back with the Agricultural Show another great achievement from Yvonne and Paul. It was an excellently run show I heard nothing but praise from the exhibitors and the weather certainly helped on the day. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work, it certainly paid off. 

I thank the Whippet exhibitors that took a change of judge in their stride, it was a good entry and I had some very nice dogs to go over. 



Puppy 3 

1st BPIB Hound Group Puppy 1 and RBPIS. Conway & Oakden Messers. Spawood Ice and a Slice. 8-month-old light brindle puppy bitch at her first show and you could not have asked anything more of this beautiful baby. Lean head with dark eye rose ears long neck and well laid shoulders with good upper arm, adequate depth of brisket for her age great hind angulation with low hocks, she moved with drive both ways. Delighted with the way she went in the big ring. 

2nd Smith & Wisniewski. Bondor Miss Fairy Sunshine. 6-month-old baby that has a lot to like about her. Lean head with correct ears long neck and well-defined shoulders deep chest and well angulated hind quarters just gave way to the maturity of one. 

3rd Cooper Miss L M. Marimay Tango. 


1st Bowers Miss S A. Saraquele Sounds like Chaos. Well balanced Brindle bitch that has an ultra-feminine head without being weak beautiful rose ears and long neck well laid shoulders, nicely angulated front, well arched feet, excellent depth of brisket with lovely tuck up well angulated hind quarters with low hocks moved steadily both ways. 

2nd Mitchell Miss S. Anndonmill Majestic Prince. Light brindle dog and very much my type, well balanced with a masculine head lovely length of neck well-muscled adequate depth of brisket nicely angulated hind quarters. Just preferred the movement on one today. 

Post Graduate 8 (2 Abs) 

1st and RBOB Mitchell Miss S. Crosscop Glittering Prize. Elegant Fawn bitch that stood out in this class for overall type and balance, lean head with dark eye and rose ears long neck and good lay of shoulder strong pasterns and neat feet, excellent depth of brisket with good top line and tuck up. Strong hindquarters well let down hocks moved correctly both ways. 

2nd DuckerMiss L M. Pagarni’s Lisa’s Silver Lover. Brindle and white male nice head good eye and ears long neck good lay of shoulder but would prefer a little more length in upper arm. Deep brisket with good top line and tuck up, moderate hind quarters moved sound both ways. 

3rd Bowers Miss S A. Cyangrange La Ginests at Saraquele. 

Open 9 (1 Abs) 

1st & BOB. Whitaker Crosby J. Cobyco Could be the Last at Mulcair JW ShCM. A lovely well-balanced bitch that flows from head to tail. Lean head strong neck beautiful shoulders and tight feet, great depth of brisket with an elegant top line and tuck up, strong well angulated hind quarters with low hocks, she stands over the ground well. Really strode out in the ring showing excellent movement. 

2nd Mitchell Miss S. Denmanwood Decisaion ShCM. Elegant Fawn bitch that I liked very much. Good head with neat ears long neck with well-placed shoulders lovely upper arm and depth of brisket, flowing top line and tuck up well-muscled hind quarters balanced throughout moved very well. 

3rd. Lindley Mr D K & Mrs A E.Jenaul Apple Scrumpy of Jazzellie. 


AVNSC Hound 

1st and RBNSC Hound. Bridges Mrs B & Mr S J. Barrassy bu Definition. Irish Wolfhound. Masculine youngster with quality in abundance good head dark eye and rose ears,strong well arched neck sloping shoulders great depth of brisket and well tucked in elbows, lovely top line and tuck up, hind quarters were strong and well-muscled with well let down hocks but this boy really came into his own on the move. He was a pleasure to watch   

2nd Fox Mrs A. Nebraska Ionmhain Norman at Newdigate (Imp Fra) Irish Wolfhound. Feminine bitch that stands over the ground well, good head dark eye and neat ears well-muscled neck a little upright in shoulder but has excellent depth of chest, lovely Tuck-up and strong top line, moderate hind angulation I just preferred the movement of one today. 

Post Graduate 5 (1 Abs) 

1st Freudenreich Miss C. Malrich Puss N Boots. (Basset Hound) Lemon and White bitch Well domed head balanced with a moderate amount of wrinkle low set on ears of good length, well arched neck, laid back shoulders with neatly placed elbows, prominent breast bone with well sprung ribs level top line and well-muscled hind quarters with well-set tail. She moved freely in the ring showing drive and reach. 

2nd Worrall Miss S. Alanaura unseen Unicorn. Ibizan Hound. This bitch has the most beautiful head and ear carriage well balanced with correct eye, long neck slightly arched lovely top line short coupled with neat tuck up. Correct hind quarters with low set tail. Was just a little erratic on the move today. 

3rd Addis Miss J. Savannadtorm Natures Child. Basenji. 

Open 8 (2 Abs) 

1st BAVNSCH & Hound Group 2. Murphy & Barnes Mr A R & Mrs A & Mr K & Mrs L. Diamondridge De Niro JW ShCM. Rhodesian Ridgeback. Young male that is maturing into a strong handsome man, he pulled out all the stops today to win a very strong class. Masculine head with high set ears muscular neck flowing into well placed shoulders, deep chest with well sprung ribs, well-formed ridge and slight rise over loin, strong low set hocks which he used on the move. 

2nd Banton Mr M T. Embeau Sun Treasure. Basenji. 18 month old bitch that showed her socks off, lovely wrinkle to head with small high set ears, strong neck well laid back shoulders short level back with high tail set, strong hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle. Moved Showed and Handled Very well. 

3rdNornby Mrs J. Jacmist Matilda Conflict. Basset Griffon Vandeen (Petite) 


Veteran Hound 4 (3 Abs) 

1st and BVH. Brown Mrs T. Nichrisar Master Design. 9 year old dark brindle whippet that was in great condition lean head with neat ears beautiful arched neck and well place shoulders lovely front angulation deep brisket and correct top line., strong hind angulation he moved very well. 


Hound Group 

1. Whitaker Crosby J. Cobyco Could be the Last at Mulcair JW ShCM Whippet 

2. Murphy & Barnes Mr A R & Mrs A & Mr K & Mrs L. Diamondridge De Niro JW ShCM Rhodesian Ridgeback 

3. Morris Mrs C A. Pennywave Top Totti JW ShCM Dachsund Min Wire-haired. 

4. Hayward and Walker Mr D & Ms S. Sotazsa Northern Dancer. Saluki 

Hound Puppy Group 

1. Conway & Oakden Messers. Spawood Ice and a Slice. 

2. Morris Mrs C A. Stargang Peggu Sue at Pennywave. 


Judge Mrs Denise Garratt