• Show Date: 18/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Deborah Robbins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Camberley & District Canine Society

Golden Retrievers

I must firstly thank the officers and committee of the show for inviting me to judge Golden Retrievers; I was made to feel really welcome and was very well looked after. We were really lucky with the weather, it was a fine sunny morning and it was fantastic that the judging could take place outside at this time of year. On a negative, the show was held on the same day as a breed championship show that was not too far away which no doubt affected the entry. Nether the less, there were some lovely examples of the breed on show.

Puppy Dog/Bitch – 6 (2 absent) Judging puppies with such an age difference is always difficult and today was no exception. The two babies of just 6 months were both lovely and it was a shame they were up against 2 beautiful girls of 11 months of age. It will be very interesting to see them in another 6 months’ time.

1st Ms S Russells - Rosinante Mirabelle

A very pretty mid-gold bitch, she has a feminine head with sweet expression and I like her dark eye and pigment. The weather helped show off her gleaming coat and once her feathering comes it will complete the picture. She has a good reach of neck which flows into well laid back shoulders and she has a good bend of stifle. She is short coupled and has a good depth of body for her age. I liked that she moved correctly with drive and kept a firm topline throughout. Best Puppy

2nd Ms S Russells – Rosinante Crystal Clear

I was initially surprised to find out that this young lady is litter sister to the winner but on reflection they have a lot of the same qualities. She too has a good coat, paler in contrast but equally lovely and has a nice balanced outline. I liked her head and dark pigmentation and I also noted that she has lovely cat-like feet. It was quite a close decision with her sister and only lost out as she was a little longer through the loin.

3rd Ms E Fishers – Palizolla Purple Royale

Yearling Dog/Bitch – 4 (1 absent)

1st Miss V Poiles – Summeramba Twizzle At Cherrimar

A pretty paler gold bitch who has a lovely firm topline, held strong whilst stood and on the move. It was a shame that she was out of coat but she has very little to hide. She has good front angulations; good bend of stifle with firm hocks and nice tight feet. Moves well and she was at one with her handler. Reserve Best Of Breed

2nd Miss L Coles – Rooksbury Phantasia

Another lovely bitch, she has a feminine head and dark eyes with good pigmentation. Good straight front, excellent reach of neck, good shoulder angulation and nice bend of stifle. Lovely tight feet and moved well. A little longer in cast than the winner but still well balanced.

3rd Miss E Thatchers – Sasselm Saffron Gold

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch – 3 (1 absent)

1st Smith & Hills – Serendipity Dog Principe James Con Rosgar JW (Imp Esp)

I judged this dog as a puppy and liked him then, he has matured into a lovely masculine boy with a handsome head and soft expression. He is very compact with a nice deep chest and good spring of rib – he is also well off for bone. He has good upper arm angulation and his stifle follows suit. He moves with lots of drive whilst keeping a strong topline and correct tailset. Not only was he presented in a lovely gleaming wavy coat he is well muscled throughout and obviously in good condition. Best of Breed.

2nd Miss E Thatchers – Garline Catcher of Dreams

This lovely lady gave her handler a hard time today – I do love a dog with character but she did go a little OTT! She is lovely though and once stood she did look the picture with a very balanced outline. She is maturing really well with a good spring and depth of rib, nice bend of stifle and very strong in her rear. She has a good reach of neck and correct shoulders. I loved her coat, it gleamed when the sun hit it and she was presented really nicely.

Open Dog – 1 (1 absent)

Open Bitch – 2 (1 absent)

1st Ms S Russells – Rosinante Classique JW

To say that this bitch is the mother to the two puppies she looks great and really enjoyed her day out! She has a nice straight front with lovely cat-like feet. Good reach of neck and correct lay of shoulders. She has a good turn of stifle and correct tail set. Needed to be a little steadier on the move but as mentioned earlier she was enjoying herself!

Deborah Robbins