• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Deborah Hamlyn-Sharp Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Merseyside Gundog Club

Merseyside Gundog Club – Sunday 11th 2018


My thanks to Merseyside Gundog officers committee for the invitation to judge this wonderful show and to the steward and the exhibitors for taking my decisions on the day and for the applause for all the winners. I was thrilled that both of my BOBs went on to be shortlisted in the Group later in the day, with the Bracco BOB being placed Group 4.

Bracco Italiano


1. Bell & Maddox’s Owlspoint Master of Trouble ShCM, This boy oozes masculinity but without being overdone. Correct bite with a kind eye and lean cheeks to slight stop and median line visible to mid skull. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulder with correct top line. Strong loin and back end shown in the best of condition with good width at second thigh. Square in outline. The Bracco gait was difficult to see in action in a smaller ring, but he was true both coming and going. BOB and Group 4 

Wire Haired Vizsla

Post Graduate

1. Summerfield's Miadsc Eternal Flame. Pretty girl with well-proportioned head with kind intelligent eye, leading to moderate stop with correct ears. Strong neck and top line would prefer less tuck up on underline. Well laid shoulder with well sprung chest level to elbows. Good width across second thigh with short but harsh coat of russet colour but lacks undercoat. Movement was effortless, with horizontal tail carriage and the required drive & reach to appear to be able to work all day.


2. Coxhead’s Brecalde Goshawk Girl. Well-proportioned head and soft expression, moderate stop with correct ear shape and proportion. Correct neck and top line with straight foreleg and slightly sloping pasterns. Didn’t quite have the depth of chest of 1. Short but harsh coat of russet colour and again lacks undercoat. Very similar in type to 1 but slightly less mature making her handler on the day work hard. Will be interesting to see how this girl does in the future.


3. Vickers Ewtor Living Daylights


1. Byrnes Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nador at Enryb JW (Imp Hun) – This boy exudes breed type, has a strong head with correct proportions, with pleasing eye and nose colour. Powerfully build and well put together shown in the best of condition. Strong neck to level top line with good spring of rib. Straight foreleg to neat feet. He has a clean outline with a good wire coat and under coat. Movement true with the better tail carriage on the day. BOB


2. MOSS Mr A D Ewtor Nobody Does It Better. Preferred the head of this boy to 1. His head is square in appearance with a kind expression and slightly domed skull. His eye and nose colour harmonising with coat colour. Liked this boy for his overall shape and balance. Good breed type with good bone could stand to gain a little more body for perfection. Straight front with pronounced sternum. Was very proud of his tail on the move which cost him on the day. RBOB


3. Summerfield’s Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc ShCM


Deborah Hamlyn-Sharp