• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David ROBBINS Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Durham County Canine Association

David Robbins, Judging Critique Durham County Canine Association - 15th July, 2018 I was asked to stand in for Jen Davies who was not too well and our best wishes go to her for a speedy recovery. Having been associated with this show since its inauguration, whilst exhibitors enjoy the superb layout, large flat rings, etc etc, I am sure that most do not appreciate the work behind the scenes over several days, in arranging such a spectacle. It really is a marvelous show and surely the best venue I have ever seen over 50 years of showing and judging, with large flat rings in beautiful surroundings. Well done to everyone concerned. Thanks also to my very efficient steward. HOUND GROUP Min. S/H Dachshund Special Yearling (9) 2 absent 1. Cumberland MUMYSAMI CLICALICIOUS FOR YORAMI 18month dog. Nice size and bone, good front, well balanced with excellent topline and moved freely. BOB, G.3 2. Mason AYLA STARLIGHT FROM TECKELTOWN 20 month bitch with feminine head, good neck and front assembly, pleasing topline and moved well. 3. Fawcett SPRINGFERN KASCADE Min. S/H Dachshund Graduate (5) 2 absent 1. Bell BRONIA CONCHITA AT TOLBERG 19 month bitch Nice head, neck and front, well balanced, and moved out well. 2. Cumberland MUMYSAMI MISS SOLITAIRE 4yrs bitch pleasing bitch with good overall balance, being feminine in head but lost out to winner on movement today. 3. Fawcett SPRINGFERN KIKIDEE Min. S.H. Open (4) 2 absent 1. Cumberland WHIRLYGIG WOTTATODOO AT MUMYSAMI 5yrs bitch Well balanced with good angulation at front and rear, well ribbed with good body but tended to lose here topline on the move. 2. Fawcett SPRINGFERN KASCADE 9 month bitch with lovely head and expression, well bodied and good balance overall. Lost out on maturity to the winner but went BPIB. Min L/H Dachshund Specioal Yearling (10 1. Mason TOLBERG BEEZ KNEEZ AT TECKELTOWN 14 month bitch. Good head proportions, with good body and topline, moved OK but would prefer a little more ground clearance. Min L/H Dachshund Graduate (2) 1. Drady INDIKO DESTINED TO BE CREAM 12 month bitch Lovely feminine head and expression, pleasing neck into good topline and angulation. Moved well 2. Bell TOLBERG AMBER ALERT 14 month bitch with excellent head and skull, good profile, moved OK but still needs to settle to the ring. Min.L/H Dachshund Open (2) 1 absent 1. Bell TOLBERG TILLYS JUST THE ONE 2 years bitch Nice head and neck into good front and deep body with good topline. Moved confidently and true for BOB Dachshund S/H Open (2) 1. Gatheral-Graham PHAELAND SECRET DELIVERY 21 month bitch with excellent head and expression. Good reach of neck into good shoulder and topline and good front assemebly, Good angulation and moved and showed well for. BOB 2. Gatheral-Graham PHAELAND SECRET DREAM 21 month bitch and sister to the winner. Very similar to winner with same overall qualities but felt this one just carried a little weight. Dachshund L/H Open (2) 1 absent 1. Forte WHARTONA DOMINICO 6years dog Pleasing head, good eye and mouth, true front, well bodied with good topline and moved out well both ways. BOB Deerhound Open (4) 1. Morton & Constantine COTHERSTONE FLINT AND STEEL 11month dog. Elegant youngster with nice head and expression, good reach of neck into good lay of shoulder and topline. Very promising. BOB & BPIB PG 4 2. Banks KILBOURNE SKYE 16 month bitch another promising youngster with well proportioned head, good neck and body of good construction but just lost out on movement to the winner. 3. Constantine KALEGINY ANTHEIA Irish Wolfhound Open (1) 1. Morris ILJA DI CASTELLO BERGE OF DRAYMORR 2 years dog. Presented in excellent condition with truly masculine head, super neck and lay of shoulder, good depth of chest and moved with drive around the ring. Very eye catching and would not be denied BIG. Borzoi Open (2) 1 absent 1. Datta NIBRASS HAIL AURORA JW ShCM 4years bitch Very feminine with super neck and outline. Well balanced overall and moved purposefully but gracefully around the ring. BOB Saluki Open (3) 1. Burtenshaw FERNLARK SNOW GROUSE AT DAANDAZI JW ShCM 5years bitch. Lovely head with nice arch of neck into nice body with slight rise over loin. Good depth of brisket and moved freely. BOB 2. Bloomfield GLENOAK LAQUAN 2 years dog. Good head, arched neck, straight front, nicely balanced and moved out OK. 3. Burtenshaw IR CH FERNLARK NARDINI AT DAANDAZI JW ShCM AV Hound NSC Puppy (1) 1. Falcus MARSALA MYSTERIOUS TALISMAN PHRAREAL (Basenji) 6 month Black & White bitch who showed extremely well. Lovely head, true front, good neck into super body and excellent outline. Very promising indeed, BPIG and pleased to see her go Res. Best Puppy In Show. AV Hound NSC Open (5) 1 absent 1. Hall MATSUSHONA FIRE OPAL (Rhodesian Ridgeback) 19 month dog Best NSC. Nice size, masculine in head, good bone, nice depth of brisket with good rib and moved well both ways. 2. Falcus KRENDAL MYSTERIOUS TALISMAN PHAREAL (Basenji) 19 month dog. Well presented masculine dog with super head, straight front, good Rib and body, well matured and moved OK. 3. Hall KENQUINCE PISCONIA (Rhodesian Ridgeback) Hound Group: 1. Irish Wolfhound, 2nd Whippet DANLUKE DELLA ROCKA, 3. Min S/H Dachshund, 4th Beagle MOLESEND SECRET Hound Puppy Group: 1. Basenji, 2. Beagle NEWLIN PERTH AT MOLESEND, 3. Whippet CYANGRANGE MY CUPPA TEA, 4TH Deerhound AV Hound Puppy (8) 5 absent 1. Jones KENAITEEN BLIZZARD (Whippet) 8 month bitch. Pleasing head, good neck into nice topline, good angulation and moved with drive. 2. Goldberg MOLESEND TEALEAF (Beagle) 6 month bitch Good head and expression and good pigmentation and feathering. Well muscled quarters for one so young and covered the ground well. 3. Goldberg MOLESEND TRANQUIL (Beagle) AV Hound Junior (6) 3 absent 1. Drady INDIKO DESTINED TO BE CREAM Min.L/H Dachshund Repeat 2. Bell TOLBERG AMBER OAK LAQUAN (Saluki) Repeat 3. Hall MATSUSHONA FIRE OPAL (Rhodesian Ridgeback) AV Hound Graduate (4) 1 absent 1. Bloomfield GLENOAK LAQUAN (Saluki) repeat 2. Mason AYLA STARLIGHT FROM TECKELTOWN (Min S/H Dachshund) Repeat 3. Drady INDIKO SILVER CHARM AV Hound Open (6) 4 absent 1. Datta NIBRASS HAIL AURORA JW ShCM (Borzoi) repeat 2. Hall KENQUINCE PISCONIA (Rhodesian Ridgeback) 3years bitch. Feminine head with sweet expression, good neck and shoulder, body of good proportions, good rear angulation and moved well. AV Hound Veteran (9) 6 absent 1. Bell CH TOLBERG HOLLY’S LITTLE TILLY ShCM (Min. L/H Dachshund) 9 years bitch. Very impressive with super head, scissor bite, good front assembly, nice size and super topline well held on the move. Excellent movement and still shows very well. 2. CUMBERLAND MUMYSAMI RALUCH ShCM (Min. S/H Dachshund) 7 years bitch another pleasing head and overall construction with good body and angulation. Moved well. 3. Burtenshaw CH FERNLARK NARDINI AT DAANDAZI JW ShCM (Saluki) David Robbins