• Show Date: 28/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Yorkshire Gundog Club

Yorkshire Gundog Club 

28 October 2018 


Bracco Italiano 

Open (4,1abs) 

1 Bell and Maddox’s Owlspoint Master of Trouble 

Two good ones here. This one is so good to go over. Balanced in head with strong neck and well laid shoulders. His elbows are nicely tucked in. Well boned. Good length of body leads to strong quarters. Well turned stifles. He moved well holding his topline and showing plenty of extension. Best of Breed. 

2 Sanderson’s Owlspoint Trouble At Mill 

Similar qualities to the winner. Correct refined head with deep muzzle. Sloping shoulders from a straight, well boned front. Firm in topline and couplings. Well bent stifles.  

3 Hamlyn’s Bushwacker Pietra 


Open (1) 

1 Tatlor’s Patouche Jais 

Pretty 4 year old in super muscular condition. Good head with defined stop and ears set well. Short in back with firm topline. Presented in good coat. Best of Breed 

Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

Open (1) 

1 Smith’s Oakmarsh Elkton 

Really liked this young one. At 16 months looked well today. Strong head of correct proportion. Strong in neck with good shoulder angulation. Body developing nicely. Well set tail of correct length. Plenty of width over his quarters. Moved so well.  

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 

Open (2) 

1 Copeland’s Camusmor Bring Me Sunshine to Menstonia 

15 months, lovely type and outline. Correctly tapering head with alert expression. Strong neck leads to good shoulders. Deep chest and firm over the loins. Level topline, strong quarters. Positive temperament. 


2 Burgess’ Camusmor King Rob 


Finer type than the winner. Balanced through with enough bone. Clean in neck and well angulated shoulders. Level topline. Moved freely using himself to advantage.  

Sussex Spaniel 

A super entry in both numbers and quality. I really enjoyed judging these today. 

Puppy (1) 

1 Hastings’ Bardings Bypolar Bear 

Only seven months but so full of character. Lovely head with width and balance. Soft expression. Well boned legs come from well laid shoulders. Strong over his quarters with good turn of stifle and hocks are well let down. He moved well showing drive and enthusiasm.  

Special Yearling (5,1) 

1 Davey’s Eald Village Scandal 

Headed this good class beating her two siblings here. Looks well for 16 months. Correctly balanced head. Strong neck of good length leads to well angulated shoulders. Firm in topline with strong couplings. She has strength over her quarters and a correct tailset. Moved well, especially from the rear.  

2 Way’s Eald Village Poacher for Shuvick 

Litter brother to the winner and similar comments apply. Balanced in head with good eyes and strong neck. He has good depth to his body and good rear angulation used well on the move.  

3 Wakefield’s Eald Village Temptress 

Limit (5,3) 

1 Davey’s Eald Village Gossip 

Mother to the first three in the last class. Easy to see where their quality comes from. At 3 is looking well and maturing well. Good head with typical expression and low set ears. Straight front leads to well laid shoulders. Good length of ribs, well angulated quarters with correct tail set. Held her topline on the move.  

2 Way’s Norriss Northern Coleridge for Shuvick 

Five year old in super coat and muscular condition. Well shaped head with low ears and good eyes. Strong neck and well laid shoulders. Well developed quarters with good width of thigh. Moved steadily and truly.  

Open (3) 

1 Wakefield’s Sh Ch Norriss Northern Cassandra 

Now 8 years. I have judged this one before and she is looking as well as ever. Good to go over. Good head with balance and shape. Soft expression, low set ears. Strong in neck with good sloping shoulders. Straight, well boned front. Good width and depth of body. Strong over her quarters. Moved steadily and honestly. In lovely coast condition. Best of Breed.  

2 Ashcroft and Boswell’s Marquell Xclamation Mark After Torshca 

Different type but with a lot to admire. Good head with defined stop and low set ears. Correct length of ribs. Strong over the quarters with hocks well let down. In good condition.  

3 Hastings’ Yorkham Yule Love It at Bardings 

David Howarth