• Show Date: 14/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheshire Cocker Spaniel Club

Cheshire Cocker Spaniel Club 

Open Show 

A good entry of 56 from 41 dogs. I was pleased with the overall quality. Several promising youngsters on show should go on to do really well. At the other end of the age range, the veterans were a pleasure to judge and all were a credit to the breed and their owners. I would like to thank the hard-working committee for a warm welcome and the opportunity to judge a lovely entry.   

Veteran (7) 

1 Pretty’s Int Sh Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind 

One I judged and placed highly as a youngster. Now over 8 and still looking the part. Good head, with work and stop. Clean in neck and good layback of shoulder. Deep chest of good width. Plenty of rear angulation, enabling him to move well. In lovely coat and condition. Best Dog and BOS. 

2 Burley’s Suedons Pippin for Barnspur 

Another super veteran, lovely stamp and true to type. Good head with kind expression. Strong in neck with good shoulder angulation. Strong over his quarters with well turned stifles and hocks well let down. In good coat.  

3 Davies’ Annaside Moonbeam 

Minor Puppy Dog (1) 

1 Pretty’s Joaldy Best Mate 

Just right for 8 months. Good head with well-shaped eyes, good ear placement. Well boned front legs. Well-turned stifle. Just needs to firm in topline and settle on the move Should go on to do well.  

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1) 

1 Pretty’s Joaldy Mamma Mia 

Sister to the last winner and similar as you would expect. Well balanced head, good depth to her body for her age. Good width of quarters. Short form hock to heel. Another promising puppy who should od well once fully settled.  

2 Nugent’s Nulea Enchanted 

Not as forward as the winner today but plenty to like here. Sweet head with feminine expression. Good clean neck and width of chest. Good rear angulation. Just needs to come together.  

Puppy Dog (2,1) 

1 Marsden’s Chativore Winter Solstice 

10 months, up to size but balanced through. Pleasing head with good eyes and ear placement. Plenty of width and depth to his ribs. Just needs to steady on the move to show to advantage.  


Puppy Bitch (3,1) 

1 Mitchell’s Glowhill Eastern Promise 

11 months b/r Lovely head with plenty of shape and good length of muzzle. Good reach of neck and layback of shoulder. Straight front with good width. Developed ribs and firm couplings giving a balanced body. Moved well driving from the rear. In super coat and condition. Reserve Best Puppy behind her sister. Well done! 

2 Prydderch’s Rockllocers Kanda 

10 months b/t, Good reach of neck. Well boned with good topline. Short coupled, with hocks let down nicely. In full coat. Her head just needs to break.  

Junior BRG (3,1) 

1 Shinkfield and Lester’s Quettadene Touch the Stars 

Super 14 months old black presented in first class order and looking the part. Good head with enough stop and soft expression. Clean neck of good length leads to well placed shoulders. Clean outline with firm topline and enough width of ribs. Strong quarters with good bend of stifle and hocks well let down. Moved well holding her topline and carrying her tail well. Best In Show. 

2 Prydderch’s Rockllocers Ibi 

11 months sister to one in the last class. Decent enough in head, lovely neck and shoulders. Good topline and rear angulation. Will take time but should finish nicely.  


Junior AOC (4) 

1 Nugent’s Nulea Destiny 

Quality 17 months old. I liked the stamp of this pretty blue. Feminine head with typical expression, good neck and well laid shoulders. Compact body with good chest and firm couplings. Strong over her quarters. She moved well once settled. In lovely coat and condition. Considered for top honours.  

2 Forfar’s Bartonholm Bacetta 

14 months D. Strong but balanced in head with dark eyes and ear placement. Good shoulder angulation. Well boned through with good depth of chest for his age. In good coat.  

3 Burley’s Cassom Canaletto at Barnspur 

Yearling (3) 

1 Davies’ Kerriglow Honesty 

Lovely 19 moths with good neck and shoulders. Straight, well boned front. Balanced in outline with firmness over the loins and good rear angulation. Presented in full coat and good condition.  

2 Burley’s Cassom Canaletto at Barnspur 

Attractive 14 months D. Third in the last class. Looks the part standing, masculine head but not coarse in any way. Strong muscular neck, Well developed body with width and depth. More settled in this class.  

3 Aykroyd’s Clydesian Belladonna 

Special Beginners (2) 

1 Rocklllocers Ibi 

2 Chativore Winter Solstice 

Maiden (3) 

1 Maris Bray’s Helenwood Illusion 

What a pleasant experience judging a maiden class with three of such quality. Headed by this 13-month black girl. Just right for her age with more to come. Refined in head with plenty of shape and dark eyes. Clean neck of good length leads nicely into sloping shoulders. Elbows well tucked in. Firm and level topline. Well turned stifles, hocks are well let down. She presented a lovely outline standing and presented a balanced picture on the move. Reserve Best In Show 

2 Mitchell’s Glowhill Silver Angel 

Litter sister to PB winner and similar in so many ways. Quality head with strong neck and well laid shoulders. Good depth of body for her age. Firm over her loins giving a balanced outline. Plenty of width over her quarters. Moved well, especially driving from the rear. Should have a bright career. Best Puppy In Show. 

3 Cassom Canaletto at Barnspur 

Novice (4) 

1 Maris Bray’s Helenwood Illusion 

2 Forfar’s Bartonholm Bacetta 

3 Burley’s Cassom Canaletto at Barnspur 

Tyro (3) 

1 Forfar’s Bartonholm Bacetta 

2 Needham’s Snowgate Gold Edition at Merryhaze 

18-month D Balanced head with lovely cockery expression. Strong neck of good length, balanced in body and strong over his quarters. Looked well stacked but not moving as well as the winner today.  

3 Aykroyd’s Clydesian Buccaneer 

Graduate (5,2) 

1 Shinkfield and Lester’s Quettadene Touch the Stars 

2 Davies’ Annaside Starring Role 

Another good one here. Pleasing in head with dark eyes and low set ears. Clean neck leads to good shoulder angulation. Well sprung ribs. Well angulated quarters. Presented in good coat and condition. Just too enthusiastic today. Needs to be a bit steadier to show herself to full advantage.  

3 Marsden’s Shanaz Stone of Destiny 

Post Grad (2) 

1 Nugent’s Pearkim Pirorette to Nulea 

Pretty O/R Correct and feminine in head with good neck and shoulders. Well ribbed with firm level topline. Clean and balanced in outline. Moved well especially from the rear.  

2 Prydderch’s Rockllocers Kenquince Make Headway 

Good headed b/r low set ears, well boned, with good depth of chest. Correct topline. Not a positive on the move as the winner.  

Mid Limit (1) 

1 Needham’s Merryhaze That’s Jazz 

Lovely type. Plenty to like about this black. Balanced head with dark eyes and clean neck. Good topline and tail set. Strong quarters with good width of thigh. Finished in good coat.  

Breeders (4) 

1 Davies’ Annaside Shining Star 

Super outline. Pretty head with good reach of neck and well angulated shoulders. Balanced in body with good width to her chest and firmness over the loins. Level topline and good tail set. Good bend of stifles. In lovely coat and condition. Moved truly in both directions. Close up for top honours.  


2 Maris Bray’s Helenwood Islander 


Lovely headed dog with lots to like, Good in neck and shoulder. Well boned and in good coat and condition. Preferred the topline of the winner today.  

3 Prydderch’s Rockllocer Kanda 

Non Breeders (2) 

1 Davies and Pretty’s Kerriglow Game of Thrones 

Compact and well-made black. Masculine head with work and shape. Good neck with enough layback of shoulder. Short couplings and strong quarters. Moved freely. Shown in full coat and good condition.  


2 Marsden’s Shanaz Stone of Destiny 


Not disgraced by being second here. Dark in eye with low set ears. Straight front legs, short in hocks and happy on the move. Definitely enjoying his show.  

Open Dog (1) 

1 Nutter’s Annaside Harvest Moon 

Four-year-old, fully mature and moving well both ways. Looked smart enough standing. Good to go over with well proportioned head, good neck and shoulders, well developed chest. In good condition.  

Open Bitch (1) 

1 Prydderch’s Rockllocers Kenquince Make Headway 

Brace (2) 

Two well matched pairs. Winners had the edge on maturity, coat and body. They went around well together and looked the part.  

1 Davies 

2 Prydderch’s  

David Howarth