• Show Date: 15/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Exeter & County Canine Society

Exeter and County Canine Society 

15 Sept 2018 


A warm and friendly welcome at the exceptionally well-run show. Good to see such well supported classes across the whole show.  


Puppy (9, 1 abs) 

1 Baker and Judd’s Harpitts Minnie Mack 

Stood out in this good class. Well built with good width of head, strong neck and well laid shoulders. Well developed body with good ribs and strong over his quarters. Moved out well should go on to do well. BP and RBOB 

2 Farrar’s Donamick Creasts of Waves for Henissy 

Promising 10 months, not as forward as the winner but plenty to like. Sweet head with typical kind expression, good ribs and rear angulation completing a balanced picture.  

3 Kennett’s Magnavalleys Man on the Moon 

Special Yearling (4,2) 

1 Kennett’s Magnavalley’s Cornishman 

Almost 2, this black looked well. Balanced through with a good head, kind expression and good ear placement. Well boned front with good shoulder angulation. He has good width to his ribs. Moved easily. 

2 Evans’ Farnfield Clarity 

Well-muscled Yellow of just 12 months. Kind head with good eyes and expression. Straight front legs and good feet. Moved well in profile. Coat not at its best today.  

Graduate (5,1) 

1 Baker and Judd’s Harpitts Rumour Has It 

Kennel mate and similar in some ways to my BP, lovely head with god length of muzzle. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulders, good width and depth to his chest, well developed quarters, short from hock to heel. Good tail.  

2 Jeffery’s Carohall Day Dreamer at Mibridge 

Mature black in good coat, strong in head with good neck and shoulders, hocks well let down.  

3 Fishlock’s Carpenny Victoria 

Limit (7) 

1 Fishlock’s Carpenny Lady Love 

Sound moving Yellow, feminine but correct in head, clean, muscled neck, good shoulder angulation, balanced in body, firm in topline with good set of tail. In decent coat and moving well.  

2 Moody’s Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky 

Close up. Correct in head with good ear placement, well laid shoulders, balanced body with short couplings providing a lovely outline. Not quite the coat or drive of the winner.  

3 Farrar’s Henissy All That Jazz 

Open (7,1) 

1 Jeffery’s Lembas Swings Both Ways at Mibridge 

My Best of Breed. This Black D looked well, broad but not over done in head, well boned through, straight legs coming from well laid shoulders, good width and depth to his body, firm in topline with good width over his quarters. He has a good bend of stifle and correct tail. In good coat. Took his BoB in good company. 

2 Hoban’s Meadowleigh Romantic Quest 

Another good black with a decent head, clean strong neck, good shoulder angulation. Well developed body with strength over her quarters and good tail. Moved steadily but correctly.  

3 Williams’ Ferngwydir Simons Princess 

Flat coated Retrievers 

Junior (2) 

1 Jones’ Caehaidd Lets Go Crazy with Braemist 

13 months and coming together nicely. Refined head with good balance. Well angulated front and rear, moved well in profile and in super body and gleaming coat. 

2 Hayman’s TIkkidui Showmans Dream 

Not as forward as the winner but everything coming along nicely. Good head, well laid shoulders, strong correct topline and tail set. Moved well. Just needs time.  

Post Grad (4,1) 

1 Legg’s Clandrift Dark Lady 

Good in head with good eyes and well placed ears. Clean neck and good lay back of shoulder. Well developed body with good width and depth. Strong over her quarters. She was so well muscled and in hard condition.  

2 Knight’s Draketor Dartmoor Fern 

Different type to the winner. Lovely outline and balanced body. Correct in front. Well angulated quarters.  

3 Cooves’ Draketor Dartmoor Mist 

Open (4,1) 

1 Jones’ Sh Ch Blacktoft American Smooth at Braemist 

Mature D looking the part. Good head with good eyes and ears, Strong muscled clean neck leading to well angulated shoulders, Super topline and tail set. He is strong over the quarters . A pleasure to watch him move with good tail action and carriage. Well handled to Best of Breed.  

2 Cooves’ Onyxro Naiad for Draketor 

Another good one! Correct and feminine in head with good neck and shoulders, good width and depth of body. Good tail set, moved well.  

3 Lewis’ Draketor Sea Gypsy Among Fairwinds 

German Wirehaired Pointers 

Open (2) 

1 Harries’ Myrna Loy 

A case of mother beating her daughter here today. Tidy sort with good head, decent length of neck, straight front. Very sound and good to go over. Best of Breed. 

2 Harries’ Dregheda If I Were Single 

Lovely neck and shoulders, well developed quarters, Hocks are well let down, close decision standing but the mum edged it on the move.  

German Short Haired Ponter 

Open (2) 

1 Serpa and Peters’ Winterwell Sea Breeze at Pontopresa 

Promising junior, balanced in head with good eyes. Clean in neck leading to good shoulder placement. Good ribs for her age. Firm in topline. Good bend of stifle. Moved well if a little unsteady. Should do well.  

2 Clark’s Braneath Grouse 

Similar age D, not too settled here. Good head, free from exaggeration, Clean in neck with good shoulder angulation. Well presented.  

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers 

Post Grad (2) 

1 Palfrey’s Flushpoint Whata Accident for Melanitta 

Attractive head with good neck and shoulders, correct topline, moved well in profile. In good coat and condition.  

2 Ward’s Melanitta Healstether 

Alert and bright. Firm in body holding topline well. Well developed quarters. Moved freely and easily. 

Open D (3) 

1 Morgan’s Erikachen O’Ruadh for Deltandamba 

At 3 is looking the part. Good head and expression. Strogn neck and good shoulder angulation. Well developed and balanced body with width to his ribs. In lovely coat and condition. Moved well to take Best of Breed.  

2 Ward’s Flushpoint Whata Aristocrat at Melanitta 

Brother to winner of the last class. Smaller type but still balanced through. Pleased in neck and shoulders. Firm over the loins with well developed quarters looking well for his age.  

3 Palfrey’s Foxdown Bertie Allsorts 

Open B (2,1) 

1 Morgan’s Redaurora Comet’s Christmas of Deltandamba 

7 Years and looking well. Good head with keen expression, good lay back of shoulder. Good width to her quarters and moving well from well-turned stifles.  

Sussex Spaniel 

Open (1) 

1 Barnes’ Saxonbejayz Lucy Anne 

18 months with good head and that typical Sussex expression which makes you smile. Strong in neck, she has good width to her body, well angulated quarters and hocks are well let down enabling her to move freely. Presented in good condition.  

Irish Setters 

Special Yearling (9,1)  

A tricky class because of the difference in ages. Some lovely promising puppies had to give way to older rivals but should go on to do well.  

1 MacDonald’s Redclyst Maximus 

At 16 months was one of the more forward in this class. Refined head with plenty of work, long clean neck and super shoulders. He has already got good depth to his chest and spring of rib. Good width to his quarters, he was in super condition and moved well. Should make a good one! 

2 Hadfield’s Staratlanta Get a Wiggle on to Marzanne 

Another good one, at 14 months has all the attributes of the winner. Good head with enough stop and soft expression. Clean neck and good layback of shoulder. Balanced in body with good rear angulation.  

3 Pike’s Redclyst Boris 

Post Grad (5,1) 

1 Bridgwater’s Blazing Bronze Eye Candy 

Feminine but with enough bone and substance, she has a well-balanced head, good length of neck, elbows are well tucked in. Enough depth to her body and well developed quarters. She moved well in profile.  

2 Pike’s Redclyst Boris 

Third in the previous class. Well presented 17 months D presenting a clean and balanced outline when stacked. Lovely head with typical expression. Strong over the quarters with good turn of stifle. He was just not as settled as some on the move today.  

3 Condron’s Covarney Lil Minx 

Limit (3,1) 

Two nice ones here with little between them I just preferred the hind movement of the winner.  

1 Andrews’ Millcroft Scarlet Moon 

Feminine through with balanced head and gentle expression. Straight well boned front legs coming form well laid shoulders. Correct topline and good rear angulation.  

2 Clifford’s Swiftlark First Light over Coppersheen 

Beautiful in head with good reach of neck. Plenty of width to her ribs, body and quarters. In good coat.  

Open (8,3) 

1 Condron And Needs’ Covarney Macaroon 

Really liked this 4 year old boy today. Super through and good to go over. He is masculine but not coarse in head, strong clean neck of good length, leads to well laid shoulders. Good ribs and strong over his loins, he has a good topline and tail set. He moved well in profile and was presented in good coat and condition. Best of Breed. Went on to win the strong Gundog Group. Well done! 

2 Partridge’s Kerrydown One Man 

Stronger made through but still well balanced. Good head with nice eyes and good ear placement. Lovely neck and shoulders. Firm in topline. Strong over his quarters. He was in good coat and moved steadily and soundly.  

3 Bridgwater’s Bardonhill Bertie Bott by Bridgella 

David Howarth