• Show Date: 22/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Merioneth Agricultural Society

Merioneth Agricultural Society 

22nd August 2018 


What a pleasure to judge this well supported and well organised show in such a beautiful setting. The quality of the line-up for Best in Show was superb and that for Best Puppy would have graced any show anywhere. I’m sure that most of them will go on to bigger things.  

Best In Show was the Bichon Frise, Hill’s CH Deizi Mr Fredrick the Bold. Looked the part as he came into the ring but impressed me even more on close inspection. So good to go over, well balanced and presented in first class order. Not surprised to find out that he already carries his title.  

Reserve Best in Show was my hound group winner, Smith’s Borzoi Ryazanjoshua At Julam, so aristocratic and still showing well to the end.  

Best puppy In show was Lewis’ LH Dachs Trixhund Paddington Bear my hound puppy winner and RBPIS Morris’ Cocker Riondel Candyman, another super puppy from any angle. Balanced through, he has a good head with defined stop and plenty of work, good neck and shoulders, deep and wide chest for his age, firm couplings, moving well and presented in good coat and condition. Should go on to do very well.  

Irish Setter 

Junior (3) 

1 Hart’s Gwendariff In the Limelight with Gilliegrae 

Almost 18 months dog with lovely head, balanced body with good depth for his age, firm topline and correct tail set. Moved freely.  

2 Heather’s Sixoaks Leading Lady 

Just 12 months, lovely outline, feminine head good neck and front construction correct topline, hock well let down. Just lacked the maturity of the winner. 

3 Hughes’ Alolfrana U Are a Diamond 

Graduate (2,1abs) 

1 Hart’s Gwendariff In The Limelight with GIlliegrae 

Post Grad (3) 

1 Hart’s Gwendariff Gonna B Am Azing 

Lovely 2 year old with good head, clean neck of good length, well boned straight front, good turn of stifle with hocks well let down. Best mover in this class.  

2 Jones’ Alolfrana In A Hot Storm Over Wenflaen 

Another two year old with a good head and neck. Good width of ribs, well developed quarters, just thought that she was carrying a little too much weight over her shoulders today.  

3 Cohen’s Aoibheannes Rough Diamond with Shushana 

Open (3) 

1 Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana 

Mature and in full coat, good head with stop and balance, strong neck and good shoulder angulation. Good width to his quarters, short from hock to heel. Best of Breed 

2 Williams’ Alolfran Quickstep to Lavansands 

Another seven year old, looking well, good head with well laid shoulders, firm in topline, moved steadily.  

3 Hughes’ Byedales Diamond Jubilee 

Mini SH Dachs 

Junior (3) 

1 Lewis’ Trixhund Bring Me Luck 

Promising 9 mths D. Lovely outline and balance through. Correct in head with good neck and shoulders, super topline with good depth to his chest, well developed quarters for his age. Moved truly. BP and PG3 

2 Jones’ Carlita Seaflower 

Feminine 7mths, not as forward as the winner but lots to like here. Good head with alert expression, good neck and shoulders, correct in topline, she too moved well.  

3 Palin’s Judzia Dax 

Graduate (3,2) 

1 Palin’s Sanmik Dream Maker 

Just 18 months and showing promise, good neck correct in front with good width to the ribs, firm over the quarters moved steadily. In good coat condition.  

Open (1) 

1 Lewis’ Trixhund Bring Me Sunshine 

Mature three-year-old in good form. Lovely head with good front and fore chest, Well laid shoulders, good rear angulation. Moving well away from me. Looked well in profile. Best of Breed.  


LH Dachs 

Graduate (2) 

1 Lewis’ Trixhund Paddington Bear 

Liked him at first glance and grew on me as the day went on. 10 months, good head with long clean neck well made front with good shoulder angulation, firm level topline, broad over his quarters, he moved to advantage and was presented in lovely coat and condition. BoB, Group 2 and BPIS.  

2 Lewis’ Trixhund Marmalade 

Litter sister to the winner, not as together at the moment, feminine head with good length of jaw, good width of ribs and rear angulation. Needs to settle.  

Open (1) 

1 Lewis’ Trixhund Euphoria 

Father to my BoB and full of quality, balanced in head with good eye shape and ear placement. Well constructed front and shoulders, good length of body with firm level topline, strong over his quarters. Presented in full coat and good condition. Just out moved by his son today. 


Puppy (2) 

1 Hughes and Bradley’s Nichrisar Greyling 

Promising 9 months. Lovely head with good ears and long clean neck. Good depth for his age, firm over the loins, well angulated quarters with hocks well let down. Well boned throughout standing on good feet. Should mature nicely. Best Puppy PG4 

2 Brown’s Tamalden Silver Surfer 

This girl was also promising and has plenty to like. Feminine head with good length of jaw. Kind expression, long neck with well developed ribs. Well turned stifles. Not as settled on the move as the winner. Close up.  

Junior (2) 

1 Brown’s Tamalden Donatello 

Another promising puppy, up to size but well balanced through. Good head with alert expression. Good width and depth to his ribs. Hocks well let down.  

2 Williams’ Cassandra Calypso 

Just out of puppy, she has a lovely head with good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Correct in topline. Preferred the quarters of the winner.  

Graduate (2) 

1 Disley’s Silkridge Grace and Favour 

Liked the type and style of this one. Good head with bright eyes and lovely expression. Long clean neck leads into well laid shoulders, balanced body with good depth and firmness over the loins. Good turn of stifles. Moved truly.  

2 Williams’ Cassandra Calypso 

Open (4,1) 

1 Perkins’ Silkridge Whispering Grass 

Really liked this one. Good in head with lovely ears, good reach of neck and layback of shoulder. Well developed ribs but still feminine through. Straight well boned front. Balanced in outline and moving well Best of Breed Group 3.  

2 Brown’s Collooney Why Eye Man at Tamalden 


Larger type, good in head with strong neck of good length leading to angulated shoulders. Correct in top line with good width to the quarters. Well boned with good feet.  

3 Devereux’s Silkridge Simply No Mystery at Dantella 


Open (2) 

1 Smith’s Ryazanjoshua at Julam 

Impressive 4-year-old. Long lean skull with well-shaped eyes. Clean, well-muscled neck leading into good sloping shoulders. Really good depth of chest. Correct topline with strength over his loins. Well developed hind quarters enabling him to cover the ground freely. Looked so well in profile. Presented in good coat and condition. A pleasure to award him BoB, Group 1 and RBIS.  

2 Donnelly’s Donskoi Romulus 

Another good one with a lot going for him. Refined head of good length. Good in neck and shoulder placement. Straight in front. Balanced in body with good depth to his chest and strength to his couplings. He moved out well.  

NSC Hound 

Puppy (6,1) 

1 Porczynska’s Ridgeback Diamondridge Destiny Child 

I was taken by this one. Good head with width to his skull and round eyes of good colour. Strong neck of good length leads to well angulated shoulders. He is deep in ribs with strength over his quarters. He moved well especially in profile. Presented in good order. Best NSC Puppy. PG2. 

2 Jones’ Mini WH Dachs Carlita Sunrise 

Close up in this good class. Good head with long neck and good shoulder angulation. Well made quarters with good width to thigh and bend of stifle. Just needs to fill out to complete the picture.  

3 Jones’ Beagle Eardley Chocolate Éclair 

Open (11,3) 

1 Heath’s Greyhound CH Boughton Back to Blighty 

What a lovely class! Really splitting hairs here. This one just caught the eye. Not surprised to find she carries her title. Super head with good clean muscular neck. Well laid shoulders leading to a body of good depth and enough width. Well developed quarters with good width to her thighs. She moved straight and true. Best NSC Group 4.  

2 Jones Mini LH Dachs Cwmdarhian Emoji 

Another good Dachs, this time a 15 months Mini LH. Lovely head with decent layback of shoulder. Firm topline. Good length of body, Moved well in profile. Presented in lovely coat and condition.  

3 Porcczynska’s Ridgeback Diamondridge Destiny Child 


A close decision from a quality line up. I awarded the group to the Borzoi, followed by the LH Dachs, the Whippet and the Greyhound, four quality exhibits all a credit to their owners. 


Another good line up headed by the LH Dachs, followed by the Ridgeback, Mini SH Dachs and Whippet 



AV Veteran Bitch (15) 

1 Adshead’s Border Collie Dancaroo’s First Moon 

Super 9 year old, in beautiful body and condition. Lovely head with typical expression, not over done in any way. Moved well to win this strong class.  

2 Lewis’ Min SH Dachs Trixhund Mini Mouse 

Good to go over and well put together. Another one defying her age well. Close up but I just felt the winner gave a bit more on the move. 

3 Edwards’ Sheltie Castlerose Madame Arcati 

AV Veteran Dog (11) 

1 Burscough’s Skye Terrier Glorfindel Secret Shadow at KIlfinan 

Looking so well for 8 years. Impressive stacked and so good to go over. Strong in neck and good in front and shoulders. Correct topline and balanced in body. Moved well. Presented in first class order. Best Veteran. 


2 Jones’ Samoyed Ch Vandreem Imperial Kai 

Another really good 8 year old. In full coat and firm in body. Good head with keen expression, strong neck, good shoulders, ribs and quarters. Just splitting hairs here. A worthy Champion.  

3 Parker’s Skye Terrier Glorfindel Deacon Brodie 

AV Minor Puppy (17) 

1 Jones and Kirkwood’s Samoyed Vandreem Imperial Kazhiya 

Very promising youngster with such good overall construction, excels in neck and shoulders, moved really well, showing to advantage. One I will follow.  

2 Kirkman’s Golden Ret Tsarmont Lakeside Star 

Lovely type with well shaped head, strong neck well laid shoulders and well developed quarters. Looked well today.  

3 Yacoub’s WSS Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine 

AV Puppy Stakes (21) 

1 Yacoub’s WSS Latihmoor’s Red Grenadine 

Typical and of good type, well balanced head clean neck and good shoulder angulation, coming together nicely, steadier in this class and deserved his win here.  

2 Prydderch’s Cocker Rockllocers Kanda 

Very pretty b/t compact and in lovely coat and condition. Just needs to settle to show herself to advantage.  

3 High’s Papillon Melangel Dazzling Dream 

AV Junior Stakes (22) 

1 Gleave’s Standard Poodle Kertellas Talking in Codes at Montravia 

Super young male looking the part here. Not surprised to find out later that he’d already won the group on the day. Masculine head with good ears and expression. Good neck and shoulders, developed in body for his age, well-constructed quarters. Presented in super coat and condition, moved well to win this strong class. Pushed hard for top honours today. Should go on to do well.  

2 Cannon and Burrough’s Pug Roxmarr Heart of Glass at Flashnik 

Lovely type with good head and balanced in body with strong quarters. In good body. Moved well in awkward conditions defying the wind and rain! 

3 Kelly’s English Setter Alolfrana Memphis Rock 

AV Open Stakes (28) 

1 Jones’ Cairn Doonrae Luminescent 

Six years, lovely outline compact and strong, good depth and moving freely. Looked the part here with good coat. Won on movement today.  

2 Roberts ASD Moves Like Jagger Elvikam 

Good head with alert expression and good ear placement. Strong in neck with well laid shoulders. Strong in quarters completing a lovely outline.  

3 Officer’s Sheltie Castlerose A Shropshire Lad 

AV RCC Stakes (8) 

A tricky class with lots to like about all of them.  

1 Moore’s Field Span Elgert China Girl for Gadhelic 

Feminine head with plenty of shape and low set ears. Clean neck of good length, well laid shoulders, balanced in body with strength over her loins. Won here on her overall soundness.  

2 Officer’s Sheltie Castlerose Star Turn 

Quality D. Refined yet masculine, good to go over and strong in his quarters. In full coat. Moved well. 

3 Walker’s English Setter Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere 

AV Brace (11) 

1 Moore’s Field Spaniels 

Well matched pair. Good overall quality and type. Looked well together both standing and moving.  

2 Humphreys’ Bassets Fauve De Bretagne 

Close up. Balanced and well matched. Moved round together in decent style. Both in good body and condition.  

3 Prydderch’s Cockers 

David Howarth