• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Craig Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Walsall & District Kennel Association

Walsall and District Kennel Association

10th November 2018

English Setter Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (1):

1. Schoneville and Derry’s Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW, o/b with masculine head and pleasing eye, pleasing outline with good topline and hindquarters, moved soundly, BOB;

Irish Setter Puppy Dog or Bitch (4,2):

1. Milligan-Bott’s Thendara Crystal Ice, very promising, quality bitch puppy full of type, very good bone, feet, body and hindquarters, pleasing head, moved with drive behind, shall follow her progress, BOB and PG1;

2. Millington’s Lanstara Scarlet Ribbons, pretty, feminine puppy of pleasing type and also a look of quality, a little close behind;

Flatcoated Retriever Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (1):

1. Hedderwick’s Torwood Paw Trait, liver with pleasing eye colour, good body, bone and showed well, rather big feet, moved soundly, BOB;

Spaniel (Cocker) Puppy Dog or Bitch:-

1. Roberts’ and Smith’s Rayol Night Shadow, quality black bitch of good type, lovely head shape, good neck and shoulders, excellent bone, feet, big ribbed body and very good hindquarters, sound true mover going with a merry attitude, BP;

2. Hillary’s Edasiu Summer Star, pleasing overall but 1 scored in head, rib and hindquarters, in good condition;

Spaniel (Cocker) Junior Dog or Bitch (1):-

1. West’s Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW, beautiful quality black bitch of super type, feminine, beautiful head, super neck and shoulders, excellent bone, legs and feet, well ribbed, short body with excellent hindquarters, her excellent construction manifests itself on the move where she is so sound out and back, carries herself so well in profile, covering the ground with a merry gait, excellent presentation and a showgirl, shall watch her future with interest, pleased to award her G1 and then to watch her proceed to BIS under top allrounder, Tom Mather;

Spaniel (Cocker) Graduate Dog or Bitch (5):

1. Roberts’ and Smith’s Snowgate Mood Indigo, good type blue roan, well made through neck and shoulders, good legs and feet, short, big ribbed body, sound moving and merry, RBOB;

2. West’s Sheigra Simply A Star JW, very nice black of pleasing type, not quite the rib or quarter of 1;

3. Fawcett’s Helenwood Cool Breeze

Spaniel (Cocker Open Dog (1):

1. Fawcett’s Jayzander Let’s Tan Again, masculine and free moving, carrying rather too much weight;

Spaniel (Cocker) Open Bitch (2):

1. Hillary’s Edasiy Dream Maker, very nice black with pleasing head, neck and shoulders, good body and hindquarters, moved soundly;

2. Sewell’s Wintonia Hidden Gem at Quattrozampe, went well but not quite the rib or hindquarters of 1;

English Springer Spaniel Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (2):

1. Reynolds’ Clentonian Picture Perfect, pleasing size and type, pleasing head and eye, good bone and body, shown in excellent condition, BOB;

2. Joyce’s Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops, shown in good condition, moved freely, not the head of 1

Spanish Water Dog Junior D or B (1):

1. Palumbo’s Rainethyme Memory Keeper, lovely bitch with lots to like, most pleasing type overall, good size, excellent legs and feet, good body, coat, topline and hindquarters, shown in lovely condition, pressed hard in the group, a pleasure to judge, BOB;

Spanish Water Dog Post Graduate D or B (2):

1. R Memory Keeper;

2. Donaldson’s Prizelands Sweet Dreams, failed in size and weaker behind;

AVNSC Gundog Puppy Dog or Bitch (1):

1. Matthews’ Deanway Sweet Rose, 6 months bitch, very raw and immature but enjoying the experience, has lots of development ahead;

AVNSC Gundog Junior Dog or Bitch (2):

1. Sharpe’s Tivalake Crystal Ball at Rosettia, NSDTR bitch of pleasing type, feminine head, good body lines, sound moving, very well handled by her young owner who should have fun with her;

2. Dummett’s Bogestvennaya Skazka Estrella at Almondsbury, pleasing type, free mover, very good showmanship;

AVNSC Gundog Post Graduate D or B (1):

1. T Crystal Ball at R

AVNSC Gundog Open D or B (1):

1. James’ Sh Ch Inostricani Fiorella JW ShCM, very good quality and type in this feminine 4 years Italian Spinone, very pleasing head shape, correctly made through fore and hindquarters, correct body lines, correct coat and skin, sound mover, one to be proud of, BAVNSC Gundog and G3;

David R Craig (Judge)