• Show Date: 24/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David C. Todd Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Retriever Club

United Retriever Open Show (Labrador Retriever)

Class 27 PD(7entries-3abs)

1/Carromer Jack Flash to Bailydale -At 10 months he shows maturity for one so young, Good head and expression. Nice front, chest and rib. He is short coupled with good developed hind quarters. Went well in good Coat. RBD

2/A Sence of Pleasures Get Lucky - Lovely young black of 6 months. Loved his outline when stood, so clean through. He has a pleasing head with the desired expression, can be proud of his tail which I hope will settle.

3/Potterspiney Tanner

Class 28 JD (6-0)

1/Mafia Labs Taboo at Balladoole - My notes for the class read - 11 months yellow boy, what a Cracker. Stunning head and expression and using his ears so well. Nicely made front, short well ribbed body with wide well muscled quarters. Standing on good feet and moving out so soundly...Very nice. my opinion didnt change in the challenge and so happy to award him BOB and BPIB going onto ResBPIS Congratulations.

2/Lithwaite Excalibur JW - Slightly rangier but still a quality exhibit. Good legs and feet. Well angulated for and aft, topped with a pleasing head and expression.

3/Aramis Brittanica Archipelago at Steeleigh (imp Ltu)

Class29 YD (3-0)

1/Aramis Brittanica Archipelago at Steeleigh (imp Ltu) - Smart Black dog with lots of scope. Pleasing kind head, he has nice front and rear angles just needs to firm up all through, today found him in soft condition.

2/Aalincarry Spooker - Strong yellow boy just coming together. Produces sound driving action but not getting his act together and topline needs to settle.

3/A sence of Pleasures El Torro at Balladoole

Class 30 GD (3-0)

1/Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar JW - Pleasing yellow dog. Nice head and expression, good front. Short coupled with adequate rib. Well made hind quarters, went soundly and well , but not in the best of coats but adequate.

2/ Aramis Brittanica Archipelago at Steeleigh (imp Ltu)

3/Dinnozo Top Notch Alfie

Class 31 PGD (3-1)

1/Potterspiney Richochet - Smart honest yellow boy. On nice legs and feet. pleasing head and expression with good ear carriage. Shown in good body with sound happy movement well presented.

2/Treantagh Rainbow Warrior JW - Short coupled smart yellow with a nice head and expression. Scores in bone, legs and feet and hind angles. Found him a little straight in front.

Class 32 OD (5-3)

1/Aalincarry Summer Majic - Strong yellow male. he had a gentle kind expression on a good well made head. Nice front and good body proportions. Scored in hind quarters and moves out fluidly. a nice dog but his performance didnt wow me.

2/Potterpiney Killian- a smaller made but typy dog. A black with pleasing head and expression. Good in front and rear with nice adjoining body. Just a little proud of his tail and moving a little wide in front.

Class 33 PB (7-0)

1/Meadoovillabs Super Star of Barnagrow - Smart short coupled black shown in adequate coat. pleasing head and expression. Scores in front and rear with a well proportioned tail. Holds her shape on the move and going well

2/Carpenny Philly - Lovely black with sweet head and expression. Scored in front and rear angles but just looking a bit longer in body, needing to fill and body up. Moves out soundly and well.

3/Eremos Moment in Thyme

Class34 JB (9-2)

1/Rocheby Mimosa -Stunningly lovely head with the kindest off expressions. Uses her ears well. Flows from nose to tail with the best of shoulders great legs and feet, really liked her so forgave that she wasnt in the best of coats but adequate. Lovely althrough and so sound. RBB

2/Classical Act at Foxrush JW Lovely headed bitch. Short coupled and with good body proportions Nice flow through and moving out beautifully and showing off energetically, just a tad out of coat.

3/Warringah Timouron Cooladdi

Class 35 YB (3-1)

1 Foxrush Oops a Daisy -Strong but feminine bitch, well made throughout with pleasing head with soft expression, good angles fore and aft well boned with good legs and feet, very sound.

2/Abbystead Hope - Young black not as together as 1 today. Needs to fill and mature ( at that in-betweeny stage) but good front, neck and shoulder. Pleasing in hind quarters and in good body. Not showing her best today.

Class 36 GB (6-0)

1/Foxrush Old Time Dancing - Similar qualities to her Kennel mate, this black is built on pleasing lines. Good bone and feet in Good coat and condition and showing well. Would like a shade shorter but has a lot of quality.

2/Treantagh Dolly Rainbow - Pleasing yellow , sweet head and expression, good angles and straight legs and good feet. Sound reachy movement and showing well - would like her a little more up on the leg.

3/Alkamhurst Mayfair at Luckswarren

Class 37 PGB (4-1)

1/Steeleigh Final Legacy - Strong well made black girl scoring in front with a good neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good legs and feet. Nice hind quarters and going well.

2/Dinnozo Yellow Diamond - Pleasing headed yellow with good front and body, hind quarters could be better but holds her topline and went OK.

3/Barnagrow Altisadora

Class38 OB (11-5)

1/Carpenny Virginia - Lovely flowing bitch with nothing overdone. Lovely head and expression and best of fronts, pleasing body proportions and good bend of stifle, low set hock. Moved to advantage, in coat and showing well. Had that little something which demanded BB, but the Balance soundness and showmanship of the boy stole the top award.

2/Warringahs Gurley JW- lovely headed black bitch who scores in front and has nice hind angles. Falls away a little in croup but stands four square. One with a lot to like but today just not putting her energy into showing, moved soundly.

3/Lembas All That Jaz

David C. Todd