• Show Date: 03/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Eston & Barnaby Canine Society

Eston & Barnaby CS


Shih Tzu

P (2) 1st Forbes’ Paliden Bucks Fizz To Ekland. Feminine gold bitch of 11 months. Good shape, pretty head and expression. Good reach of neck. Moderate angles. Topline still to settle fully. Moved very well with a correctly carried tail. Good puppy coat, well prepared. BP.

2nd Dunn’s Milliemouse Hurricane. Also 11 months old. B/w male of pleasing type. Lovely head with excellent large, dark eyes, tidy bite. Generally well made all through and moved out well, just a bit close behind. Happy showman.

G (2) 1st P Bucks Fizz To E.

O (1) 1st Casentieri’s Alchez Emperor Kuzco. Black dog built on smaller lines. Good head shape, large dark eye and correct bite. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Well ribbed, topline ok, good hind angulation and low, sound hocks. Moved with reach and drive, showing full pad. Tail well set and carried. Good coat for texture, colour and presentation. BOB

Lhasa Apso

P (4) 1st Horne’s Lippylou’s Doolally With Chanceinn. Eye-catching black bitch pup of 11 months. Beautiful outline with a feminine head, correct bite and dark eye. Clean neck leading into a well- constructed front. Good topline, ribs and short loins. Excellent hind quarters that she used to maximum effect on the move. Lovely straight, harsh coat, immaculately presented. Loved her ‘cheeky madam’ attitude that is unique to the breed! BP, PG1 and thrilled to hear she took BPIS under respected allrounder, Mr Stuart Plane. Congratulations!

2nd Taylor’s Kelankins By Design AT Billkenstar. Promising gold boy of 10 months. Has many breed attributes and also a confident showman. Lovely head shape, expression and overall outlook. Just a fraction long in loin so not quite the balance of 1st. Moved freely. Thick puppy coat, well presented.

O (2) 1st Horne’s Aus Ch. Zaland In Rehab At Chanceinn. Masculine gold dog that gives off a typical outline. Pleasing head, eye and bite. Good reach of neck, deep chest and balanced angles. Excellent low set hocks. Moved soundly in all directions with plenty of reach and drive. Coat at that in-between stage but texture and colour shows signs of coming through. Well handled and presented. BOB.

2nd Chesterfield’s Toynbee Gossip Girl At Burnsett. 2 year old gold bitch of lovely type, size and outline. Beautiful head, good to go over on the table and a correct harsh, straight coat of even colour. Sound, jaunty mover, just a bit close going away today.

Tibetan Terrier

G (4) Mixed class topped by 2 promising pups. 1st Taylor’s Pippalata Just Like That At Billkenstar. Well grown bitch pup approaching 7 months. Liked her square ouline. Good enough in head but a touch long in muzzle, maybe. Moderate neck, still to develop fully all through but has good angles, is of a sound type and moved well from all directions with a high set and carried tail. Coat coming along nicely. BP.

2nd Taylor’s Myrlea Supernatural Ink. Also 7 months and I preferred her size and head at this stage. Equally well made, good conformation and correct coat for her age. Just not as collected on the move as her kennel mate. Think they will change places many times.

3rd Metcalfe’s Rogspa Cupcake.

O (1) 1st R Cupcake. Gold bitch. Pleasing size and square outline. Lacking a bit in bone but has good body. Head shape ok but would prefer more strength to skull and underjaw. Moved well from side gait. Well presented coat.


Mcmunn & Griffiths’ Goodbull Pied Piper. Strong, masculine dog. Head developing well, good strength and width of muzzle. Clean, dark, well set eye. Correct ears. Thick neck, good bone and feet. Typical outline on the stack, soundest mover in the class. Just needs to body-up to complete the picture.

2nd Livingstone’s Jacobella Captain Flint. Equally good headed dog but not quite as broad in skull at the moment. Lovely eye, tidy bite, excellent bone, Chest developing well. Excellent body shape. Just needs to settle on the move, sound enough though. BP.

3rd Livingstone’s Jacobella Madam Me.

O (2) 1st Livingstone’s Ruakuri On The Road Again At Jacobella. Super looking dog from any angle. Loved his head, Strong, shapely skull. Excellent width of muzzle and good chin. Correctly set eyes and ears. Clean, open nostrils. Strong, thick neck. Good width of chest and strong bone. Correct outline and mature body. Easy mover. Pleased to award him BOB.

2nd Mcmunn & Griffiths’ Goodbull Rita Ora. Quite close-up here. Beautiful red bitch. Feminine but has plenty of substance and bone. Good head, sound conformation. Feet could be tighter and a bit unsettled on the move today. Lovely coat and condition.


G (2) 1st Barnett’s Dalamanti Ruby Raider. Liked this young bitch very much. Clean cut outline, feminine and of pleasing size. Well proportioned head, good eye colour and scissor bite. Medium neck, still needs to drop in chest. Good topline. Short loin and good angles front and back. Well set tail. Good spotting. Sound mover. BOB & G3.

2nd Noble’s Ruebedu Sheik Yerbouti. 9 month old bitch pup. Has much to like at this stage. Presents a good outline on the stack. Feminine head and expression. Good body and bone all standing on tight, round feet. Excellent spotting. Moved well from profile, once settled. BP & PG3.

O (2) 1st Barnett’s Dalmanti Ice Ruby. Dam of BOB and very similar in many ways. Well balanced outline. Feminine head of moderate length. Good reach of neck, balanced angles, deep chest, firm topline and well conditioned. Easy mover.

2nd Noble’s Shulune Celtic Snapdragon Of Ruebedu. Bigger liver spotted bitch. Not quite the angulation in front of the winner but good quarters, excellent head and expression and well spotted. Easy mover showing scope and freedom.

Chow Chow

G (1) 1st Oliver’s Mosspark Blue Spangle. Blue bitch of lovely type, shape and outlook. Alone today but an easy winner. Good head, flat, broad skull, strong, blunt muzzle and well set, clean eyes. Small ears. Moderate neck good angles and low set hocks. High set and carried tail. In good double coat, immaculately presented and of an attractive colour. Moved typically, sound in all directions. Close-up for a placing in the Group.

Miniature Poodle

O (4) 1st Smart’s Voodoolan Black Magic Spell. My star of the day! A really impressive black from any angle. Shortest of backs, beautiful refined but masculine head. Dark eye, scissor bite. Good reach of neck leading into a soundly made front. Correct amount of bone and lovely tight feet. Good spring of rib and excellent hind quarters. Moved with plenty of reach and drive, covering the ground with ease. Excellent coat. BOB & BIG.

2nd Sykes’ Jencro Akbar Shah At Silminsky. Attractive silver boy. Square enough outline. Typical head and expression. Could have a touch more neck to complete the picture. Firm quarters, moved out well in all directions. Immaculate presentation.

Toy Poodle

O (3) 1st Steel & Aitken’s Mojo Otrada Nikolas. Beautifully presented white dog. Pleasing outline and shows himself off to full advantage. Good head and expression. Excellent pigment. Moderate neck, shoulder angulation ok but a bit upright in upperarm, correct ribs, short loin and excellent hind angulation. Moved true in all directions but could extend more. Harsh coat texture. BOB.

2nd Steel & Aitken’s Steelthorn Rose Lee. A real baby at just 6 months. Feminine cream, beautiful shape, pleasing size and learning the job well. Good to go over at this stage in development and a confident mover showing plenty of freedom. Should have a good future. BP.

3rd Galloway & Reed’s Steelthorn Miss Angel.

Standard Poodle

O (2) 1st Burton’s Montravia Back in The Limelight. Big, impressive white. Masculine head with some refinement, showing good length and chiselling. Dark eye with a devilment glint! Reachy neck, Short enough in back and well angled. Low set, firm hocks. Moved out well but was a bit restricted with the floor surface. Lovely harsh coat, nicely prepared.

2nd Steel & Aitken’s Suvenir De Luks Sebastian. Different type of dog to 1st. Red of pleasing size and masculinity. Good to go over on the stack, perhaps a bit long in body for ideal balance. Good coat for texture, even colour and presentation. Just preferred head of 1. Moved well.

O (2) 1st Steel & Aitken’s Zhemchuzhina Sibiri Lanette Cool Girl. Beautifully short-backed bitch. Glamourous white. Feminine head, good skull and overall length. Strong pigment. Reachy neck, well angled both ends and in firm muscular condition. Correct bone for her size. Feet could be tighter. High set and carried tail. Moved very well, coping with the floor surface and covering the ground with ease. Another from this exhibitor that was beautifully presented. BOB.

2nd M Back In The L.

Boston Terrier

O (1) 1st Cave’s Widax Beatrix Brown At Jemcap. Square feminine head, good strength to muzzle. Dark eye, tidy bite and high set, thin ears. Medium neck, short back and typical topline. Nicely angulated both ends. Moved well. BOB.


O (2) 1st Garrett’s Redwitch Pole Position At Krissienite. Well grown 11 month old dog pup with strong bone and firm body to compliment his frame. Classic head piece. Small well set ears, good eye colour and shape, strong bite. Ok for neck, medium angles. Pleasing mover, covers the ground well. Excellent tail set and carriage. Good, thick double coat. BOB, G4, BP & PG2

2nd Hill’s Ryusui’s Thunder Struck Over Takarahill. 6 month old pup, giving a lot away in age compared to 1st but a promising bitch. I liked her head, general conformation but needs more hind angulation to balance her outline and settle in topline. Good mover, excellent coat and condition.

Tibetan Spaniel

O (1) 1st Cree’s Torfness Phorever Faithful At Gibbcree. Such a pretty bitch with a lovely soft expression. Pleasing head, correct skull shape with good muzzle. Moderate neck, deep chest, well ribbed with a firm loin. Hind angulation ok. High set tail, carried to advantage. In-between coats at the moment. Easy mover and enjoying her day. BOB.

AV Utility NSC

P (2) 1st Bell’s Foxifayre Keep The Faith With Allforus. Promising Keeshond bitch of just 6 months. Excellent compact shape, lovely wedged shaped head with typical markings. Small, correctly set ears, good to go over on the stack, lovely thick puppy coat of pleasing colour. Brisk, sound mover. BPNSC & PG4

2nd Benoist’s Kumotta Double Trouble. Pretty Japanese Spitz bitch pup, and one of my favourite breeds in the Group. Lovely head, eye shape and pigment. Good overall conformation and correct coat for texture, density and presentation. Moved well enough but can settle further.

G (1) 1st Benoist’s Charney Celestine. Mature bitch that gives off a balanced outline on the stack. Good head shape, correct stop, dark oval eye and scissor bite. Medium neck and angles. Tight feet. Nimble mover and correct tail set and carriage. Not quite in full coat but good texture. BNSC.

AV Utility Puppy (13)

 1st R Sheik Y. Dalmatian.

2nd F Keep The Faith With A. Keeshond

3rd Kelankins By Design At Billkenstar. Lhasa Apso.

AV Utility Junior (4)

1st D Ruby Raider. Dalmatian.

2nd K Double Trouble. Jap. Spitz.

AV Utility Grad (5)

1st M Blue Spangle. Chow Chow.

2nd C Celestine. Jap. Spitz.

3rd S Miss Angel. Toy Poodle.

AV Utility Open (7)

1st A Emperor Kuzco. Shih Tzu.

2nd T Gossip Girl At B. Lhasa Apso.

3rd S Celtic Snapdragon Of R. Dalmatian.

Darren Clarke (Judge)