• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Christchurch & New Forest Canine Society

Christchurch & New Forest C.S


French Bulldog

J (2) 1st Gelderd’s Lord Arthur. 12 month old dog standing alone today. Pleasing head, good ear shape, size and set. Nose has open nostrils but lacks pigment. Good muzzle but needs more width to under jaw. Strong neck, quite good overall shape but could have a bit more rise over loin. Moved ok. Would like a better fawn colouring.

PG (1) 1st Brooks & Cairns Corursus Life can Be So Nice. Beautiful dark brindle bitch. Head of good shape with correct width and depth of muzzle. Strong neck, good chest and overall outline. Moderate bone and angles. Correct topline. Good tail. Moved very well and made a worthy. BOB.

Alaskan Malamute.

J (3) 1st Smith’s Snowshoes Telmarnie King. Attractive, masculine dog pup of 10 months. Super head, strong with good balance of skull and muzzle. Expressive almond eye. Small, well set ears. Excellent conformation with strong bone and a good thick, double coat. Now needs to tighten in front and generally drop into his frame. Excellent presentation. Easy mover. BP & RBOB.

2nd Forsey’s Muzoku Voodoo Dolly. Strong but feminine bitch. Liked her overall proportions and pleasing in head and eye. Good to go over on the stack. Moved well from side gait, just a bit close going away today

PG (2) 1st Forsey’s Muzoku Men Of Mayhem. Very good male. Good head but a slightly darker eye would enhance his expression. Strong neck, balanced angles and correct body proportions. Tail carried with required plume on the move. Sound in all directions. Thick coat.

2nd Anderson’s Cherubini Atene Cinquale. Well grown, strong dog. Slightly different type to 1st. Excellent head shape, soundly constructed but a bit long in back and could be firmer in topline. Moved well enough.

O (4) Forsey’s Dark Diamond Snowflake Of Engel At Muzoku. Masculine dog of pleasing size, strength and balance. Well-proportioned head, strong skull and muzzle with a moderate stop. Small, well set ears. Thick, medium neck. Good front angulation and deep chest with plenty of heart room. Level, slightly sloping topline, short loins and excellent hind angulation. Correctly set and carried tail. Double coat. Free, easy gait with enough rear drive. BOB, pleased to see him take G1 and BIS. Congratulations!

2nd Haywood’s Wolfraven Roo’s Dark Matter Of Winterscall. Another pleasing male. Liked his size and functional outlook. Rangier than 1st but plenty to like. Excellent bone and body, good conformation and standing on strong, compact feet. Good coat. Sound mover.

3rd Anderson’s Cherubini Midnight Wolf.

AV Import Register

O (1) 1st Kirk & Turley’s Angelcrest Shadow Master. Mexican Hairless dog (Min). Liked his size. Good wedge – shaped head, correct dark eye for his colouring, excellent ears. Bite a bit untidy. Good outline on the table and on the move. Clean, smooth skin. Moved freely. Best Import Register.

Bearded Collie

P (1) 1st Poulter’s Ceilmears Rising Star At Poppybriar. Pretty 6 month old bitch pup. Still quite raw and needs to grow on a bit. Shapely head, scissor bite and nicely put together. Once she got into her stride, showed an easy, free flowing gait. Delightful temperament. BP.

J (1) 1st C Rising Star at P.

PG (5) Mixed class that took some sorting out.

1st Davies & Fear’s Ceilmear’s Four Leaf Clover. Dark slate bitch that won this class on her good, economical movement. Feminine head, square skull and good muzzle. Moderate neck, balanced angles, correct ribbing and low set hocks. Good angle of croup leading to a low tail set. Coat fits her body and not overdone in anyway.

2nd Fear’s Ceilmear Harris Tweed. Well-proportioned brown dog. Liked his functional outlook and was well put together all through. Pleasing head, eye and bite. In-between coats at present but what he has is of good texture. Moved out well.

3rd Mudd’s Moppetswood Moonlight Star.

O (4) 1st Cooper’s Snowmead Savannah Belle. Beautiful slate bitch that won here today with a bit to spare. A little unsettled at times but no denying her qualities. Feminine head and expression, reachy neck, good front angles and a deep chest. Firm topline, well ribbed back, excellent quarters. In immaculate double coat of good texture. Moved with plenty of reach and drive and a low carried tail. BOB & G2.

2nd Bowen & Wormald’s Moonhill Toot Sweet. Masculine slate of excellent type, outline and good to go over on the stack. Beautiful head and expression. Ideally balanced. Not quite the shoulder of 1st and tail could be carried lower, but a lovely Beardie that deserved RBOB.

3rd Davies & Fear’s Ceilmear’s Royal Marine.


O (1) 1st White’s Overhills The Midas Touch. Standing alone today but an excellent representative of the breed. Typical outline with strength and bone to complement his frame. Balanced head, flat skull, medium stop and good strength to muzzle. Good front and rear angles, mature body all standing on compact, functional feet. Excellent mover, sound out and back and covers the ground well from profile. Carries his tail at an acceptable level. BOB.

BSD (Tervueren)

P (1) 1st Banfield’s Cliffeast Bob The Builder. Well grown pup of 11 moths. Mature in body and coat for his age. Quite pleasing in head qualities. Uses his high set ears to best advantage. Scissor bite and expressive eye. Good to go over on the stack and moved very well from profile. BP.

PG (4) 1st Ainsworth & mackie’s Hawksfight Milady De Winter. Excellent bitch for type, compact outline and so typical in head and expression. Good reach of neck, nicely angled both ends and correct angle to croup leading to a low set tail. Typical mover. Good coat of even colour and correct texture. RBOB, Best In RBOB Group then Best RBOB In Show. Well done!

2nd Harris’ Hawksflight Aramis For Tolneda. Litter sibling to 1st and shares may of her qualities. Everything to like, but bite could be better. Excellent coat and a sound mover from all directions.

O (4) 1st Simpson & Mackie’s Hawksflight The Phoenix. Not the biggest dog but good type and another lovely example from this famous kennel. Super head piece, finely chiselled, and giving a typical outlook. Almond eye, high set ears that he used at all times. Moderate neck, good angulation, bone and feet. Compact outline, firm topline leading to a slightly sloping croup. Moved with the breed typical gait. Good coat and condition. BOB.


P (2) 1st Jone’ Suzdans Ollivanders. Tall, rangy dog pup of 9 months. Pleasing head, high set ears, strong, scissor bite. Good reach of neck. Well angled front and back which gave him a long, reachy stride from side gait. Correct angle to croup leading to a low set tail. Needs time to come together and everything to fall into place. BP.

2nd Organ’s Kombiniert Gerti At Chapelforge. Giving a lot away in age compared to 1st. Feminine pup of 6 months. Generally well made all through, topline ok and has a typical head and expression. Just needs to grow on a bit. Moved well once settled.

PG (3) 1st Shaw’s Astradine Keepsake. Feminine bitch of sound type. Lovely head, eye and bite. Correct ear set and carriage. Good conformation but a bit long in loin. Sound out and back and good side gait.

O (3) 1st Jones’ Kintaro Hot off The Press. Strong bitch of excellent proportions. Feminine head and outlook, dark expressive eye and correct mouth. Ears could be higher set. Good reach of neck leading to a well laid shoulder and upper arm. Deep chest, firm backline and sound, well angled quarters. Moved true out and back and covers the ground well from side gait.

2nd Shaw’s Astradine Kornishman. Liked this dog very much on the stack. Good head and body proportions, masculine with good depth of chest, bone and enough length of leg. Holds a firm backline at all times. A bit unsettled in hock action but covers the ground easily and freely. RBOB.

Lancashire Heeler

PG (2) 1st Delemare’s Madincrowd Robin. Good for type, size and body proportions. Dark, almond eye, drop ears showing plenty of lift. Lovely head shape. Good body and coat. Moved well once settled.

2nd Bell’s Bellsmond Winona. Feminine bitch. Ok for proportions but topline could be stronger. Good head and expression, strong bone and good feet. Moved well enough but a bit wide in front. Lovely showgirl, well presented.

O (3) 1st Merrill’s Ch. Traqdean Midlops Movie Toto. Easy winner here. Lovely dog with excellent balance of outline, mature body and good breed type. Super head, flat skull and medium stop. Expressive eye and ears well set. Strong, moderate neck. Good to go over and a sound, free mover. BOB.

2nd Merrill & Gray’s Ch. Jazz Mustang Sally Traqdean. Excellent Ch. veteran bitch of 11 years. Carries her age well. Good overall conformation but not holding her topline so well today, maybe due to her age or the heat. Excellent head piece and still moves soundly in all directions. Presented in lovely coat and condition.

3rd M Robin.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

PG (5) 1st Burgoyne & Goddard’s Swanpool Armarni At Waterdeep. Fully mature bitch. Good foxy head, large, well set ears, reachy neck and correct front. Strong bone, tight round feet. Plenty of length and holds her outline at all times. Moved well in all directions.

2nd Froggatt’s Wildcard Queen Of Clubs For Gerefa. Quite taken with this lovely dark brindle pup. 9 months old and shows much potential. Pretty head, dark eyes of good shape, ears well set and used. Developing nicely all through with sound conformation. Moved with reach, drive and minimal lift of foot. Correct tail set and carriage. BP & PG3.

O (4) 1st Collett’s Widcard Lottie At Foaldown. Feminine blue merle of good colour and well broken markings. Pleasing head, eye and ears. Strong neck, deep chest with prominent breast bone. Correct bone and feet. Good length, well ribbed back and strong hind quarters. Excellent tail, moved well. Made a worthy BOB.

2nd Burgoyne & Goddard’s Waterdeep Ranger One. Lovely dog for type, body proportions and excellent head piece. Uses his ears well. Deep chest, firm and well-muscled. Stronger topline than 1st but not quite as settled out and back on the move. Well handled to get the best from him. RBOB.

3rd Froggatt’s Gerefa Cowgirl Blues.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

PG (1) 1st Wyer’s Cottivy Twelfth Night. Beautiful bitch from any angle. Feminine head of good balance and shape, dark eyes, excellent ear set and carriage. Muscular neck of moderate length, good angles, firm topline, correct ribs and well-conditioned. In good double coat, moved well enough, just not as settled going away as her kennel mate. RBOB.

O (1) 1st Wyer’s Cottivy Skyfall. Full older sibling to Twelfth Night and has many of her attributes, just a fraction more mature in body and overall depth. Equally good in head and expression and put in a solid performance. Strong bone, correct oval foot shape. Sound conformation which came together on the move showing good reach in front and enough rear drive. Excellent coat and presentation. BOB & G3.

AVNSC Pastoral. Nice entry, quality exhibits here, a bit of a Buhund day!

J (1) 1st Frost, Frost-Treadwell & Walmsley’s Trelowen Amelia At Frstisen. Ultra-feminine 7 month old wheaten Norwegian Buhund and a little star in the making. Correct wedge-shaped head, excellent ear set, scissor bite and a dark eye giving a mischievous expression. Lovely outline and type, Moved well from profile with a moderate stride. Should finish well and have a great future. BP & PG2.

PG (3) 1st Hood, Glaholm & Widing’s Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza At Buhcafrey. Young wheaten Buhund. Square outline, good type and balance all through. Correct head shape. Good overall conformation and moderate bone. Still to mature fully at nearly 2 years but much to like and showed very well despite the heat. Good side gait with a medium stride.

2nd Sparrow’s Marguerite Bleue De La Baine D’Adonis. Feminine grey Briard bitch. Pleasing for outline and type. Excellent head proportions. Moderate neck, front and rear angles ok. Needs to drop in chest. Firm topline. Tail set well but lacked required ‘J’ Changing coat but good texture. Moved well once settled.

O (6) 1st Hood & Collin’s Ch. Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex. Wheaten Buhund. A firm favourite that I have judged a number of times over the years and good to see him again as a 7 year old veteran. He has lost none of his showmanship or condition and still puts in a great performance. Love his typical wedge-shaped head, almond eye and high set ears. Excellent balance of outline and breed typical, moderate angles. High set tail, carried correctly. Moved soundly out and back and covered the ground well from profile. Pleased to award him BNSC and the Pastoral Group later in the day.

2nd Walmsley’s Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch. Mature black Buhund. Has many breed attributes being pleasing in head, square outline and good conformation. Excellent tail set and carriage. Keen showman. Moved well from profile and coming to but not quite the drive of 1st. Looked good on the stack and beat a lovely Puli to take his place here. RBNSC.

3rd Wyatt’s Khushalkhan Pixie. Hungarian Puli.

AV Pastoral Puppy (4)

1st S Ollivanders. GSD.

AV Pastoral Open (5)

1st K Hot Off The P. GSD

2nd Tungate’s Prince Of Sunlight Let Me love You. Rough Collie.

Pastoral Group: G1 – Hood & Collin’s Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Saur Us Rex, Norwegian Buhund. G2 – Cooper’s Snowmead Savannah Belle, Bearded Collie. G3 – Wyer’s Cottivy Skyfall, Pem. Corgi. G4 – Perry & Etches’ Starvon Cryptic Spyda, Swedish Vallhund.

Pastoral Puppy Group: PG1 – Weaver & Hansen’s Elbereth Jokikarhu. Super puppy. Finnish Lapphund of Lovely type. Excellent head, eye and bite. Good neck, front and rear. Thick, double coat. Sound mover. Should have a bright future. PG2 – Frost, Frost-Treadwell & Walmsley’s Trelowen Amelia At Frostisen. Norwegian Buhund. PG3 – Froggatt’s Wildcard Queen Of Clubs For Gerefa. Cardigan Corgi. PG4 – Bussey’s Hamlerose Turning Tide, Shetland Sheepdog.

AV Veteran Stakes (22)

1st Rutley’s Ch. Javeys Here Comes Summer. Rising 8 year old TT bitch. Lovely to go over with a square outline, good angles, correct large feet and pleasing head properties. Moved out well with reach and drive carrying her high set tail correctly. Functional coat. All quality. Well handled.

2nd Powell’s Bonario Burlesque. Bracco Italiano.

3rd Clane’s Darquell Kay Sera At Tancurelo. Whippet.

AV KC Good Citizen Stakes (37)

1st Franklin’s Nageem Haribo At Haccasbrook. Masculine, strong Rottweiler. Well-muscled and conditioned all through. Shapely, dry head. Good eye, ears and strong scissor bite. Good conformation and a sound mover in all directions.

2nd Plummer’s Tetsikarma Stargazer. Tibetan Terrier.

3rd Collier’s Pepperbox Summer Time. Cocker Spaniel.

Darren Clarke (Judge)