• Show Date: 02/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

British Collie Club

The British Collie Club


It was an honour to be invited to judge The British Collie Club show. Thank you to the Officers and Committee for a wonderful day. Also thanks to the exhibitors for the entry and the lovely atmosphere.

The entry, numbers wise, was reasonable, especially considering that there was a general Ch show (with no CCs for the breed) and a local Open show with breed classes, all on the same day. Quality in bitches was higher (as is often the case in many breeds) but I found some typical, sound males too. There were also some promising puppies present which bodes well for the breed in the future.

BIS went to the Rough (on the referee decision) BPIS went to the Rough (in agreement with my co-Judge) and BVIS, by a whisker, went to the Smooth (in agreement with my co-Judge)

My lasting memory of the day was when my winners were doing a lap of honour and I overheard someone from ringside say ‘and who says Rough’s can’t move!’ …that really pleased me!

V D/B (2) 1st Margetts’ Amalie Let Me Be At Collingvale. Super veteran bitch to start the day. Nearly 10 years old and carrying her age well. Delightful head, eye and expression. Excellent ears. Good reach of neck leading into a well angled front. Deep chest. Correct outline. Moved very well with a low carried tail.

MPD (5) 1st Radford-House’s Ladnar Stake Out At Fivejays. 6 month old tri. Head of pleasing shape and balance. Dark, almond eye, scissor bite and well set ears. Very well made all through. Good body, depth of chest for his age and in good coat. Moved with an easy stride. Just needs to tighten all through, which should come with maturity. Lovely temperament and enjoying his day.

2nd Randall’s Ladnar Balthasar. Blue merle litter brother to 1st. Similar in many ways and marginally better in head at the moment. Equally well made, just not the depth of chest or rear drive. That said, he moved soundly and with confidence and I am sure they will change places many times. Good colour, well broken and beautifully presented.

3rd Boyle’s Barrenclough Heart Of Gold.

PD (1) 1st B Heart Of Gold. Beautifully headed pup. Lovely eye shape and colour. Good conformation. A bit loose in front and needs to firm-up in pasterns. Pleasing side gait. Excellent tail carriage. Thick, double coat.

GD (3) 1st Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell. Liked this boy for type and his excellent head piece. Wedge-shaped, good balance, flat skull and a correctly-placed stop. Kind, almond shaped eye. Scissor bite and good underjaw. A bit stuffy in neck, balanced angles front and back. Good outline with a nice sweep over croup. Low set tail. Moved well enough from all directions. Heavy coat, good texture and well presented. Showed well on the stack.

2nd White’s Mejola Dangerous Liaison. Blue merle dog. Slightly different for type and not quite as pleasing in head properties. Excellent eye size and shape. Good ears, used to best advantage. Excellent neck, good angles but a bit shallow in chest. Pleasing outline. Moved with reach and drive. Tail carriage ok. Close-up.

3rd Carvey’s Rashel One Moment In Time.

LD (3) Quite a difficult class to judge. Liked all 3 for different reasons.

1st French’s Samhaven Name That Tune At Breckamore. Super sable for type, outline and masculinity without being overdone. Excellent head piece. Lovely eye and expression. Well set ears and correct bite with good strength of underjaw. Medium neck. Good to go over. Moderate, round bone and compact oval feet. Moved well from profile but could be straighter going away. Low se tail. Big coat that was well presented.

2nd Wells’ Collingvale Crunchie At Terelimon. Another good male. Attractive shaded sable. Lovely balance all through. Good head but perhaps a bit deep in stop. Good eye shape, excellent ears. Plenty of neck and good angles. Not quite the masculinity of 1st but a close call. Moved very well.

3rd White’s Mejola Fate And Fortune

OD (3) 1st Blake’s Corydon Trump The Lot. A really functional Collie that could easily do a days’ work. Pleasing enough in head, flat skull, a bit shallow in stop but masculine and enough overall length. Good underjaw. Almond shaped, medium-sized eye. Excellent high set tipped ears that he uses well. Long neck, good lay of shoulder and upper arm. Enough chest. Nicely proportioned with short, firm loins and correct topline. Well bent stifles and strong hocks. Low set and carried tail. Moved easily and freely with one of the best rear ends here today. Not in full coat but of pleasing texture, quality and fits his body well. Pleased to award him BD, BOB and BIS on referee decision.

2nd White’s Ch. Mejola I Am Persuasive. Another beautiful Collie from any angle. Very good head piece. Excellent reach of neck. Soundly constructed and pleasing for type, function and outline. Coat of attractive shaded sable colouring, good texture and well prepared. Not quite the body or drive of 1st on the move but overall I thought him lovely and had no hesitation in awarding him RBD.

3rd Wray’s Takhisis Trick Or Treat.

MPB (4) 1st Wray’s Danfrebek Lady Madonna.

2nd Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Linnet. Two feminine pups. Both still very young at 6 and 7 months respectively. Lovely heads, good eye shape, size and colour, scissor bites and both have correct ear set, carriage and sound conformation. Quite difficult to split at this stage in development. Just preferred 1st on the move, showing a bit more freedom. Excellent puppy coats.

PB (2) 1st Wray’s Takhisis Aphrodite. Flashy sable/white approaching a year. Very mature in body and coat for her age and gives off an excellent outline on the stack. Beautiful head piece. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulder and upper arm. Correct spring of rib and short loins. Firm, shapely topline. Good quarters. Moved soundly in all directions. BPB, BP & BPIS, in agreement with my co-Judge. I gather she gained her JW on the day. Congratulations!

2nd B Golden L.

JB (6) Good class.

1st Blake’s Kinneret Kopperkisses For Corydon. Outstanding youngster that caught my eye as she entered the ring. Love her size and femininity. Lovely wedge-shaped head, good balance between skull and muzzle and correct stop. Excellent dark, almond eye. High set, tipped ears, used to best advantage. Excellent conformation and coat. Everything comes together on the move where she displayed reach, drive and freedom from side gait. Excellent temperament, showing well for her handler. Close-up in the challenge. No hesitation in awarding her RBB in some good company.

2nd T Aphrodite.

3rd Davis & Walsh’s Monsolana Everspace.

MB (1) 1st Davis’ Monsolana Have A Dream Rosschell. Built on smaller lines, a delightful blue merle of excellent colour and well-broken markings. Feminine head and expression. Uses her tipped ears well. Good reach of neck, angles front and back and a pleasing outline. An excellent mover. Shows her socks off for her young handler who got the best out of her.

NB (1) 1st Davis’ Most Majestic Victory Of Rosschell. Pretty headed sable. Another of a smaller mould. Lovely eye shape, ears well set. Good to go over on the stack. Good feet and bone for her size. Excellent coat for density, colour and texture. Gives off a typical outline. Moved well from side gait but needs to settle out and back. Good tail carriage. Beautifully presented, as were all from this exhibitor.

GB (5) 1st Randall’s Fata Turchina Ladnar Di Cambiano. Loved this beautiful blue merle. Feminine outlook but pleasing for size with correct bone and tight oval feet. Good head, almond-shaped eye giving a soft expression. Excellent ears, used to advantage. Excellent neck and sound conformation. Moved out well, covering the ground with ease. Should easily gain her crown. Coat of good colour and fits her body well without being overdone. Excellent presentation and well handled.

2nd T Aphrodite.

3rd Collino’s Imaginist Willow Wren.

PG (6) 1st T. Aphrodite.

2nd Growcott’s Nithview Country Dreams At Lilyway. Better for size than 1st being slightly smaller all through. Good to go over on the stack. Typical head, eye and scissor bite. Moved well from side gait, just a bit close going away. Thick, double coat.

LB (2) 1st Margetts’ Collingvale Crème Anglaise. Standing alone but this pretty shaded sable bitch is full of quality. Ideal size, good outline and very balanced all through. Pretty head, shapely with a correctly-placed stop. Dark eye, excellent ears. Scissor bite and good underjaw. Good reach of neck. Deep chest with plenty of heart room. Excellent angles front and back and mature in body with good sweep over croup. Moved with reach and drive and carries her tail low. Excellent coat, dense, good texture and colour. Made a worthy BB.

OB (6) 1st Margetts’ Collingvale Crème Caramel. Mature shaded sable bitch and dam of BB today. Good to see she has passed on many of her attributes . Similar for type, size and function. Lovely head and outlook. Good conformation and such a sound mover. Good coat and condition. Tail well set and carried. Keen showgirl that deserved her place.

2nd Blake’s Mejola My Blue Heaven For Corydon. 9 year old blue merle. Similar in size to 1st. Excellent head, stop and eye shape. Correctly set and used ears. Reachy neck, good front and well angled rear leading to sound, straight hocks. Pleasing body shape, short loins and in good coat but colour could be better. Moved well in all directions with low tail carriage. Pleased to award her BVIB .

3rd Benton’s Brooklynson Jane Russell Of Oakestelle.

Darren Clarke (Judge)