• Show Date: 09/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Newmarket & District CS



P (2) 1st Tousent & Ingram’s Jojavik Camorra. Promising black/rust bitch of 10 months. Feminine head, excellent parallel head planes, flat skull and good overall length. Reachy neck, good front and rear angles. Chest developing well. Round bone, well-knuckled feet. Moved with enough reach, plenty of drive and presented in good muscular condition for her age. BP, BPIG and overall BPIS…what a great day for her!

J (2) 1st Wall’s Aritaur Pacific Passion. Loved this beautiful brown bitch. Excellent outline, square and totally balanced all through. Correct head, eye and bite. Long neck, excellent angles, good ribs and short, muscular loins. Moved out very well, plenty of reach in front, good rear, just needs to firm up a bit in hock action. Well handled and presented. A future Champion in the making. RBOB.

2nd Coster’s Arenite Born GiftyAt Rocster. Good for type and overall balance. Lovely head, dark eye and correct scissor bite. Moderate neck. Would like more angulation in front. Firm topline. Muscular quarters. Moved very well, just not the freedom or reach of 1st. Correct bone and tight feet.

PG (2) 1st A Pacific Passion.

O (1) 1st Santoriello’s Korifey Amulet. Mature for his age, masculine well grown brown of 19 months. Lovely clean-cut outline. Very good head piece, shapely and well balanced with good underjaw and strong bite. Excellent ear set and used well. Good reach of neck, deep chest. Good angulation and strong hocks. Firm, slightly sloping topline leading to a high tail set. Covered the ground with scope and enough reach and drive. In rock hard condition. BOB and pleased to see him top a large Working Group under Mrs Blay.

St Bernard

J (2) 1st Howard’s Pippanabbey Adoration. Promising bitch of 14 months. Still to drop in chest fully but time is on her side. Shapely head, good strength and proportions. Clean eyes, tidy bite. Good outline. Well bodied for her age. Lovely coat and condition. Moved well enough.

2nd Clarke’s Lazybears Adonis. Super headed dog. Correct eye shape, clean and giving required expression. Good conformation and heavy bone. Just needs to firm-up in pasterns. Can finish well. Sound mover.

PG (1) 1st Howard’s Pippanabbey Filbert. The best overall mover here in this entry. Good outline, feminine but plenty of strength and substance. Good bone. Pleasing head, eyes ok, strong muzzle. Good to go over but a shade high at the rear. Plenty of scope on the move and sound in all directions. Thick coat. BOB.

O (2) 1st Pippanabbey Hazel Nut. Liked this bitch. Good type and balance all through. Plenty of bone but not overdone in any department. Super head piece and sound conformation. Just starting to blow her coat. Moved ok but tended to pace which spoilt her outline on the move. Low set and carried tail. RBOB.

2nd Clarke’s Castlecul Ruby Blue. Larger bitch, quite tall with good bone and substance all through. Lovely head, typical shape and not lacking in anyway. Muscular neck, Deep chest with plenty of heart room, good angles and moved well. Tail set and carriage a bit high. Excellent coat, well presented.

BSD (Groenendael)

PG (2) 1st Fowler & Mancey’s Niavana Moon River At Toptune. Beautiful headed bitch of pleasing size and excellent outline. Excellent dark, almond eyes giving desired expression. High set ears, used at all times. Moderate neck and angles. Correct topline with slightly sloping croup leading to a low set and carried tail. Not in full coat but good texture. Typical mover, moderate strides and sound. Loved her and will follow her career with interest. Pushed hard for BOB, just not quite the maturity yet. RBOB. Close call.

O (1) 1st Thompson’s Valson Elvis. Mature veteran boy of 9 years old. Correct square outline and a lovely head piece. Well set and used ears and good eye. Good overall conformation and pleasing breed type. In full double coat. Excellent mover, covers the ground with ease and freedom and a low carried tail. At one with his handler and made a worthy BOB & G2.

BSD (Tervueren)

PG (1) 1st Elliot’s Sulanevaeh Raul Thane. Standing alone today but a good representative of the breed. Dog of pleasing size and shape. Decent head, good length and shows some chiselling. Dark eye and keen expression. Good to go over on the stack. Not yet at full maturity needing to drop in chest a bit, but should finish well. Lovely double coat, good colour and texture and beautifully presented. Moved well.

Finnish Lapphund.

PG (2) 1st Clark’s Lumikoira Maitosuklaa. Pleasing young dog. Excellent wedge-shaped head. Good proportions with correct stop. Almond eye shape giving a typical expression. Small, well set ears. Moderate neck, angulation and good length to height proportions. In- between coats at the moment. Moved well from side gait but close going away. High set tail carried correctly on the move. RBOB

2nd Birks’ Infindigo Riemu Kittaa. Attractive coloured bitch of a different type to 1st. So feminine in outlook. Pretty, shapely head, soft expression and good ears. Very well made all through. Easy mover. Thick coat.

O (2) 1st Clark’s Oberitz Trollnisse. Medium sized dog. Pleasing height to length body proportions. Typical head, balanced with strong muzzle. Good eye shape, excellent ear set, size and shape. Good conformation. Ok for depth of chest. Excellent high set tail. Sound in all directions. Thick, double coat, well presented. BOB.

2nd Birks’ Ypreau Alisa. Pleasing veteran bitch of 9 years old. Feminine and of good shape. Correct head and expression. Good to go over and moved well from profile, just a bit wide in front. Steady showgirl who gives a good account of herself and in good coat.

Darren Clarke (Judge)