• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society

Gravesend & Medway Towns CS



J (1) 1st Cottingham & Anderson’s Arenite Boo Boo At Chancepixies. Ultra-feminine young bitch with a clean-cut outline. Excellent head proportions with correct length and parallel planes. Strong bite. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulder and return of upperarm. Firm topline, muscular quarters. Her young runner did well but now needs to co-ordinate with her charge to get the best out of her on the move. RBOB.

O (1) 1st Wright’s Amazon American Graffiti With Sealandair. Impressive, masculine black/rust male. Good size but not overdone, deep chest, round bone and well-knuckled feet. Good to go over on the stack. In hard muscular condition which was evident when moving, sound in all directions. BOB.


J (2) 1st Jones’ Suzdans Ollivanders. Well grown youngster of 14 months. Pleasing overall shape but now needs to mature fully and fill his frame. Excellent head piece. Good reach of neck, balanced angles and straight back line. Moved well from profile but can firm-up a bit in hock action. Steady temperament.

2nd Riddle-Davenport’s Tydain Quentin. Just 6 months old and attending his first show. Has some way to go with regards to maturity and learning the job in-hand. Excellent head, well proportioned and has length and strength. Excellent eye shape and colour. Full dentition. Generally well made but topline could be straighter. Rather loose at the moment and needs to settle on the move. BP.

PG (2) 1st Slaughter & Parson’s Kintaro Valencia With Franzille. Standing alone but a worthy winner. Feminine head and outlook, good ear shape, set and used well. Good neck and well angulated front and back. Good spring of rib, firm loin and in hard condition. Moved soundly enough, just lacking a little enthusiasm on the day.

O (3) 1st Nolcini’s Ch. Broadmaynes Eclipse To Nolmacdon. Eye-catching, masculine dog. Super head and liked his overall outlook. Uses his well set ears to advantage. Good reach of neck leading to an excellent lay of shoulder and return of upperarm. Deep chest, firm backline, muscular loins but could be a bit shorter here. Strong quarters. Firm, straight hocks. Moved well enough out and back and covers the ground with plenty of scope from side gait. BOB & G2.

2nd Milham’s Shadowshacks My Girl. Loved her overall outline. Feminine bitch of medium size. Good head, neck and angles. Topline a touch soft at all times. Lovely side gait, really covers the ground but can settle further out and back. Close-up. Res BOB.

3rd Jones’ Kintaro Hot Off The Press.

AVNSC Utility

P (5) Promising class of pups. 1st Beck’s Maldavale Black Angel. Pretty, feminine Min. Poodle of 8 months. Square outline and of ideal size. Chiselled, well-proportioned head, dark, sparkling almond eyes. Moderate neck. Nicely angled front and back. High tail set and carriage. Once settled, comes together on the move, sound and keeping a pleasing outline. Excellent coat for colour, texture, density and presentation. BP & PG1.

2nd Knight’s Lasang Flash Gordon. Lovely TT of typical make and shape. Everything to like at this stage and good to go over on the table. In super coat and condition. Moved confidently with reach and drive.

3rd Barnes & king’s Izlou Walnut Forget Me. German Spitz (Mittel)

PG (1) 1st Hallinan & Park’s Hingabe Heart Of Gold. Masculine Schnauzer dog. Pleasing head, balanced with correct stop. Strong muzzle, triangular, well set folded ears. Moderate neck, deep chest, firm topline and good hind angulation. Moved well enough from all directions but a shade close going away. Harsh, well presented coat.

O (5) 1st Barnes & King’s Spellcast Talk With Me By Izlou. Attractive cream German Spitz (Mittel). Compact outline, wedge-shaped head, good eye shape, small ears, used to advantage. Good to go over with a firm, level topline and high tail set. Moved freely, if a bit wide at the rear. Good showman. Well handled and presented.

2nd Avent’s Ridgeway Revelation At Sueno. Ultra-feminine Boston Terrier bitch. Square head with high set ears, well filled muzzle, large, expressive eyes, well balanced all through. Moved well.

3rd Barnes & King’s Ch Spellcast Talking About Me. German Spitz (Mittel)

French Bulldog

J (4) 1st Timm’s Eastonite Moana. 9 month old brindle bitch pup. Square head, fine wrinkles, good width to muzzle, well set ears, open nostrils, muscular neck, well bodied, sound conformation, good bone and has sufficient tail. Easy mover. BP, RBOB & PG3.

2nd Baxter’s Bespokebully Ivy All Mine. Also 9 months old. Slightly smaller than 1. Feminine brindle bitch. Has good body and bone to match her frame. Pleasing head shape, open nostrils and correct ears. Good to go over and topline has required roach. Sound mover.

3rd Snook’s Kanshim Seven Deadly Sins.

O (3) 1st Jobson & Warren’s Warson Madam Pomfrey. Feminine fawn, a bit on the small side but she has a compact outline, gentle rise of topline and an excellent head piece. Uses her well set ears to advantage. Good body and nicely balanced all through. Moved very well from all directions and pleased to award her BOB & G4.

2nd Timm’s Eastonite Maui. Lovely young fawn dog. Excellent head shape, well filled muzzle, tidy bite and good chin. Moderate neck, well bodied and conditioned. Just a bit long in loin for an ideal outline. Moved with a moderate, easy stride. Good tail.

3rd Baxter’s Bespokebully’s Maximus Me.


PG (1) 1st Axford & Sherwood’s Lilli Marlina. Bitch of pleasing size and shape. Good wedge-shaped head, scissor bite and small well set ears. Balanced angles front and back, firm topline and straight, hocks. In good double coat, correct markings and well presented. Brisk mover. BOB.

Miniature Schnauzer

J (4) 1st Beckson’s Tammux Blazing Simplicity. 6 month old black/silver pup. Very much a baby but has a pleasing compact shape. Head coming along well with a strong muzzle. Scissor bite, dark eye and well set ears. Moderate neck, good angulation and a firm topline. Moved very well and enjoying his day. Coat needs to harshen. BP & PG4.

2nd Beckson’s Tammux Promise of The Return. Litter sibling to 1st and very similar in many aspects. Equally promising and gave a good account of herself. Just not as settled on the move.

PG (1) 1st Allen’s Malenda Majalis. Having placed this bitch and critiqued her in a variety class just a couple of weeks ago, my comments still apply. Substantially built but no mistaking her gender. Lovely head and expression, compact and well balanced. Easy mover, showing reach and drive. High set tail. Excellent coat texture. RBOB.

O (4) 1st Mills’ Pippiash Winsome With. Not the biggest of bitches but such a super shape. Pretty head, moderate stop and well proportioned. Medium neck, well laid shoulder and good depth of chest for her size. Firm topline, good ribs and short, muscular loins. Excellent hind quarters which she used to best advantage on the move. Beautifully presented, harsh jacket. Worthy BOB and G3.

2nd Johnson’s & Slater’s Marnimica Sorcerer. 9 year old veteran that carries his age well. Good head piece, Medium neck, good to go over and an easy mover. Presented in good coat, harsh and good colour.

Brown’s Malenda Monteray.

Shih Tzu

J (5) 1st Beer & Tilley’s Miracey Sea Of Love For Tile. Beautiful black. Excellent shape. Feminine but strong head, large, dark eye, broad muzzle. Moderate neck. Good angulation. High set and carried tail. Excellent double coat. Moved with reach and drive showing some pad. RBOB.

2nd Carter & Leigh’s Gladmin Soweto Storm. Masculine boy with a super head and expression. Good reach and arch of neck, strong bone, Firm topline. Balanced angles. Moved very well, just a bit unsettled today. In full coat.

3rd Yorke & Keree-Bartolo’s Middletune Hearts Aflame. BP.

PG (2) 1st Yeomans’ Kezang Golden Idol. Well balanced gold/white dog. Medium size, masculine and has a good head, large eye and good width to muzzle. Good overall conformation but a bit straight in stifle. Moved very well in all directions. In good coat that was well presented.

O (5) Good class 1st Yorke’s Middletune Widest Charmer. Glamourous dog that took my eye as he entered the ring. Super head, strong, broad skull, wide square muzzle, tidy bite, Expressive eye, Good reach of neck leading to a soundly made front. Strong bone. Firm topline, correct ribs and length of loin. Moved with reach and drive, showing full pads. Tail set and held correctly at all times. Excellent coat, beautifully presented. BOB & G2.

2nd Carter & Leigh’s Gladmin Transkei Teddy. Another excellent representative of the breed. Close-up to 1st, with his masculine outlook, sound conformation and excellent movement. Not quite as broad in muzzle or in as full coat as the winner but will change place many times in the future.

3rd Carter & Leigh’s Gladmin Inala. Loved this bitch too!

Utility Group: G1 – Willy’s Jeamaras Norwegian Skyline At Sensha. Beautiful Akita bitch. Still relatively young at nearly 2 years and still to mature fully but has so much potential. Excellent wedge-shaped head, well proportioned and a lovely expression. Small well set ears. Good to go over and a steady mover with a moderate stride. A real showgirl. G2 - Middletune Wildest Charmer. Shih Tzu, G3 – Pipiash Winsome Witch. Min Schnauzer, G4 – Warson Madam Pomfrey. French Bulldog.

Utility Puppy Group: PG1 – Min. Poodle, PG2 – Shih Tzu. PG3 – French Bulldog, PG4 – Min. Schnauzer.

AV MP (30) 1st Bird’s Blandings Eyes On The Prize. Outstanding Whippet baby of just 7 months. Superb outline. Feminine with correct bone and shapely body. Good head, almond eye and scissor bite. Moved with reach and drive and correct daisy-cutting action. Worthy winner, must have a bright future.

2nd Woodgate & De-Souza’s Schuru-Esch-Schams Xanadu Khan. Another super pup. Sloughi dog of 8 months. Great outline on the stack. Good overall conformation and lovely type. Just right for body condition for his age. Moved out very well from all directions.

3rd McCarthy’s Nagshall Love Constantly. Min Long-haired Dachs.

AV P (21) 1st Norley’s Articskies Bold As Brass. Loved this Siberian Husky when I gave her BOB a couple of weeks ago. My opinion hasn’t changed. Everything to like at this stage. Excellent type, conformation and movement. Well presented and handled as always.

2nd Elder’s Stormfield Baktu Our Roots To Barbureve. Big, impressive fawn Briard. Nicely balanced all through. Good bone, chest developing well. Moderately angled both ends. Moved well. Excellent coat for texture, colour and presentation.

3rd B Ivy All M. French Bulldog

Darren Clarke (Judge)