• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Kingston Canine Society

Kingston Canine Society


Canadian Eskimo Dog

O (1) 1st Bailey & Atkins’ HR Ch. Akna Asavakkit. Mature, attractive coloured bitch. Standing alone today but a worthy representative. Strong, wedge-shaped head. Good eye shape, colour and correctly set giving a typical expression. Well set, small thick ears. Strong neck, ok in chest, good body proportions. Good tail set and carriage. Moved very well from profile. Well handled. BOB.

Greenland Dog

O (4) 1st Blaney’s Ir Ch Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin. Another one standing alone in his breed today. Masculine dog who gives off a typical outline. Strong head, muzzle and excellent eye and ears. Good overall conformation, ok for bone and big, functional feet. In his summer coat (which was just as well considering the heat on the day!) but was of a good texture. Free mover, covering the ground with a good depth of stride. BOB.

Russian Black Terrier

1st Smithurst’s Asta Dusha Ravnice. BP.

2nd Smithurst’s Arrow Dusha Ravnice. Litter siblings of just 6 months. Both of good breed type. Strong skulls developing and good strength of muzzles. Excellent bites with large teeth. Good to go over and both moved with enough reach and drive. Just think they need to body-up, which should come with time. Asta is more together at the moment but they will change places many times and show good potential.

O (2) 1st Dickenson’s Kalaslane Demyan. Dog of good size and substance. Correctly proportioned all through. Strong head, flat skull and moderate stop. Dark, expressive eye and a strong bite. Lovely big nose. Moderate neck, good angulation, firm topline and an easy, mover with plenty of drive. Good coat for texture and presentation. BOB.

2nd Smithurst’s Alibaba Dermott. Another well grown dog, mature and very masculine in outlook. Marginally longer in back compared to 1st. Lovely head piece. Correct bite. Excellent conformation which became evident on the move where he displayed soundness of movement, driving well from the rear. High set tail, good coat. Res BOB.


A nice entry on paper but marred by absentees.

O (3) 1st Buckley’s Hisilome’s Kareef. Attractive, masculine cream dog. Lovely outline, graceful with flowing lines. Long head, good strength of jaw and excellent bite. Well set, oval eye, Reachy meck, good front and rear angles. Correct topline and just right for substance and body. Tail of good length and low set. All standing on good oval feet. Moved with ease and freedom. BOB.

2nd Jowitt’s Canapus Mistral Under Barleymoon. 6 year old bitch. Slightly different type to 1st but just as correct. Feminine and pleasing for size and outline. Good head, plenty of length and not lacking in strength. Good eye and bite. Very well made with correct bone and feet. Excellent mover. Close-up. Res BOB.

JW Qualifying Heat. (28)

I was pleasantly surprised just how many had stayed to compete, considering the searing heat that was still present so late in the day. That said, the dogs had obviously been kept cool all day and none were flagging and all came into the ring relatively refreshed. This made my job to select just 4 qualifiers and 2 reserves quite difficult. I could have placed more, having to leave out some good ones, even for my initial shortlist.

My 4 qualifiers (In no order) were: Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb. Cracking young Basset Hound. Sound as a bell, excellent outline, lovely head and in super condition, his black coat gleaming in the evening sunshine. Forsythe & Milkins’ Witchstone Tommy Hamk At Richpin. Ultra-smart ETT. Correct head, eye and excellent ear shape, size and set. Mature in body and of a nice size. Good mover and shows himself to full advantage .Coldwell’s Zentaur Ain’t No Thang. Loved this Newfoundland bitch as a youngster and good to see her developing into an excellent representative of the breed. Excellent outline both on the stack and on the move. Excellent presentation. Typical mover & Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror. PMD. Another favourite that has won well under me. Always gives his all for his owner. Strong, shapely head, moderately angled. Impressive size, bone and good depth all through. Steady mover. Well done and good luck at the semi-finals!

Darren Clarke (Judge)