• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ashford Faversham & District Canine Society

Ashford, Faversham & DCS

30th September 2018

Ashford, Faversham & DCS held a very well run Open show and I was honoured to be asked to judge some breeds, Terrier Group, Stakes and BIS. I would like to thank the Officers & Committee for the invitation and my ring Stewards that kept things moving along nicely. The final awards being declared just after 3.30pm, so a sensible finishing time.

From a good line-up I chose for BIS - the Pointer, Just Wilburt By Hookwood. Loved this b/w boy on a previous occasion as a youngster. Now at 4 years, the mature finished picture. Gave a good account of himself with his typical head, clean-cut outline, sound conformation and excellent movement…together with his talented handler, they made the most of the big ring and thoroughly deserved the top spot. RBIS & BPIS – Shetland Sheepdog, Lindfern Light Sabre. A rather exciting pup of just 11 months and must have a great future. Beautifully balanced all through, super head piece and attentive to his handler. Not overdone in coat, carries his tail at an acceptable level and a sound mover. Will follow his career with interest. RBPIS - Border Terrier. This precious 6 month old pup was still showing her little heart out, as she did earlier in the day when I awarded her the Terrier Puppy Group, absolutely deserving her place here. BVIS - the Akita, Kabu Shine Thru Shyllar. Great favourite of mine Another I have done well in the past. Now 9 years old and still keeps such an impressive outline, full of type and bags of ring presence. Moving and showing well, immaculate coat and presentation. RBVIS - the Westie, Ch.Hillsted Same Again. Excellent veteran dog, 8 years old and totally belies his age. Pleased to have awarded him BV Terrier earlier.

Irish Terrier

O (2) 1st Ruffles’ Holbam Celtic Whisper At Ruffmar. Good type of bitch. Feminine, correct outline with a good head, eye and strong bite. Well set-on ears. Reachy neck and moderate angles. Correct height to length ratio. Displayed good freedom of movement. Pleasing coat and colour. BOB.

2nd Nolcini’s Holbam Celtic Kate. Slightly smaller bitch than 1 and more compact in outline. Beautiful head, plenty of length with strong muzzle. Large teeth, correct eye giving a keen expression. Good to go over on the table. Excellent coat for texture and colour. Moved well enough, just not the freedom of 1. RBOB.

Cesky Terrier

A really charming Terrier breed. Only a small entry numbers wise, but full of quality.

PG (2) 1st Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna Of Sametova. Young bitch that has excellent breed type and proportions. Good head showing length, balance and a strong, blunt muzzle. Dark expressive eyes. Correct ears. Good reach of neck, excellent angles front and back and good bone. Keeps the desired topline at all times and moved out around the ring with a sound , easy stride. Excellent rear end. Good coat that was well prepared. BOB.

2nd Burrage & England’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters By Ashleyheath. Really eye-catching bitch both on the stack and on the move. Super head and expression, well made with correct topline. Bite could be better. Excellent coat, well presented. Sound mover.

O (2) 1st Burrage’s Komidon Night Music At Sametova. Excellent bitch of pleasing size and outline. Correct head, eye and bite. Good neck, sound front with strong bone. Excellent spring of rib, good length of loin and correct topline. Moved well from profile, covering the ground easily bit not the drive of BOB winner. Good coat. RBOB.

2nd Burrage & England’s Ch. Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. Worthy Ch. dog. Strong and masculine but not overdone. Good outline, but topline a bit flat at times. Pleasing head and expression. Good overall conformation. Easy, true mover. Correct coat.

Bull Terrier

J (2) 1st Hankey & ives’ Ukusa Chimaera. Masculine red/white dog of good size and substance but can still develop in chest further. Head is well filled, has length and pleasing enough in shape. High set, well used ears. Excellent eye shape and colour. Strong bite. Muscular neck. Moderate angles. Strong bone. Moved soundly with plenty of freedom and a keen showman. Well presented and a good even colour.

2nd Gausden & Lade’s Ellakru It’s All About Me. This lovely top size boy appealed greatly in head shape, plenty of fill and good length. Strong bite. Good eye and ears. Well made all through, just needs to tighten in front and tends to stand a bit wide. Overall, very pleasing and moved well from profile. RBOB.

AVNSC Terrier

J (7) 1st Goldfinch’s Tycadno Bright Star For Kanawha. Promising young Cairn bitch approaching 18 months. Lovely head with good strength to muzzle and broad skull developing. Strong, scissor bite. Excellent ears, small, set well and used to enhance her devilment expression! Good conformation and typical coat. Tail set correctly. Gave a good account of herself on the move.

2nd Newcomb’s Comdale For Your Eyes Only. Square outline, masculine Westie dog. Good head shape, strong muzzle. Scissor bite, dark expressive eye. Balanced angulation. Hard coat, well presented. Moved with good reach and driving off sound low hocks. Close-up.

3rd Thomas’ Sunnystone Limited Edition. SBT.

PG (6) 1st Tadhunter’s Krypto The Vagabond Prince. Mature WHWT dog. Gives off a typical outline. Compact and masculine and of a pleasing size. Slightly rounded skull, well defined stop and good strength to muzzle. Strong bite, dark eye and correct ears. Good reach of neck, deep chest and firm topline. Balanced angles. Sound and true in all directions. Good coat. BAVNSC Terrier & G4.

2nd S Limited Edition. Promising SBT pup of 11 months. Head coming along well, good shape and strength. Correct ear shape and set. Excellent bite with good sized teeth. Pleasing outline. Good body for his age. Moved well, but can settle further. BPNSC Terrier & PG2.

3rd Woolnough’s Northwood Romance To Libby. Norfolk Terrier.

O (5) 1st Saunders’ Venice v D Bismarckquelle. Ultra-feminine SFT bitch. Have liked her in the past and appeals greatly for her typical outline and sound breed type. Has added maturity since I last saw her. Very good head, eye and expression. Scissor bite with large teeth. Excellent ribs, topline and plenty behind her high set tail. Moved well enough, just a bit loose at the rear today. Excellent handling and presentation. RBAVNSC Terrier.

2nd Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown. Cobby Norwich of pleasing size and masculinity. Correct head and muzzle, small, dark eye and strong bite. Well set ears of medium size. Reachy neck, good angles front and back. Brisk, smart mover. Good coat.

3rd Gardener’s Perrisblu Liberty At Danalas. Norfolk Terrier.

AV Terrier Veteran. (4)

1st Fox’s Ch Hillsted Same Again. Worthy Ch Westie boy of 8 years old. Lovely to go over. Excellent head and muzzle proportions. Dark, expressive eye. Small, correctly set ears . Excellent neck leading to a well angled front. Good depth of chest. Short, firm back, sound quarters. Good coat. Moved well with reach and drive. Pleased to award him RBVIS later in the day.

2nd Burrage’s Vandell Sweet Song Of Sametova. Cesky Terrier. Loved this bitch who pushed the winner all the way. Great outline. Excellent head, eye and bite. Moved with plenty of reach and drive. Excellent coat and condition.

3rd Burrage’s Komidon Night Music At Sametova.

Terrier Group: A pleasing Group with some strong contenders, 1st and 2nd particularly close-up. G1: IR CH Barnby Caramel Wafer At Bimandi. Border Terrier. Liked him for his functional type. Excellent ‘otter’ head lovely dark eye, good neck, sound conformation and easily spannable. Moved well with a moderate stride. Correct coat. G2: Janeyjimjams Joshua. SCWT . G3: Komidion Prima Donna Of Sametova. Cesky Terrier. G4: Krypto The Vagabond Prince. WHWT.

Terrier Puppy Group: PG1: Awbrooksky Margot Robbie. Super Border Terrier pup. Just 6 months and showing much potential. Excellent head, dark eye and good ear set and carriage. Everything to like at this stage and a confident, easy mover. Really fell for her charms and pleased to award her RBPIS later in the day.

Siberian Husky.

J (8) Good class. 1st Norley’s Arcticskies Bold As Brass. Attractive red & white bitch of 10 months. Mature for her age and gives off a balanced, typical outline. Functional length of leg, not over boned, correct feet, ideal spring of rib and width of loin. Excellent head and expression. Sound in all directions with a moderate side gait. Beautifully presented double coat. BP & BOB. Pleased she topped the Puppy Group but was a bit tired and not giving her all on the move for BPIS. That said, must have a great future.

2nd Bowden & Hughs’Staggans Luck Be A Lady. Also 10 months old. Loved this bitch for her ‘fit for function’ outlook. Balanced outline and holding a firm topline at all times. Slightly plainer in head than 1 at the moment but similar in size and femininity. Moderate angles, tight feet and correct tail. Moved well from profile, just needs to tighten in front. Well handled. RBOB.

3rd Midgley’s Nativespirit’s Legacy.

PG (4) 1st Bowden & Hughs’ Nordicface Aurora Yukon At Staggan. Standing alone. Strong, masculine dog. Good head shape but a bit heavy in skull. Correct eye and ears. Strong neck, moderate angulation. Tail ok. Thick coat. Moved well enough once settled.

O (3) 1st Arcticskies Got It Flaunt It For Shyllar. Standing alone. Red & white bitch of medium size and feminine in outlook. Excellent wedge-shaped head. Almond eye, correct ear shape, set and size. Good overall conformation but a bit short on the leg and carrying too much weight which reflected in her movement. Thick, double coat, beautifully presented.


PG (2) 1st Canning’s Zentaur To Those Who Wait. Strong masculine dog. Impressive outline on the stack. Good height to length proportions. Typical head, strong, deep muzzle and kind, dark eye. Good to go over. Strong bone. Tail carriage a bit high. Coat rather soft but well presented. Moved ok. BOB.

O (1) 1st Canning’s Mermaids Pride Jello Shot Avec Zentaur. Attractively marked dog. Good size and masculinity. Pleasing head and expression. Excellent reach of neck, sound conformation but a bit slack in topline. Moved freely but could be firmer out and back. RBOB.

AV Puppy (26) 1st Bullis’ Amaffrey Betcha By Golly Wow. Smart 10 month old Min. Smooth Dachs. Pleasing head and eye with good overall outline. Keeps a firm topline at all times. Well made and a confident mover.

2nd Horler’s Hernwood Jack O Lantern By Rackens. Lovely Gordon Setter. Gorgeous head and expression. Well grown with good bone, nicely bodied for his age. Well angulated. Just needs to drop into his frame which should come with maturity. Free mover.

3rd Hayes’ Ragus Severn Jumps. Norwich Terrier.

AV Junior (18) 1st Knowles’ Lolani Storm Rider. Whippet dog. 15 months and developing well. Pleasing outline, just enough curves, good head and dark eye. Balanced angles front and back. Tight feet. Moved the best in the class.

2nd West’s Byabye Brillare With Archidax. Feminine red Min W/H Dachs. Pleasing enough in head, eye shape and colour ok, Moderate neck, chest well developed, good angulation. Sound mover. Harsh coat, well prepared .

3rd Wynn’s Malaroc Crafty Copper. Shetland Sheepdog.

AV Post Graduate (13) 1st Allen’s Malenda Majalis. Ultra-feminine Min Schnauzer bitch with a good square outline. Excellent head, kind eye and high set folded ears. Moderate neck. Excellent conformation and coat. Confident mover, covering the ground with style and drive. Easy winner here.

2nd Cole’s Rooksbury Scarlett O’Hara. Golden Retriever. Feminine but substantial. Correct head, dark eye giving a melting expression. Good to go over moved well from side gait, just a bit close going away. Excellent coat.

3rd Neasby’s Hawksflight Island Fox On Ulani. Min Pin.

AV Bred By Exhibitor (26) 1st Whittington’s Tighness Tip The Wink. 9 year old Sheltie bitch. Good for size and balance. Correct wedge-shaped head, well placed stop and dark almond eye. Ears just tipped, set well and used to advantage. Moderate neck, deep chest, correct bone and tight feet. Good angles and a well set and carried tail. Not in full coat but fits her body well and moved soundly in all directions.

2nd Philpott’s Nativespirit’s Mistyrayn. Young Husky dog approaching a year. Much to like, well grown with a pleasing head, eye and high set ears. Liked his height to length proportions. Correct bone and functional feet. Still needs to tighten out and back but has a good, economical stride from side gait.

3rd Bullis’ Amaffrey Good Golly Ms Molly. Min. Smooth Dachs.

AV Not Bred By Exhibitor (34) Strong class. 1st Howlett, Boggia & Koulermou’s Skyswift Moonlight Serenade. Impressive young brindle Greyhound dog. Eye-catching outline both on the stack and on the move. Shapely head, long neck and good angulation. Correct ribs and in hard condition. Moved out well using the ring to best advantage. Well handled and presented. Made a worthy winner.

2nd Hydon’s Clentonian Pandemonium. Classy black & white ESS bitch. Gorgeous head and expression. Reachy neck, balanced outline, deep chest and good angles. Sound mover, really covering the ground. Well presented. Liked her a lot.

3rd Whittington’s Esterbon Three Kisses For Tighness. Shetland Sheepdog.

Darren Clarke (Judge)