• Show Date: 27/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society

Wealdstone & Northolt, 27th December 2018

Excellent turn out for this show held during the lull between Christmas and the New Year. Exceptional quality in the Stakes classes through all breeds and a joy to retrospectively realise that so many vulnerable breeds took the classes and made the cuts. Thank you for sticking around!

AV Imported Register
P [2]: 1 Best AV Imported Register Puppy, Orchard & Holyland’s Fiesta Show Russian Pride [Imp], long coated black & tan Russian Toy of 7 months. Squarely built with good body properties. Fine bone, large ears with good fringing, alert, correct head carriage, correct topline & rear angulation. Very perky and full of himself – his confidence was the deciding factor over 2 Hunter & Collins’ Grande Misterio Fairytale of Salatini [Imp], smooth coated Russian Toy, 9 months & very sweet. Appealing head, nice tight fitting elbows – good front assembly, correct body properties, moved well, just not as outgoing as 1 which affected her overall picture when standing.

J & PG [0]

L [2]: 1 Baynton & Bebb’s Alfie Bangwood [Imp], Entlebucher Mountain Dog, well off for bone & substance, lovely masculine head, & expression, correct length of neck, brisket down to elbow, well sprung ribs, good muscle tone & well handled. Scored in confidence over 2 Cunningham’s Morningcalm Firethorn, Korean Jindo Dog,  well balanced bitch with a level topline. Certainly appeals in outline with good coat & bone for size with lovely cat-like feet. Needs patience & perseverance to overcome her uncertainty of the world. 

O [3, 1 w/d]: 1 Best AV Imported Register, Orchard’s Grande Misterio Ula La at Manatek [Imp], elegant, red Russian Toy, very showy, lovely ear furnishings, correct length of neck, squarely built body properties, correct angulation, moved with attitude; 2 Dennis’ Bailey of Sereno Spirit [Imp], White Swiss Shepherd Dog, presents a very pleasing picture in outline with his full coat & grand stance. Kind eye, well laid back shoulders, level topline, good ribbing, Undisputably male. Would have preferred more strength in rear pasterns standing & moving. 

Cocker Spaniel
Very close decision between 1 & 2. 
P [3, 1a]: 1 BP, Warrington’s Zakova Sunburst, compact male, very well balanced in appearance with correct body properties. Appealing head. Sometimes not co-operative standing but pulls himself together on the move to become very free flowing & easy - which is very eye- catching. Attentively handled & excellent coat presentation; 2 Barnes’ Challowdown Day Tripper, another appealing male, moderate length of neck, correct bone for size, good spring of rib. Standing a little bum high but he will tighten up with age; he’s just a baby. 

Y [4, 1]: 1 Burnet’s Charbonnel Stop N’Glow at Charmwen, feminine star, cannot be overlooked. Well balanced & compact with correct body properties, lovely head & eye, deep brisket, level topline. Very keen to please her owner so was great on the move too; 2 Warrington’s Zakova Sugar Plum, slightly heavier than 2 but not coarse. Nice head & eye, correct length of neck, appeals in outline with good topline & in good condition; 3 Hutton-Baber’s Brynceri Once In A Blue Moon at Babtonkelpie. 

PG [4, 1]: 1 C Stop N’Glow at C; 2 Clifford’s Serci After Dark At Shadow Amor of Chamford [Imp] eye-catching male with lots to like. In good condition with lovely coat, appealing head, correct ear set, great disposition, just not as flowing in appearance as 1; 3 Mehrtens’ Serci Little Blue Boy Ali [Imp]. 

L [3, 1]: 1 C Stop N’Glow at C; 2 Phillips’ Moonwood Barley Sugar, all masculine, well off for bone, good front assembly, bowing to the effervescence of youth. 

O [3]: 1 BOB & G2, Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM, beautiful male, so well balanced with everything flowing into smooth transitions from one anatomical structure to the next & in good condition too – from his teeth to his coat, muscle tone & nails. Compact, correct topline & really motoring out on the move with good drive. Very proud of him in the Group, where I was delighted to award him G2 – behind the eventual Best in Show winner no less!; 2 C Stop N’Glow at C; 3 S Little Blue Boy Ali [Imp]. 

Labrador Retriever
P [3, 1]: 1 BP, BOB & PG1, Rees’ Eremos Moment In Thyme, yellow bitch, stand out winner in outline & on the move, creates a very balanced picture being very together even though she is just a baby. Pretty head, well defined stop, good clean neck into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, correct turn of stifle. Couldn’t resist her for BOB & PG1; 2 Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Bit Of A Pickle, deep chest, correct well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, well off for bone. Not as together as 1.

Y [3, 1]: 1 Jenner’s Lyjansen Simba’s Savanna, yellow, balanced in appearance, appealing head, level topline, good bone, compact feet, moved co-ordinately; 2 King’s Linthwaite Indiana JW, very appealing yellow bitch, striking in outline, pretty head, just favouring her rear leg on the move.

PGB [3]: 1 King’s Linthwaite Excalibur JW, excitable male & appeals when settled. Nice head, brisket down to elbow, good rear angulation, moved better than 2 Jury’s Tessholly’s Pepita, I liked this bitch – appeals in outline with good body properties but found her a little heavy over the shoulders which reflected in her front movement; 3 Ponsford’s Badgersleigh Black Orchid.

L [1]: 1 T Pepita.

O [5]: 1 Scuther’s Winsleywood Wild Anise JW ShCM, close decision between 1 & 2 but preferred the substance of 1 – slightly  more of her. Good head & pigment, clean neck into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs, good angulation, well handled; 2 Rees’ Eremos Perfect Pascali; presents a pleasing picture overall, nice head, ears & eye, correct body properties. Would prefer tidier feet; 3 Jenner’s Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lyjansen. 

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
P [1]: BP & PG4, Anstead’s Riverwatch Kila, 7 1⁄2 months in his raw legs stage but will settle back down again. Lovely head & eye, correct length of back, brisket down to elbow, good angulation, well handled. 

J [3,1]: R Kila; 2 Smith’s Tivalake Anything Goes at Tollisty, very attentive bitch, deep chest, correct length of back, good angulation. Not so co-operative today preferring to sit rather than stand. 

PG [2,1]: 1 BOB & G3 Fuard’s Tollelkin Bay Of Ice, alone but a quality dog with good posture, & an excellent rapport with his handler which helped him stand out. Medium size, good bone, well laid back shoulders, good depth of brisket, strong over the loin, well bent stifles & the best rear pasterns of all present which gave him true parallel drive which was apparent in profile & going away. His head is not as typical but he is anatomically balanced overall. Looked great in the Group with his powerful driving movement. 

O [3]: 1 T Bay Of Ice; 2 Strevens’ Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire at Tollisty JW ShCM, extremely well muscled exhibit which was a delight to feel, so taut over the loin & rear. Lovely head, well balanced, compact, good rear angles; 3 Sh Ch/Bel/Lux/Nl & Int Sh Ch Rivercatcher Atka CW ’16, BWNL ‘14/16, BWBE ’15.

AVNSC Gundog 
P [0]. Y [2,1]: 1 Wallington’s Nicael Blue Diamond among Ohanava, Hungarian Vizsla, presents a nice picture in outline when stacked. Clean in outline, kind eye, brisket down to elbow, tidy feet. Moved co- ordinately but perhaps would prefer sunnier climes where she can really relax into her stride. Well handled. 

PG [1]: 1 Harris’ Kingamiat Panther, Field Spaniel, confident fellow, appeals in outline, good bone, nice transition of neck into shoulders, deep chest, good muscle tone, well handled.

L [0].

O [4]: 1 Best AVNSC Gundog, McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao JW ShCM, Irish Red & White Setter, striking outline with correct body properties, appealing head, deep chest, in good condition, well muscled, tight feet; well handled. Made his presence felt; 2 Walker’s  Valentisimo’s Tizi, Spanish Water Dog, endearing head, brisket down to elbow, well sprung ribs, moderately angulated, very well handled; 3 Luczynski’s Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara ShCM, American Cocker Spaniel.

Gundog Group
G1 Pointer, Hazeltine & Welch’s Pytchley Chasing The Dream for Hookwood JW, sound black & white male - found him straight away – appeals with graceful outline & ground covering movement. Quality throughout, aristocratic head, clean neck into shoulders; brisket down to elbow, well bent stifles with excellent muscle tone & excellent feet. Very well handled. Delighted [but not surprised] to learn he went Best in Show! Congratulations! 

G2 Cocker Spaniel, M Hugo Boss JW ShCM; 

G3 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, T Bay Of Ice; 

G4 Golden Retriever, Morrisey & Tappenden’s Messano Flaming Star JW. 

Puppy Gundog Group
PG1 Labrador Retriever, E Moment In Thyme; 

PG2 Golden Retriever, O’Gorman’s Thornywait Top Notch For Berrymeade; well presented bitch, appeals in outline with balanced body properties, kind head, good spring of rib, correct bend of stifle, well handled;

PG3 German Shorthaired Pointer, Goff & Dales’ Seasham Live Wire at Shoshoni;

PG4 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, R Kila. 

Any Variety Puppy Stakes
Exceptional quality throughout this class with many vulnerable native breeds making the cut & the places. [51, 36]: 1 Springford’s Keevasdream White Linen, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, very showy & stood out in this large class. Compact, strong over the loin, good angles fore & aft, stylish mover with correct head & tail carriage. Unobtrusively handled which I liked as it showed this little pup is a strong independent woman!; 2 Lewis’ Olphae Charman, Otterhound, very appealing male with great scope – really very striking seeing his long strides. Credit to his handler, as not only is he very sound with great bone & quality, he is in great condition. Beat a stunning Pointer in 3 Maber’s Sharnphilly Toggi with Hookwood ShCM. 

Any Variety Open Stakes
[47, 29]: 1 Dodd’s Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis, Swedish Vallhund, prayed that what my eyes saw & hands felt would hold true on the move. Real quality you can feel & stepping back from the table I thought, “Come on, please strut your stuff!” & off she went like a pro! Quality throughout, so strong & taut with level topline. Loved her; 2 Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Crown ShCM, Norwich Terrier, rather fell in love with this little chap & his kennelmate who was fourth in the Puppy Stakes. Loved his expression, so full of it. Compact body, short back, well sprung ribs, powerful little mover; 3 Bull & Warren’s Ch Zaralee Hussell And Bussell with Starferry [Imp] ShCM, Shar Pei.

Any Variety Special Veteran 7-10 Years
[36, 22]: 1 McBain & Stevens’ Bondlea Layman, quality Beagle, very together & showy, nice feet, good neck into shoulders, correct level topline, well bent stifles with good muscle tone, moved with drive. Well handled; 2 Coldwell’s Ch Zentaur Tee Tea Effen JW ShCM, Newfoundland, quality bitch, appeals in outline, good size & bone, lovely head, good neck into shoulders, brisket down to elbow, very well turned out with excellent presentation; 3 Shahmatova’s Nashdom Unpredictable, Border Collie.

Any Variety Special Veteran 11+ Years
[9, 4]: 1 Burrage’s Ch Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova ShCM, Cesky  Terrier, couldn’t resist her - so with it & still strutting her stuff – amazing spirit. Looked the part on the table & in great condition. No wonder she has her crown; 2 Daviston-Poston’s Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW ShCM PPVN16 VET WINTER W17 BENELUX VET W17 VCH, Papillon, alert & attentive to her handler, pretty head with good ears, well balanced in body properties with level topline, in good coat, great ground covering action, well handled; 3 Trendle’s Ch Lusam Parti Popper ShCM, German Spitz [Klein].