• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association

Coventry [Foleshill] Canine Association
Sunday 4th November 2018  

Exceptionally well-run show with everything running to time, and lovely clean, well presented exhibits.

German Shorthaired Pointer

J [3, 1a]: 1 BOB, BP, G2, PG1 & BPIS, Rose & Gaffney’s Pingarypoint The Way to Kavacanne, stunning 6 month l/w bitch with plenty of attitude. Lovely balanced outline and eye-catching movement. Pretty head, kind eye, lovely forechest, clean neck & topline, short back, correct turn of stifle, well handled. An exciting future awaits; 2 Angus’ Sparkenhoe Overtune, junior bitch, good bone, balanced in appearance, in good condition with nice muscle, correct rear angulation. Not the ground covering drive of 1. PG [4,2]: 1 P The Way to K; 2 Gardiner’s Malmelsa Flirty Fleuri, compact in appearance, pretty head, good angles fore & aft, correct depth of brisket, gone bone quality. Not the effortless movement of 1. O [3]: 1 RBOB, Peebles’ Keigame Belle Of All, in good condition, presents a balanced picture & catches the eye, brisket down to elbow, good layback of shoulder & correct rear angulation, moved well & well handled. Preferred the stylish, graceful lines of the puppy for BOB; 2 Brown’s Hillanhi Pure Gold, kind eye, nice forechest, well muscled. Rear pasterns not as good as 1 & a little more confidence would make her dazzle; 3 Taylor’s Fieldfine Precious Gold to Hillanhi.

Irish Setter

P [3]: Absent. J [1]: 1 & BOB, Edwards’ Gwendariff It’s Numero Uno at Bonhomie, racy & glamorous, in good coat, 17 months bitch, well balanced in outline, moderately long neck into good shoulders, well sprung ribs, in good condition & nicely presented. Would really benefit for more space to move but I could see enough to notice her drive. PG [5, 2]: 1 G It’s Numero Uno at B; 2 Nicholls’ Romarne Under Orders JW, balanced in appearance, sound, good forechest, spring of ribs, & angles fore & aft. Good mover which scored him over 3 Weir’s Kerrimere Irresistible. O [1]: 1 RBOB, Weir’s Deevonville El Condor Passa, all male in full coat, lovely masculine head, moderately long neck, good angulation, happy on the move even in a confined space.

Hungarian Vizsla

J [4, 1]: 1 BP Hardcastle, Green & Bradley’s Vizslanya Sziena by Viszaset, tidy bitch with a balanced appearance, brisket down to elbow, well sprung ribs, good angles fore & aft, moved well in a confined space; 2 Fuchs’ Julia Agrippina, smaller bitch but all there & once her novice handler has some more experience should do well. She really is very sprightly & eye-catching on the move, driving well, & makes a pleasing picture on the stack too; 3 Harrison’s Alfizsbet Pike O’Stickle. PG [3,1]: 1 Elliott’s Aldom Dark N’Stormy, sound, full bodied male with good body properties & angulation, nice size & bone, scored on movement. Well handled; 2 Spencer’s Nevedith Strictly Bruno, spirited, showy male. Tight feet, clean in outline & appeals for this but preferred the substance & forechest of 1. Well handled. O [5,1]: 1 BOB & G1 Bradley & Green’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM, easy winner, stands out for her quality, well balanced throughout & in lovely hard condition. Good tight feet & nice bone. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, correct bend of stifle. Moved true; 2 Gibbons’ Silvestre Blazing Saddles, showy male, appeals in outline, good forechest, solid to the touch. On his toes; 3 J Agrippina.

AV Veteran Gundog

O [4, 2]: 1 Finch’s Royal Grace at Silberliss, Weimaraner, appealing veteran, stands over her ground & she isn’t coarse with it. Presents a lovely outline & is well balanced with clean angles, good depth of brisket, appealing head profile with depth of flew, clean neck. Moved co-ordinately; 2 Humphreys’ Abnalls Sebastian, Golden Retriever, 9 ½ male presents a nice balanced picture, broad head, kind eye, good bone, good length of neck, lovely forechest, level topline. Sweet boy, but wisely unsure on the floor surface which made it difficult to assess his movement.

AVNSC Gundog

Two quality puppies headed this class:

P [6,4]: 1 BP AVNSC Gundog & PG2, Busby’s Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby, Irish Water Spaniel, presents an eye-catching picture both standing & moving, intelligent expression, appealed for compact balance with correct body properties, good angulation. Moved well & very well handled. Really rather stylish & when mature will do well; 2 Rugman’s Suelynda Tomahawk over Dimenglo, Clumber Spaniel, such a cheeky character, it was fun to watch him as he gave his handler a bit of a hard time! Once he settles, should do well as he is a nice quality dog. Nice bone & substance, good body properties, lovely coat & condition. J [8, 4]: 1 & BAVNSC Gundog, Angus’ Braccorion’s Livin It Up at Sparkenhoe, Bracco Italiano, good size & bone, lovely chiselling under eyes, good depth and spring of rib. Really shows her quality on the move, striding out with typical powerful gait; 2 Wale’s Wansleydale Magic Rose, English Setter, very close decision between 1 & 2. O/w, pretty head, oval skull, good tight feet, feathering & balance. Very promising, just preferred the movement of 1; 3 Bryant & Hollis’ Phenset Sparks Will Fly, English Setter. PG [3,1]: 1 B Livin It Up at S; 2 Joyce’s Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops, English Springer Spaniel, l/w, presents a pleasing picture in outline. Good glossy coat, nice head & eye, good forechest & spring of rib. Well handled. Not as strong in the pasterns fore & aft. O [4, 3]: 1 Fuchs’ Mistledawn Royal Velvet, black Flatcoated Retriever, just 7 months & alone, sizeable girl, looks much better when she relaxes down into herself with tight, well arched feet & moderate angulation. Very raw looking at present & needs to mature. 

Gundog Group 

G1 Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM;

G2 Pingarypoint The Way to Kavacanne;

G3 Smith’s Rocamoka Harbour Lights, Golden Retriever, eye catching, well balanced, good body properties, level topline kind head, moved co-ordinately;

G4 West’s Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes, black Cocker Spaniel, really young & sweet bitch who gave her handler a bit of a hard time but you couldn’t dispute her overall quality. Looks lovely when she settled both moving & standing.

Gundog Puppy Group

PG1 & BPIS Pingarypoint The Way to Kavacanne;

PG2 Busby’s Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby;

PG3 Hillary’s Edasiy Summer Star, Cocker Spaniel, only 7 months but full of verve on the move, square muzzle, lovely pigment, tight feet, compact, in baby coat, good spring of rib, nice angulation, considerately handled;

PG4 Layland’s Applecote Mermaid’s Kiss, Golden Retriever, unsure standing but this will come in time. Really comes together on the move. Appeals in outline when settled with a level topline, presents an overall pleasing picture, good bone, coat & well muscled.

Daniela Tranquada [Judge]