• Show Date: 22/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Powell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club

Single Breed Open Show


It’s always nice to be considered for any club show and judge it,

The officers and committee made mi wife and I feel very welcome at the show.

Atmosphere was good and exhibitor took there placing sportingly.

I would like to thank all for entering the dogs under me and my steward for making the show run smoothly. I wish the club every success in the future.

M/P/D (2,1a)

1st Tinsley, CLOVERWOOD NON NEOGOTIABLE, Mustard. A very promising youngster that got plenty of breed type at this age, well proportioned, good head and eye shape, well ribbed, moved with ease around the ring, good tail set and coat coming through. B/P/D. Reserve B/D. & B.P.I.S.

P/D (0)

J/D. (4,2a)

1st Tinsley, XORANDA SECRET RON DAY VIEW TO CLOVERWOOD, JJW17, Mustard. Good outlines to this dog, well balanced, pleasing head with good eye, good bone and ample rib, strong quarters, in good coat, moved freely and in good condition.

2nd Pettit, COFGODAS WOLF RIVER, Pepper. Good pigmentation, still very much a baby just gone 12 months, pleasing expression body ok for age, moved ok once settled.

N/D (2,1a)

1st Pettit, COFGODAS WOLF RIVER, Pepper.

G/D. Cavanagh, CLOVERWOOD BLAZING GUN, Mustard. One that enjoys his day out with the owner, enough bone and substance, dark eyes, moved well, just carrying a little weight and coat a bit spars.

P/G/D (1)

1st Cavanagh, GERMAN DANDIES ZORRO AT PUDDOCKWAVE, Pepper, Good coat colour and pigmentation, nice size, make and shape, good in head and bone, ribbed well and good topline and tail set, in good coat moved easily around the ring.

L/D. (3,1a0

1st Youngs, INZIEVAR THE GOLDFISH, Mustard. Good dog of size and balance, good powerful proportioned head with a good eye and expression, nice furnishings and coat texture, a good bend of stifle, and tail set, moved free and easy.


A nice well balanced dog with a pleasing expression and dark eye, good in body, nice pigment, moved well with a good topline. Just out of coat.

O/D (2)

1st Booth, CH BORDERSTONE KINGMAN FOR LANNIA, Pepper. Not the biggest of Dandies but one of quality and breed type, very well balanced, by far the best mover on the day, good in head, eyes and ears, black nose, and great dentition, in great condition, good topline and muscular thigh’s, good double coat, a pleaser to go over him, B./D & B.I.S.

2nd Sleight, BONNYBECK MOONLIGHT BAT ShCM, Mustard. Nice dog of good size and balance, powerful head, with a good eye and expression, good furnishings and coat texture, good turn of stifle, moved well holding a good topline and tailset. In hard condition.

M/P/B. (2,1a)

1st Deegan, DARIANT I’ BASTET OF DEEGANDAN, Pepper. Nice in type and all in proportion at this age, good head and eye colour, correct dentition, body maturing nicely and good angulations, moved well keeping a good topline and tail set, in good coat.

P/B (1)

1st France, MISS SOPHIE DI LUNA CAPRESE AT TORBRAE (IMP DEU), Mustard, A nice free flowing easy mover was the first thing I noticed about her, good in size and breed type, pleasing head and expression, dark eyes good neck and front, ample bone and substance good in profile, kept a good topline and in good coat, B/P/B. pushed hard for B/P.

J/B (4,1a)

1st Sleight & Dixon, MISHAHDA WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. Pepper, A good size bitch, powerful head and good dark eyes, nice neck and strong body with good furnishings, well groomed and handled, moved well around the ring, good double jacket.

2nd Poole, REIDSWIRE BORDER BLUEBELL, Pepper, A standard well balanced bitch, with good pigmentation good dark eyes and gums, enough rib and good angulations, in good coat move well.

3rd Deegan, CLAIREMORIN PETITE ETOILE OF DEEGANDAN, Mustard. Well balanced just seemed to flatern out a bit on the move but went well.

N/B. (1)

1st Dawson, DEEGANDAN BEWITCHED, Mustard, Slow to move but when she decides to go she moves well keeping a good topline and tail set, well proportioned, good in rib and bone, coat just starting to come through.

G/B (1)

1st Sleight & Dixon, MISHAHDA WHERE IT ALL BEGAN, Pepper.

P/G/B. (1)

1st Rolland, DANDIROYAL SOPHIE, Pepper. One of good type, good shaped head and nice expression, dark eyes, nose and correct bite, keen and alert good body and ample rib, nice rise and strong thigh’s kept a good topline on the move, in very good condition.

L/B. (1)

1st Young’s, DENTGATE OPAL, Pepper bitch with a good head and expression, well balanced throughout and of good construction, good coat and furnishings, nice topline, moved well covering the ground with ease.

O/B. (2)

1st Jacka-Slater, CLOCERWOODDUCHESS MAY ShCM, Mustard. A bitch of good size, make and shape, a lot to like about her, typical of breed type, good in profile and on the move, well balanced and put down in very good condition, good coat and furnishings, moved very well and with ease, B/B and B.O.S.

2nd Deacon, CH CASSENCARRIE MISS GRACE AT PENNYWAVE, Pepper, 9 yeas old and still in good condition, can see why see made her title, lots of breed type to her, good head and expression, nice pigmentation and correct mouth at this age, a

Real easy mover, just not as fit as the first but that come to us all. Res Bitch.

V/B. (2)


2nd Dawson, DEEGANDAN ROSEMARY, Mustard, Another elderly lady that enjoys herself on the mat, good head neck, & shoulder, good length of body & moved out soundly around the ring.


1st Dawson, Both exhibits complimented each other in size make and shape,

2nd Cavanagh, More breed type but not the balance as the first place.


Mr. Colin Powell.