• Show Date: 22/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clare Robinson-Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club

Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Bitches) Critique

The Birmingham Gundog & Terrier Twin Group Open Show

The Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3FL.

Sunday 22nd April 2018.

Thank you to the Society for inviting me to judge Bitches at their Open Show, to the two Ladies who were my very competent Ring Stewards but most importantly, thank you to every exhibitor and supporter who came along to show your support and to accept my decisions in a sporting manner.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day and the opportunity to go over some very beautiful bitches.

The ring was of adequate size for the number of exhibits entered to enable movement to be assessed.  I have observed at some shows that this is not the case and neither the exhibitor nor the exhibit are able to “get into their stride”, which is unfortunate, but certainly not the case at this particular show and venue.

My co-judge on the day was Pat Lewis (Saralou), who judged the dogs, and the referee was Frank Kane (Hirontower) who was called upon for both the BEST OF BREED and BEST PUPPY IN BREED decisions as myself and Pat differed in our findings.

A general observation is that exhibits are getting taller, and it is my opinion that should measurements at the withers be undertaken, many of today’s top winning specimen’s would be significantly taller than 16 inches.  Height should not be confused with strength, as some of these taller exhibits lack the bone and substance to match their height, thus giving an unbalanced specimen.  Likewise, a “bully head” and ultra short muzzle does not automatically equal strength, as some short muzzled blocky heads are coupled with slight, terrier-type bodies – again giving an unbalanced animal, as the blend of bull and terrier should be seen throughout head and body simultaneously, not a bull head and terrier body.  Movement can be difficult to assess in certain ring conditions but closeness on the backend is something that cannot be ignored, likewise with narrow fronts which give tight front movement.  A good handler can stack any dog a little wider to give the impression of a wide chest, so close attention must be paid to this “A-Frame” stacking where the fault of narrow chests becomes obvious when the exhibit moves towards the judge.  Having said this, I was very pleased with the quality of exhibits shown under me today and I found my winners and placings as follows:


1: Kirk’s JODANZAC FIREBALL RED (CH Cazomic Crime Fighter JW X Belterstaff Ice Queen At Jodanzac)

Red bitch just under 11 months of age. Top size puppy with plenty of bone and substance to match.  A cracking expression that just draws you in with beautiful dark eyes, very neat rose ears and a well proportioned skull to muzzle ratio.  Large, clean teeth with the correct bite and tight lips and muzzle with no excess fleshiness.  Cheek bumps just starting to develop but will hopefully continue as this girl matures.  Strong neck leading to well-placed shoulders with well-boned straight front.  Level topline which she held when stacked and on the move, correctly low-set tail and carried well whilst moving.  This girl is just starting to move out of her puppy stage and has the makings of a top quality bitch as she matures into adulthood.  She is a credit to her young handler who is really starting to get the very best out of this bitch and I am sure that, with continued work on her fitness and maturity, will pay dividends.  Well done, pleased to award her BEST PUPPY BITCH and, on the referee’s decision BEST PUPPY IN BREED.


1: Heron’s DILIRYSTAFF DEVIOUS SPIRIT (CH Staffash The Hurricane X Stormfire Special Blend At Dilirystaff (IMP ESP))

Another top size red and white pied bitch of 15 months but with the bone and strength to match, giving an overall well-balanced picture.  A well-proportioned skull to muzzle ratio with a pleasing blend of bull and terrier.  Lovely dark eyes and good ear carriage.  Clean lips and muzzle with a strong underjaw.  Correct scissor bite with large teeth.  Strong, thick neck leading to well-placed shoulders, straight, wide front with ample bone.  Good spring of rib with a level topline when stacked and moving.  Correctly set and carried tail and though an excitable bitch on the move, she moved well enough once her handler settled her.  She had lovely overall muscle tone and physic and a lovely bitch to actually get my hands on.  She won this class on her overall fitness and maturity today and will hopefully continue to mature even more over the coming months.

2: Kirk’s JODANZAC FIREBALL RED (see 1st in PUPPY)


1: Studley’s STUDSTAFF PATRONOUS CHARM (Barielle Black Buccaneer Of Hamason X Merry Miss Mayhem At Studstaff)

A white and brindle pied bitch of 21 months with plenty of bone and strength to give an overall picture of balance with a lovely blend of bull and terrier throughout.  This bitch has a keen expression and makes good use of her correctly placed neat ears and her beautiful dark eyes which watched my every move.  Correct skull to muzzle ratio with clean lips, strong underjaw and correct stop.  Large teeth with correct scissor bite.  Strong neck leading to correctly placed shoulders, a good, wide, straight front with ample forechest and depth of brisket.  Good spring of ribs, level topline and light in the loins.  Strong backend with lovely thigh muscles enabling her to move effortlessly around the ring with good drive.  Correct tail set and carriage.  This bitch is maturing well and the work on her fitness can be seen, a real credit to her owners and young handler who knows how to get the very best out of this lovely bitch.  Pleased to award her RESERVE BEST BITCH, losing out just slightly to my Best Bitch on the day on fitness and maturity but both things, I am sure, will come with time and hard work.  Well done!

2: Fox’s JOLIHEM SUGAR PIE NAF (Hammystaff Fire Blade X Jolihem Foux Du Fafa)

A striking red and white bitch of just 2 years old.  She has the most beautiful expression enhanced by her lovely dark eyes with the neatest of ears and a black mask, which is sadly not seen so much these days.  This bitch was shorter in height than my first placed bitch but still possessed the bone and strength of the taller bitch.  She has a good skull to muzzle ratio with clean lips and a correct scissor bite.  She has a wide front and ample spring of rib, short in the back with a level topline, correct tail set and carriage.  This bitch was in beautiful coat condition, I just preferred the front assembly of my first-placed bitch today.


1: Lee’s LEEBEE’S PRECIOUS JW (Dazmarnic I’ll Ave Arf X Hammystaff Seventh Heaven Via Leebee)

A white and red pied bitch of 3 years who I have had the pleasure of judging before, but how she has come on over that 12-month period following her maternal duties.  A beautiful bitch, again with the bone and strength to compliment her overall size giving a well-balanced specimen with a pleasing blend of bull and terrier throughout head and body.  She has a good, strong head with the correct skull to muzzle ratio, tight, clean lips with no fleshiness around the muzzle or face.  She has beautiful dark eyes with a lovely keen, alert expression.  She has correctly placed ears.  A good scissor bite with large, clean teeth and a decent underjaw.  She has a strong neck leading to well-placed shoulders and a lovely wide, straight front with good forechest, depth of brisket and spring of rib.  She has the desired lightness in the loin without the stark, incorrect “tuck up” that so many bitches have in the ring today.  She has a strong backend with beautifully developed thigh muscles which give this bitch the power and drive to move around the ring effortlessly, holding her topline throughout with the correct tail set and carriage.  She has lovely tight, neat feet which add to the overall pleasing picture of this girl.  Her overall fitness and condition has improved since I last judged her, though she still has the covering that I prefer as ribs should be felt but never seen.  She is a real credit to her lady owner who has clearly worked hard to get this bitch back into shape since her litter and appears to have done so the hard (but correct) way, in my opinion, of good diet and plenty of appropriate exercise, walking at pace outdoors rather than meagre portions and treadmills.  Very pleased to award her BEST BITCH and, on the referee’s decision, BEST OF BREED.

2: Roger’s GINSTEAN SECOND CHANCE FOR YNYSSTAFF (Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can X Ginstean Absolute Epitome)

A black brindle bitch of just over 2 years of age.  A slighter built bitch all over than my first placed but still a well-balanced bitch nonetheless.  She has neat, well placed rose ears with dark eyes, a good skull to muzzle ratio with a clean face, tight lips and correct scissor bite.  This is another bitch that I have had the pleasure of judging before but another bitch who has matured very nicely, having been just out of puppy class last time.  The intervening months have seen this girl mature nicely with a good, straight front, neat tight feet and sufficient bone.  She has a good width of chest and forechest with a lovely spring of rib and depth of brisket.  She has a level topline when stacked and on the move and was presented in beautiful coat condition, a very pleasing lightness in the loin and overall fitness and condition, which won her the 2nd place on the day.

3: Hillman’s CARANDSTAFF JEAN GENIE (Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can X Manark Maggie May)

A striking black brindle bitch with a flashy white chest.  A lovely bitch with a beautiful keen, alert expression.  Ample bone, correct skull to muzzle ratio, correct scissor bite and clean lips and face. Wide, straight front, good spring of rib and level topline when stacked and on the move.  Slightly stronger in the head than my 2nd place but lost out today on overall fitness, something which can be worked upon which will also improve the tightness and neatness of her feet.

4: Fox’s JOLIHEM HONEY BUNCH NAF (Hammystaff Fire Blae X Jolihem Foux Du Fafa)

5: Matthew’s JANJOMA BONIWEE GURL (Engstaff Hey Joe X Howfenstaff Paddy’s Girl At Paljaz JW)


1: Fox’s JOLIHEM FOUX DU FAFA (Jolihem The Image Man X Oozzoo Royal Lady Gloria Of Jolihem)

A Black brindle and white bitch of almost 9 years of age, though you would not think it as she struts around the ring like the proverbial “spring chicken”!!  A smaller bitch in height than most shown today but what she lacks in height she more than makes up for in ring presence, seemingly enjoying her time in the spotlight.  This bitch has lots of bone and substance with lovely dark eyes, neat, tidy ear carriage and the correct skull to muzzle ratio.  She is clean-lipped with a good underjaw, wide chest and plenty of forechest, depth of brisket and spring of rib.  She moved OK and was shown in beautiful coat condition, a real credit to her lady owner.

Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)