• Show Date: 14/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clare Robinson-Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Association

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Critique

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Association Group Open Show

Worsall Village Hall, Near Yarm, Cleveland, TS15 9QB

Sunday 14th October 2018.

I would like to thank the society for inviting me to judge this lovely show.  The weather on the day was not great for the journey but the sun was shining in Worsall and the welcome from the committee, exhibitors and spectators was wonderful and warm.

The ring was of adequate size to allow the dogs to get into their stride and there was sufficient room for the exhibitors to stack and present their dogs comfortably.

General observations I have were eye colour was generally good with most dogs having the lovely dark eye that is preferred.  Eye rims were also dark, in the main, though this is something I have noticed from ring-side that light eye rims is becoming a prevalent issue, particularly in black brindles where the light eye rim is more obvious and, in my opinion, detracts from the overall expression and appearance of the dog.  Body condition and coat condition was a little hit and miss with tightness of feet being noticeably lacking in some specimens.  These are things that can be worked on and improved, to some degree, and though it is harder to achieve neat feet and fit body condition, there really should not be any reason for a dog being presented with a loose, dirty coat – it is a dog show after all.

Junior Dog or Bitch 8 (3)

1-    Rollin’s SEENWORSTAFF TIE KUAN YIN (13/08/17). 14 month old red and white bitch who caught my eye from the minute she entered the ring.  I was struck by her overall appearance, gleaming coat, standing four-square with plenty of bone and substance, a typical head piece, short-coupled, wide chest, good spring of rib, light in the loin and a lovely bend of stifle.  She really looked the part from every angle and upon closer inspection she did not disappoint either with neat ears, correct bite, pleasing muzzle to skull ratio, clean lips, strong under-jaw, beautiful, dark, expressive eyes, strong neck widening gradually to well-placed shoulders.  Straight front, lovely forechest and depth of brisket, good muscle development for a youngster and correct tail set-on.  She moved OK once settled, with discernable drive from the rear.  She held her topline whilst stacked and on the move, carrying her tail correctly and I was pleased to award her BEST OF BREED.  I hope to see much more of this youngster over the coming months.

2-    Miller’s SKYLAND ONTARIO (24/11/17).  Black brindle puppy bitch just 10 months old, so giving away quite a lot on age but a very mature youngster none-the-less.  Smaller in stature than my first place but similar attributes that I found pleasing.  She had a lovely head shape with a good muzzle to skull ratio, correct bite, dark eyes and dark eye rims, neat ears, strong neck flowing into well-placed shoulders, wide chest, straight front, neat feet and good spring of rib.  Short in the back and light in the loin with very good muscle condition for such a youngster and movement was pleasing.  She carried her tail a little higher than my first placed bitch, which was a minor factor in my decision-making, but a lovely young bitch who I was pleased to award BEST PUPPY IN BREED.

3-    Hind’s MOURNESTAFF TALARIS (04/07/17). Black brindle bitch who was later placed 2nd in OPEN BITCH.

4-    Hall’s LEGENDSTAFF SWEET LADY (IMP ESP) (20/02/18). Black brindle bitch.

5-    Manghan’s DIAMONDSTAFF WEE MAC (11/12/17).  Black brindle dog placed 1st in POST GRAD.


1-    Manghan’s DIAMONDSTAFF WEE MAC (11/12/17).  Black brindle dog placed VHC in JUNIOR.  A nice youngster who I suspect has much more to come as he matures.  Good bone, nice head shape, dark eyes, decent width of chest, though rib cage still to come at this stage.  Moved OK, though carried his tail a little high but suspect this will also settle as he moves out of his puppy stages.

OPEN DOG 2 (0)

1-    Hall’s GEORDIESTAFF CANNY LADDIE. Black brindle dog who stood four-square giving him a well-balanced, pleasing outline.  Good, strong head-shape with correct muzzle to skull ratio, lovely pronounced cheeks bumps, dark eyes, neat ears, good dentition, strong neck flowing into a wide front with good forechest, nice depth of brisket, neat, tidy feet, good spring of rib, level topline, short-coupled, light in the loin and shown in good condition.  Moved well and carried his tail correctly.  Pleased to award him RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2-    Waltham’s DRINGSHAW MARQUEZ. Red and white dog with a lovely head shape and expression that immediately caught my eye.  A good muzzle to skull ratio with good cheek bumps, neat ears and correct dentition.  Strong neck, good bone, wide chest shown in great physical condition with good muscle-tone through-out. A little longer in the back than my first placed dog but still a close decision between the two dogs.  I just preferred the front assembly on my first-placed dog, who also handled slightly better too – both factors I took into consideration when making my decision.


1-    Waltham’s DRINGSHAW BOULE DE NEIGE.  White bitch who is top-size but whose dark eyes and beautiful expression drew me in right from the start, she was just daring me not to award her first place.  She has a lovely head shape with good muzzle to skull ratio, clean lips, correct bite, neat ears, dark, well-shaped and well-placed eyes.  Strong, short neck leading to correctly placed shoulders, wide, straight front, ample bone, good forechest, nice depth of brisket and spring of rib.  Level topline while stacked and moving, correct tail set-on and carriage, moved well and with drive, though keeps her handler on her toes!  Shown in fit, hard condition and pushed very hard in my decision-making for BEST OF BREED & RESERVE BEST OF BREED – in the end I felt my BOB & RBOB more closely fitted the breed standard from a height perspective which, for me along-side a scissor bite, are really the only two factors of our standard which are clearly stated and not open to interpretation or personal preference.

2-    Hind’s MOURNSTAFFS TALARIS.  Black brindle bitch placed 3rd in JUNIOR.  She was giving away a lot in maturity to my first placed bitch today and though her physical condition and muscle-tone were acceptable in junior for a 15 month old youngster, it does become more telling when up against a mature bitch and one in such good shape as my first-placed today.  However, she held her own with a lovely dark eye, good muzzle and skull proportions, close-coupled, decent bone, level topline, good ribs, neat feet and moved OK.  I just felt she lacked the sparkle of my first-placed bitch today, which was a factor in my decision-making.

3-    Hall’s REKRAHSTAFF MISS ATTITUDE CUM GEORDIESTAFF.  Black brindle Girl over 11 years old who strutted around the ring like she owned it!!  A real pleasure to go over her, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Thank you to all exhibitors and spectators for accepting my decisions so sportingly and remember, you always take the best dog home, it’s just one opinion on one day and next time placing’s will probably all change!

Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)