• Show Date: 21/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Kennedy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Humberside Hound Association

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge and for the hospitality. I was delighted with my entry, the overall quality was high and i had some hard decisions.

Dachshund (Mini Long- Haired)

Puppy 1/1

1st & Best Puppy, Miss A Mason’s: Tolberg Beezs Kneez At Teckeltown- Attractive red Bitch, Good balance over all, moderate length of ribbing, would prefer better front, presented in good coat, moved well.

Junior 0/1

Post Graduate3/3

1st Mrs P Kerslake’s: Devonwood Steps in time- Black & tan Bitch smaller type than 2, liked her shape nice head, good length of ribbing would like to see her more happier on the move, good chest & balanced throughout.

2nd Mrs C Woodall: Rarewood Silver commander- Silver Dapple dog nice length nice head good length of neck, good forechest have seen him better didn’t move his best today.

Open 3/4

1st & B.O.B Mrs H & Mrs P Buchan & Kerslake: Devonwood Crackerjack At Helenium JW- Black & tan dog Beautiful shape nice head, correct bite, good length of neck well constructed front& rear, well sprung ribs with good length. Moved well did tend to flag his tail.

2nd Mrs P Kerslake: Devonwood Lady Alexandra- Black & tan compact Bitch of 8 years good angles throughout well balanced moved well. Best veteran & 3rd Best Veteran in show.

Miniature Smooth-haired

Puppy 1/1

1st & Best Puppy Mrs J Livingston: Nordham Major Tom- Red Dog Such a sweet Expression & great temperament, good chest nice length of ribbing moderate angles throughout, moved well although needs to settle a bit will come with time.

Junior 2/2

1st & B.O.B Mrs M J Bullingham: Bowetts Carminia- Red Bitch of Lovely shape great front well angulated throughout with good length of ribbing, good tight feet, lovely ear setting & underline a tad nervous though hall was rather noisy did show in her movement.

2nd Miss A Mason: Aya Starlight from Teckletown- Chocolate bitch squarer type than one, smart mover level topline angulation not the best.

Post Grad 3/3

Split hairs with this lovely class

1st Mrs J Bullingham: Stoweytop Sea of Stars- Lovely red bitch of nice type, well angulated front and back well sprung ribs with good length, good chest nice underline moved well presented ok handler needs more confidence. Reserve B.O.B.

2nd Miss J L Taylor: Debbiejays Magical Flo- Another lovely red bitch same comments as 1 just preferred 1’s front.

Open 1/1

1st Mrs M J Bullingham: Bowetts Aventurine – Shadded red bitch, nice head ok length of ribbing moved well.

Mini Wire Haired

Puppy 0/0

Junior 1/1

1st & Reserve best of breed, Mrs C A Morris: Pennywave Pollyanna- sweet head and expression lovely shape, well angulated front and back good length of ribbing, well furnished with correct coat, very happy on the move, moved well.

Post grad 1/1

See Junior

Open 2/2

1st & B.O.B Mrs C A Morris:Pennywave Top Totti JW ShCM- Lovely head, dark almond shaped eye, lovely expression, correct bite, ears of correct size and setting, Correct coat, long arched neck leading to well angulated fore-chest, nice tight feet, nice round rear well angulated hindquarters which she used so well on the move, presented and handled well. Delighted to watch her go Best in show group 4.

2nd Mrs C A Morris:Pennywave Uptown Girl ShCM- Another lovely Bitch from this kennel well made girl Good Head and expression, well angulated front and rear, good shape correct coat moved well.

Long Haired

Puppy 1/1

1st & Best Puppy, Mr A & Mrs L A Fossett: Brysdax Chanel Number Five- Shadded Red Bitch Nice head & Expression good length of neck, Moderate length of ribbing, well angulated front and back, feet could be tighter moved well with good rear action. 4th Best Puppy in show

Junior 1/1

1st Mrs L M Cole: Andromeda Galaxy – Red Bitch Nice head good length of neck well andgulated front and back, good length of ribbing moved well, Not shown to potential.

Post Grad 3/3

1st & Best of Breed, Mr A & Mrs L A Fossett: Africandawns Night Lover for Brysdax- Shadded Red Bitch lovely Head & sweet Expression, Nice shape, well in proportion, Good length of ribbing lovely front & rear, moved well.

2nd Mrs M L Cole: Pennywise of Derry- Shadded Red dog harsher head than one, good length of neck good length overall not the construction of one, a touch close in front moved ok could of been stacked better.


1st & Reserve Best of Breed, Miss & Mrs N E & J A Hirst- Ranglewood Lantana at Kejana- Masculine Black & tan dog, attitude a plenty, good head & length of neck well constructed lovely coat not over exaggerated, moved well.

2nd Mrs M L Cole: Pennywise of Derry- Different type to one see comments 2nd in post grad.

Smooth Haired

Puppy 0/0

Junior 0/0

Post Grad 2/2

1st & Best of Breed: Mrs Balazs-hirt: Colocensis Rex Mister at Gravelous (IMP HUN)- Red dog lovely masculine head , good length of neck, nice front well angulated front and back, shown in lovely condition moved well.

2nd Mrs A & Mr D Clark: Tiesal Debutante- lovely bitch, similar type to one nice head well made, good length of ribbing good front, would like tighter feet hind movement narrower than one.

Open 4/4

1st & Reserve Best of Breed Mr J & Miss P Crosbie: Bonavior Red Hector- Red masculine Dog, correct bite, good chest, well made good length, good condition, moved well.

2nd Mrs S A & The Late Mr G W Joy: Morailsa Druids Secret- Lovely head nice shape nice front moved and handled well. Best veteran

Wired Haired

Puppy 3/3

1st Best Puppy & Reserve Best of Breed, Mrs S J Court: Derochaise Mariposa- Elegant Black & Tan, sweetest of expression, lovely head, good ear setting lovely eye long arched neck well angulated front & rear, prominent chest with well sprung ribs lovely underline, correct coat, moved well.

2nd Mrs R M Vine: Cishelvine Cant Catch me- Lovely bitch heavier type to one. Good head and eye well constructed, good length moved well.

Junior 1/1

1st Mrs R M Vine: Derochaise Height o Fashion at Cishelvine- Lovely puppy bitch Elegant shape good head and eye, long arched neck, well andgulated throughout uses rear well on the move.

Post Grad 5/6

1st & Best of Breed, Miss A Baxter: Hotwire Twist & Sprout- Lovely Elegant Bitch Good head with correct oval eye, lovely length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, well angulated front and back good length of ribbing used rear well on the move.

 2nd Mrs J Howe: Kissdachs Bilbao at Bramalodge- lovely good proportions, good head & eye long neck and prominent front, well angulated front and back moved well, lost out on maturity.

Open 3/3

1st Mrs & Miss Vine & Baxter: Cishelvine Red Admiral- red dog Lovely Head, good eye, lovely expression, correct bite , nice round rear well angulated hindquarters which he used well on the move, not as happy as ive seen him.

2nd Mrs R M Vine: Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine, male heavier type to one, everything in right place correct coat, good head, just preferred movement of 1.


Claire Kennedy (Denkena)