• Show Date: 01/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chrys Dawson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Devon Agricultural Society

North Devon Agricultural Society

1st August 2018

My thanks to the society for inviting me to judge the poodles at this lovely show. I was also honoured to be invited to judge the toy breeds, as Gavin Robertson was sadly unable to officiate. Movement in many breeds was somewhat below par, partly due to the rough ground.

Toy Poodle

Open (0)

Miniature Poodle

Graduate (3, 2 Abs)

1st – White's CHIORKITA'S SUNSET RUBY NULA – 6 mth Apricot bitch. Had nice dark eye, moderate stop and ok topline, which was held well. Movement was somewhat erratic, and needs more muscle, particularly in the rear. Would prefer a harsher coat and better definition in the foreface. BOB, BPIB

Open (1, 1 Abs)

Standard Poodle

Graduate (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Davis' TWOOFUS MAKE A WISH – 14 mth Black bitch. Nice feminine face, with good stop and correct eye. Nice, harsh coat presented well. Well laid back shoulders and a good short back, with good turn of stifle and well-muscled rear. Movement was OK on the uneven ground. RBOB

Open – (3, 1 Abs)

1st – Sarson's SARNIA TALK OF THE TOWN – 2 yr old Black dog. Imposing stature, with excellent definition of chin, correct eye and ear with a good stop. Lovely harsh coat, well presented and in fine form. Well laid back shoulder leading to nice and strong legs. Nice, short back and good turn of stifle with very good muscle tone giving good drive, covering the ground well. BOB

2nd – Hutton's HAYLESDOWN HADRIA – 3 yr old Silver bitch. Pretty, feminine face, with nice eyes and a good stop. A good shoulder and nice topline, which was held well on the move. Movement was good, but would like to see more drive. Pushed hard for RBOB, but unlucky today.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Puppy (4, 2 Abs)

1st – Player's GRANASIL PICCOLO AT ANICKILY – Ruby dog, just 2 wks shy of a year. Good, dark eye and a nice shallow stop gave a pleasing impression, with a nice flat skull. Good lay of shoulder, and nice straight legs. Good spring of rib and a nice level topline, held well with good movement. Coat in fine condition with nice feathering. BPIB, RBOB.

2nd – Walton's UNDERKNOLL ROSE GOLD – 6 mth Ruby bitch. Sweet, feminine expression, with good eye and stop. Movement was OK, but held topline well. Good spring of rib, and nice shoulders. Still quite a bit of maturing to do.

Junior (4, 3 Abs)

1st – Walton's UNDERKNOLL LOVE STORY – 13 mth Blenheim bitch. Large, dark eye and good stop, with lovely ears. Slight rise in the skull, but not over pronounced. Good Lay of shoulder and a nice topline, which held well with good movement.

Post Graduate (5, 1 Abs)

1st – Player's ANICKILY PANDORA – 2 yr old Black & Tan bitch. Good eye and moderate stop gave a beautiful expression. Nice, flat skull set on a good neck with well laid back shoulder with a nice level topline. Very nice movement, with a lovely gay tail, which never stopped wagging.

2nd – Wawman's BELLRISE LIL BOY BLUE – 3 yr old Tri dog. Nice face with good eye, well set ear and shallow stop. Nice topline, with good shoulder, well sprung ribs and well turned stifle. Movement was OK, giving just enough.


Open Dog (4, 2 Abs)

1st – Conibere & Channon's BELLRISE MR BOJANGLES – 5 yr old Black & Tan. Good skull and eye, with a neat stop, good ear and alert expression. Nice topline, which held well with good movement. Good shoulder, and nicely compact feet.

2nd – Kowalski's HARELLEDREAM WARRIOR – 4 yr old Black & Tan. Nice expression, with good dark eye of correct size. Neat stop and nice, flat skull. Shoulder not quite as good as 1, with slight slope in topline. Movement was OK, but shown in lovely condition.

Open Bitch (6, 1 Abs)

1st – Walton's UNDERKNOLL KIKI – 2 ½ yr old Blenheim. Good scissor bite, lovely eyes and a neat, moderate stop. Nice flat skull, with well-set ears. Good lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs and well turned stifle. Excellent condition, with beautiful feathering. Movement was very nice, holding topline well. BOB

2nd – Faulkner's FAULKLEA CRYSTAL SHIMMER – Nearly 10 yr old Blenheim. In very good form for her age, lovely eye and good skull. Teeth not quite as they should be, but no more than one would expect for the age. Well laid back shoulders and a very nice topline. Movement good, happy and gay in character.


Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Open (2, 1 Abs)

1st – Skinner's COLTHAM CHOIRBOY – 8 mth White dog. A little nervous today, but had nice large eye, and lovely flared ears. Good dome to skull, but slightly moderate stop. Forelegs set well under chest, good spring of rib and nice level back. Movement slightly erratic on the spiky grass. BOB, BPIB

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Open (7, 5 Abs)

1st – Bannister's ANGCHERISH GUSSY FINCKOTLE (Sh.CM) – 3 yr old Gold dog. Good, dark eye, nice scissor bite in clean, strong jaws. Excellent ears, and nicely domed skull. Well laid shoulders, level back and nicely muscled rear quarters with well let down hocks. Good movement, never stopped showing. BOB

2nd – Aylett's CREDDYS IRRESISTABLE ME (TAF) – 8 mth old Fawn bitch. Of similar type to 1, with good eyes and ears and good dome to skull. Slightly leaner in outlook, nice level back and good fluid movement. Just needs a little maturity. BPIB

Chinese Crested

Graduate (2, 2 Abs)

Open (1, 1 Abs)

English Toy Terrier (B&T)

Open (2, 0 Abs)

1st – Snell's CH MORETONIA KINDLE FIRE – 3 yr old dog. Good dark almond eye, set within a lovely head. Flat skull, moderate stop and correct ears. Nice long neck and well laid back shoulders leading down to good straight leg. Nice compact body, with good curve to back leading onto a well-rounded loin. Well let down hocks and a good turn of stifle held excellent muscle tone, giving good drive and smooth, flowing movement. BOB and delighted to see him take Toy GRP 1.

2nd – Cross & Sheppard's CH SULASKY PLEASE DON'T GO – 4 ½ yr old dog. More unsettled than 1, particularly on the move. Had good eye and ear, and a good wedge skull. Topline was nice, and well laid back shoulders. Clearly did not enjoy the ground today.

Japanese Chin

Open (2, 1 Abs)

1st – Buswell's PEBBLECOMBE RITA FOR ANCILLA – Nearly 4 yr old Black & White bitch. Good, dark eye and nice, well-feathered ears set on a nicely rounded skull with short, well-cushioned muzzle. Nice, straight forelegs, good compact body and good turn of stifle. Movement was nice, with adequate reach. BOB

King Charles Spaniel

Open (3, 1 Abs)

1st – Peace's CARLEETO LE TROUBADOUR UNDER OZZYMOON – 4 yr old Blenheim dog. Nice large eye, and correct dome, with low set and well-feathered ears. Well laid back shoulder with good, close elbow. Had a nice short and level back and well padded compact feet. Very good movement. BOB

2nd – Baker's COFTON DUSTY BLUE – 18 mth Tri bitch. A nice head, with good dark eye. Nice undershot bite and pretty, pleasing expression. Nice neck and shoulder, good short back and well bent stifles. Movement was good, but just needs maturity.

Miniature Pinscher

Open (2, 0 Abs)

1st – King & Netherton's ESTIVALS OPIE MAJIK – 2 yr old Red dog. Good dark eye, and nice small ear held erect. Well set neck, decent spring of rib and good strong muscle. Topline good, with nice straight leg. Movement somewhat erratic, slightly unsettled. BOB

2nd – King & Netherton's ESTIVALS ME BEFORE YOU – 6 mth B&T bitch. Good foreface and nice front. Straight legs and ok topline. Movement was OK, but lacked drive. Very immature and would luck better muscle. BPIB


Graduate (4, 1 Abs)

1st – Stanbury's INIXIA EVER READY EDDIE – 12 mth Red & White dog. One I have admired before. Nice, low dark eye, Excellent ears, large and alert. Correct head with lively expression. Nicely developed shoulder with good, deep chest and a lovely level topline. Well developed stifle, and good hare feet. Shown in excellent condition, with stunning movement, light and free, never stopped showing. BOB.

2nd – Stanbury's INIXIA LUSCIOUS LUCY – 9 mth Red & White bitch. Of a similar type to 1, good eye and ear, with nice jaw and scissor bite. Similarly level topline and good movement, a little less settled. Just lacks the maturity of 1.


Open (3, 1 Abs)

1st – Stanbury's INIXIA GLAMOUR GIRL – 9 mth Black & White bitch. Litter sister to 2nd in Graduate. Similar type as before, with similar good dark eye, alert expression and excellent ears. Topline very good again, and had similar free flowing movement. BPIB & RBOB.

2nd – Stanbury's INIXIA FULLY CHARGED – 12 mth Red & White dog. Litter brother to 1st in Graduate. A little less settled than his littermate, but had similar points. Good eye and head, and nice scissor bite. Nice topline and simlarly well developed hindquarters. Movement good, but a little erratic.


Graduate (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Sakals' MY AND TY BEWITCHED TO EDUARD – 18 mth Silver Sable dog. Good clear eye,  and a good mouth with nice firm under-jaw. Nice level ears, with correct leather and excellent feathering. Nice flat skull, good definition of stop and free from over wrinkle. Nice short neck and body, with good weight. Nicely boned legs, with well laid back shoulders and good muscle to the rear, set on nice large flat feet. Tail carried well, with good feathering, and overall coat in good condition. Movement was nice, with good roll at the front. BOB

Open (1, 1 Abs)

Chrys M Dawson