• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chrys Dawson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hereford & County Kennel Society

Hereford & County Kennel Society

Open Show - 6th May, 2018

My thanks to the society for inviting me to judge at their friendly and well-run show.

Chinese Crested

Puppy – 0

Junior – 2

    1st – Dale's Ajatiaza's Long Haired Lover of Dalrosmic – nearly 15mth old powderpuff dog of sound     temperament with good dark eye and head in good proportions. Nice level topline, held well on the move,     with very good muscle tone in the rear quarters. Gay expression, with tail carried well and excellent     drive. RBOB

    2nd – Kirk's Ajatiaza's Squeeze Me Quick – Dog, littermate to 1st. Hairless with good crest, similar in body     type to his brother, slightly less mature, and would like a little more muscle tone, particularly to the rear.     Slightly nervous today, but still good overall outlines. Preferred the movement of 1st today.

Post Grad – 2

    1st – McGuigan & Blackwell's Doucai's Too Cute to Scare at Annamac – 20mth old hairless dog. Nice dark     eye and well balanced head. Well laid back shoulder, with a nice topline leading into a well rounded rump.     Hare feet nice, and in good condition with sound movement, but would like to see more drive. Pushed hard for     RBOB, but lost out on movement and drive today.

    2Nd – Dale's Sigyns Summer Breeze – Almost 5yr old hairless bitch who was a little unsettled today. Good     overall balance, with pleasing lines and a good head. Very good muscle tone, but not used today to drive the     movement quite enough, but handled sympathetically.

Open – 4 (1Abs)

    1st – Skivington's Ajatazia's Cherish Me – Hairless bitch who is another littermate to the 2 from Junior. The     first note I have written on this bitch is 'Elegant', beautiful head, with     lovely dark eye and excellent teeth,     presented in very good condition. Perfect topline, held very well on the move. Very good skin condition, with a     lovely crest and wonderful tail plume. Excellent muscle tone for one so young. Good strong shoulder, well laid     back and good, wide-set hind legs with nice angulation. Very pleasing overall, I was more than happy to award     her BOB.

    2Nd – Dale & Hamilton's Sigyns Lady Rowena – 2 and a half Yr old hairless bitch, who presented well, good     outlines overall, some nice muscle tones with strong shoulder and nicely rounded rump. A little unsettled today,     particularly on the move.

    3Rd – Kirk's Brisville Ruby Tuesday

Tibetan Spaniel

Junior – 0

Post Grad – 0

Open – 0

Poodle (Toy)

Post Grad – 0

Open – 2 (2abs)

Poodle (Standard)

Post Grad – 1

    1st – Keen's Christamea Thats My Boy – 2 and a half Yr old White Dog, who I understand this was the first     show, for dog and handler. Well balanced with a good, long head, stop just right and good definition of chin.     Nice dark eye of correct size and shape and ear leathers long and wide, giving a nice expression. Strong, well     laid back shoulders, leading down to well muscled legs set on nice tight feet. Very good spring of rib, and a     nice short back, leading to excellent thighs which were well-muscled. Excellent bend of stifle, with well let     down hocks. Movement needs work, but that will come with more experience. Had very nice and harsh coat,     presented in beautiful condition. BOB.

Open – 1

    1st -  Keen's Christamea Thats My Boy – Repeat of Post Grad.

Poodle (Miniature)

Post Grad – 0

Open – 0

Judge: Mr Chrys M Dawson