• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chrys Dawson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Yeovil & District Canine Society

Yeovil & District Canine Society – Premier Open – 14/15 July 2018

Handling Classes

A pleasure to be invited to judge the handling at this prestigious show, with a group of considered handlers, showing good care to their dogs. Remember to always keep an eye on the position of the judge, but to complete your pattern before returning to the judge's feet, and not to start or finish too close to the judge – if the dog is stood right at my feet then I can't see it!

Day One – 14/07/2018

6-11 Years (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Zak Luter (7) handling a Pug. A little nervous on what I understand to be his first go in the ring, with an exuberant and challenging dog to handle. Will need to work hard on knowledge and skill in the future but this will also bring confidence in years to come. Well done on your first attempt at showing, and good luck for the future.

12-16 Years (2, 0 Abs) A difficult class with two very good handlers.

1st – Meaylee Lewis (15) handling a Flatcoat Retriever. Showed great empathy to her charge, particularly in the warm weather. Demonstrated good knowledge, and shadowing was good. Patterns are a little untidy, but always kept her eye on judge's positioning. Smooth lead changes and good positioning showed off the dog to the best advantage. Best Junior

2nd – Poppy Wynter (14) handling a Wire Fox Terrier. Handled well with care and consideration, but remember the difference between bite and teeth when asked to present just the bite. Need to brush up on anatomical knowledge, but patterns had clean, neat lines and shadowing was considered and not over exaggerated.

17-34 Years (2, 1 Abs)

1st – Chloe Jefferies handling a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Excellent shadowing throughout, demonstrating good knowledge and a lovely rapport with the dog. Extremely neat patterns, showing the dog off to the best advantage, moving at a sensible pace. Always observed judge's positioning and compensating for this, with smooth and fluid shadowing. Best Adult & Best Overall Handler (Day1)

35+ Years (6, 0 Abs) A difficult class to judge as many could swap places on another day.

1st – Liesel Thorner handling a Dalmatian. Presented her charge thoughtfully and carefully in the warm weather, with good knowledge and a smooth, considered approach. Extremely neat patterns with a smooth pace showed dog off well and to it's advantage. Clear and consistent shadowing throughout. Remember the difference between 'L' and reverse! Lost out in Adult Challenge with a minor slip-up.

2nd – Sheila Lane handling a Havanese. Excellent shadowing throughout and showed good knowledge. Handled empathetically without fussing, keeping an eye on positioning. Patterns were somewhat neat, but do need some work.

3rd – Anita Skinner handling a L/C Chihuahua.

Day 2 – 15/07/2018

6-11 Years (0)

12-16 Years (2, 0 Abs) A hard class with two very good handlers.

1st – Caitlin Tree (13) handling a Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund. Excellent communication with her dog throughout, showing good knowledge. Shadowing was flawless, smooth and efficient. Correct, neat lines on patterns, always keeping an eye on the judge's position and showing off the movement of the dog in an effortless fashion. Best Junior and Best Overall Handler (Day 2)

2nd – Poppy Wynter (14) handling a Wire Fox Terrier. Good Shadowing throughout the class, still need to work on the anatomical knowledge, but got the bite correct today. Very neat patterns, with good, straight lines. Stacking of the dog was a little over fussed when not needing to be, but good overall.

17-34 Years (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Charlotte Warren-Sinclaire handling a Border Collie. Good knowledge shown, and nice neat patterns. Shadowing was slightly over exaggerated – remember not to step over your dog! Showed a good bond with the dog, but lead changes could be tidier. Best Adult.

35+ Years (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Glenda Tibbotts handling a Boxer. Good shadowing when stood, however did come between Judge and dog on the reverse triangle. Anatomical knowledge OK, but showed excellent empathy towards the dog, showing in a caring and considered manner in such warm weather. Patterns were neat and tidy, with good lead changes when changing position.

Judge: Mr Chrys M Dawson (Carmajay)