• Show Date: 20/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christine Schofield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Western Gundog Club

South Western Gundog Club 

20th October 2018 


Many thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show and thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge your lovely dogs.  

BIS was the Weimaraner Sh Ch Khamsynn Coast Liason JW ShCM, Super bitch, loved her as soon as she walked in to the ring. A real showgirl with a very pretty head. Correct body shape with deep long rib, strong loin and good fore and aft angles. She looked a picture when stacked, on the move her powerful driving action made my decision for me. 

RBIS was the Curly Coated Retriever Maycourt Space Oddity,  this girl never stopped showing. She possesses a lovely head with a soft expression, good balance throughout .Great crisp texture to her coat with a good tight curl. Positive, ground covering movement .  

BPIS was the Pointer Wilchrimane Niffler , Really taken with this youngster, appealing dog who is all in proportion. Lovely head with kind expression and well set on ears, slightly arched neck, deep chest & firm topline. Strong hindquarters and tight feet. Moved fluidly on a lengthy stride and constantly lashing his tail.  

RBPIS was the Golden Retriever Moonshine De Ria Vela Over Amilone (Imp) what a lovely head this girl has – the darkest of eyes & beautifully balanced with nothing overdone. Great depth of chest  & long sloping shoulders. Shown in great condition, on the move she was balanced with lovely reach & drive. 

BVIS was the Weimaraner Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry on Cruising to Moorpoint  JW ShCm   


 Any Variety Gundog  Special Veteran Dog 7-9 years   (10,3)  

1st  Carson & Dunne, Sh Ch KHAMSYNN CARRY ON CRUISING TO MOORPOINT ShCM JW, (Weimaraner) 8yrs old . Good head, neck and shoulders. Well sprung ribs with length, strong loin.  Nicely angled quarters giving good balance.  Presented in excellent muscle tone and moved out very positively with reach and drive, lovely type and well handled. BVIS 

2nd   Johnson, DEVONIVY DIAMOND CUT BY NIALLGOLD, (Golden Retriever) 7yrs old. Well grown male, possesses a typical outline and impressive stature. Moved out with style however was rather exuberant and often threw himself off his stride. 

 3rd  Edworthy, Sh Ch MAYCOURT CHASE THE ACE, (Curly Coated Retriever)  


Any Variety Gundog Special Veteran Bitch 7-9 years  (15,5)  

1st Morgan, GARBETH MIDSUMMER MAYHEM AT QUENSHA, (Welsh Springer Spaniel) 8yrs old.  Super type, the most appealing expression, her overall conformation is excellent. Good deep rib & strong quarters. On the move she excels ...great reach and drive and good tail usage. 

2nd Buckle, DICKANBRIDGE MY GOLDEN GIRL, (Golden Retriever) B. Good body and type on this bitch, she is classic in outline.  Good head proportions and lovely chiselling. Balanced fore and aft she moved with purpose and drive using her tail to advantage 

3rd Aldridge, GINGER LILLIE AROUND OAKBERROW, (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla) 


Any Variety Gundog Special Veteran 10 years and over   (3) 

1st  Bishop, DYRHAM MIDNIGHT DREAM, (English Setter) B. 11 yrs old. ,  this pretty girl  is of a lovely type, good neck & shoulders, for me she has so many plus points including wonderful profile movement & a feminine head & expression, well boned legs & feet & a good depth & width to chest. Moved well on an easy flowing stride, lashing her tail. 

2nd  Osman, WILCHRIMANE ACE VENTURA AT MARISSOLO ShCM, (Pointer) D 10 yrs old. Balanced masculine head, strong neck and good shoulder.  Straight front limbs, well ribbed .  Moved out well enough for his age 

3rd Powell, RONARIO BURLESQUE, (Bracco Italiano) B 


American Cocker Spaniel Graduate   (2)  

1st  Rivett,  LEADER LINE INDI (Imp Blr), D  masculine balanced head with a good plushed muzzle. Deep body, short coupled and showing a sloping topline on the stack and on the move. Good ground covering movement showing reach and drive and he carries his tail well. BOB   

2nd  Woolley, CHESVICK TOP IF YOU WISH YOU CAN AT  CHALLEYMEAD, B. Very pretty girl, well boned, well sprung ribs Moved on a lengthy stride but not quite the positive footfall of 1st. 


American Cocker Spaniel Open  (2,1)  

1st   Luczynski, BALADEVA SCARLET LETTERS FOR KANARA Sh CM, B. Balanced head with a good ear set. Ideal size and she has a well developed body. This girl really uses her quarters on the move. RBOB 


English Springer Spaniel Graduate  (2,1)  

1st  Kibby, TIVERSTONE LADYS DELIGHT,  B.  Super eye and expression. Needs time to develop but has good balance and moves freely. BOB  


Sussex Spaniel Graduate    (1)  

1st   Barnes, SAXONBEJAYZ LUCY ANNE,B.   Typical in head showing the ‘frowning brow’ , kind eye, good legs and feet good depth for her age, with lovely spring of rib, strong quarters moved out well with the distinctive roll. BOB 


Sussex Spaniel Open      (2,1) 



Curly Coated Retriever Graduate (3,1) 


1st Edworthy, MAYCOURT CADILLAC, D,  Upstanding male. Handsone with an appealing eye. Level topline, strong quarters. Presented in lovely coat and muscle condition.   

2nd Steele, GLINT OF A THUNDER STORM,B. This girl has an appealing eye. Pleasing for overall balance, but not in the coat or muscle condition of 1st. 


Curly Coated Retriever Open  (2) 

1st Jack, MAYCOURT SPACE ODDITY, B, Beautiful headed girl with the softest of eye showing the wedge shape from all angles. Balanced body, deep chested,  strong loin strong quarters which were used to advantage on the move. In fabulous coat with tight crisp curls. Good topline and underline. Moved fluidly with reach and drive. BOB 

2nd  Courtier, MAYCOURT CRIMSON MOON, B, younger sister to 1st and very similar in shape and balance. Lovely head with good eye and strong muzzle. Precise fluid movement. 


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Open Dog  (3 ,2)  

1st  Morgan, ERIKACHEN O’RUADH FOR DELTANDAMBA JW Sh CM,  Upstanding boy ,  he  has the most appealing eye. Pleasing for overall balance, moves enthusiastically with good tail carriage. BOB    


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Open Bitch  (3,2) 

1st  Morgan, Redaurora Comet’s Christmas Of Deltandamba, , Pleasing lady with good  body shape and topline. She has good bone, the best of feet and is in gleaming coat. 


English Setter Junior   (3) 

1st Harris, Bridgwater & Hoeksema, BRIDGELLA’S FIRST EDITION WITH KONAKAKELA, D. . Well grown young dog with a lovely head and super expression, long neck leading into clean shoulders, medium angulation behind, moved showing reach and drive with a lashing tail. 

2nd Full, RAVENSETT MIDAS TOUCH AT TEIGNESTUARY, D. Beautiful headed dog, the softest of expressions. Strong neck leading in to well-placed shoulders, strong quarters which were well muscled. Free striding sound mover. 



English Setter Post Graduate   (2) 

1st Tucker, NIDDBECK SMOKEY OPAL AT WALSHAW JW, B.  I liked the overall balance to this girl. Well proportion head with a lovely expression, set on to a well arched neck. Good front and rear angulation ribs well sprung. Moved fluidly on a lengthy stride. In lovely coat and presented well. BOB 

2nd Bishop, SORBUS PLAYS THE FOOL AT DYRHAM, B. Quality bitch, with a well- balanced head and a kind expression. Loved her overall balance and outline, moved well purpose and drive 


English Setter Open     (4,2) 

1st BOURNEHOUSE STAR GAZER AT MARISSOLO Sh CM, D. Well grown dog with a lovely head and super expression, long neck leading into clean shoulders, medium angulation behind, moved holding his topline with a lashing tail.. 

2nd Jolley &, ANLORY BURANO VIA  JOLYMORE, D. out of a finer mould than 1, however he is balanced, short coupled & has muscular well- turned stifles. Slightly over–reaching on the move. 


Gordon Setter Graduate     (4) 

1st Harker, HERNWOOD ACHILLES AT ETTRICK JW, D. Well proportioned head & lovely expression, straight front & deep chest and super topline. Excellent tan markings. Well bent stifle, moved the truest in this class today 


2nd Brown, CAIRACAILIE CHIANTI WITH MARSHMOOR, B. Pleasing head with a soft  expression. Straight front standing on good legs & feet, well developed body, strong quarters but just lacking in second thigh. Sound mover but on the day not as positive as the winner. BP 



Gordon Setter Open      (4) 

1st Osborn, Sh Ch AMSCOT SIENA SPICE, B Very settery in outline & balanced throughout. Lovely head & expression, well arched neck, deep chest, firm sloping topline, Well muscled hindquarters, very steady on the move BOB 

2nd Passmore, BEECHLAKE I DARED TO DREAM, B Good size, stronger throughout than 1st but still feminine. Pleasing shape & presents a clean & balanced look. Moved ok. 



Pointer Junior   (8,2) 

1st Siddle, Siddle &  Crocker, WILCHRIMANE NIFFLER,  D. Super young boy beautifully balanced fore & aft and full of curves. Handsome head with the kindest of eyes & great length of neck. Noble in attitude. For a pup he was so positive on the move showing great reach and drive and lashing his tail. A very promising youngster. BP & BOB 

2nd Bastin, WILCHRIMANE MINT JULEP TO JAROBEDE, B. Good size, pleasing shape & presents a clean & balanced look. Feminine head with plenty of work in it & a good eye & expression. Well developed body for her age, firm hindquarters & a stylish positive mover 



Pointer Graduate    (3,1) 

1st Osman, FLEURFIELD FIRETHORNE AT MARISSOLO, D. balanced throughout & presents a very typical appearance. Pleasing head with a good length of muzzle, kind eye & soft expression. Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, level topline & a good width of quarters. Moved well 

2nd Cuff, SILVERNITJAR WAGTAIL WALTZ, B,  Built on curvy lines, and nicely balanced throughout. Moved on a lengthy stride.  


Pointer Open    (3,1) 

1st Siddle, Siddle & Crocker, WILCHRIMANE PIROUETTE, B. Lovely make & shape with a very feminine outlook but has the required strength & substance to complete the picture. Balanced head with a good dark eye & the best of expressions. Straight front, good depth of chest with plenty of heartroom.  Moved soundly on a free & easy stride.  

2nd Tannahill, WYNBURY WALTER JACK JW Sh CM, D. well made throughout & presents a very pleasing curvy picture. Good head with a lovely eye & soft expression well made front assembly, excellent depth of chest, strong quarters & a good bend of stifle. Sound on the move. 


Bracco Italiano Open      (2,1) 

1st Powell, MADRELIATH’S OMAGGIO, B. A pleasing girl who is soundly made and she stands four square. I would just like a bit more leg length. Moves enthusiastically. BOB 


Hungarian Vizsla Graduate   (4) 

1st Roe, FLUSHPOINT REBEL ROUSER FOR PIROSPONT, D . Attractive masculine young dog. pleasing head with a kind expression. Balanced outline good front, neck and correct topline. Moved steadily but just a bit proud of his tail today. BP 

2nd Wilkins & Littler, KENSTEEN ASH, D, Pleasing boy but, for me, he is a little strong in head. He has good bone, the best of feet and is in good muscle condition. 



Hungarian Vizsla Open    (2,1) 

1st Roe, SARGASBARNA SALVO FOR PIROSPONT, D. Pleasing head, strong neck leading into clean shoulders, , medium angulation behind, topline strong and level. Moved well showing reach and drive. BOB 


Large Munsterlander Graduate   (3,1) 

1st Weare, KAMAZE REVOLUTION, D. Up to size but well balanced throughout. Lovely  head with a kind eye. Very clean over the neck & shoulders, good legs & feet, firm body with a good tailset & carriage. Moved well. BOB 

2nd Prowse, QUILESTA JUST ENDEARING, B. Pleasing head to this girl, strong bone and good feet. Carries her topline firmly on the move . 


Large Munsterlander Open  ( 2) 

1st Disney & Whiting, WONGLEPONG WILL’S FARAMIR, D. Standing he is all male, balanced with sloping shoulders , clean muscular neck & well sprung ribs. Unfortunately he was carrying a little too much weight and it showed when on the moved 

2nd Leeming, ASHLOWRICK LADIES DAY AT ISCADU, B. Bitch of a good size. Shown in good condition  but a little hesitant on the move. 


Any Variety Gundog Minor Puppy   (10,3) 

1st Rutherford, MAJESTYKA INDIAN SUMMER, B  (Irish Setter) 6mths.  This is such a quality bitch to go over. Super forehand with straight front, well angulated shoulders, her quarters have width & muscular definition with low hocks, straight when viewed from behind, Today she flowed around the ring with driving action.  




Any Variety Gundog Puppy (4,3) 

1st Kibby, TIVERSTONE LADYS DELIGHT (English Springer Spaniel) B. Repeat 


Any Variety Gundog Junior (22,11) 

1st  Harris, Bridgewater & Hoeksema, BRIDGELLA’S FIRST EDITION AT KONAKAKELA (English Setter) D.  Repeat 

2nd Baker & Judd, HARPITTS MINNIE MACK (Labrador Retriever) D.  Lovely stylish quality dog, masculine head with a lovely expression, strong neck leading into clean shoulders, deep well sprung ribs, very good angulation behind, moved soundly and with drive. 

3rd Clunie, WARRANTOR CAIPIRINHA B. (Golden Retreiver) 


Any Variety Gundog Open Dog  (7,1) 

1st Collier, BELATARR NORTH BY NORTHWEST (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla). D Masculine dog with a typical quality head, super expression, strong muzzle, strong neck of good length, lovely bone, legs and good feet, strong loins, correct topline and underline, well angulated hindquarters including width of second thigh, excellent wire coat. Moved really well covering the ground. 

2nd Parkhouse, SANDLUGA MAGIC SPELL FOR SHIVANI, (Cocker Spaniel) D. , Lovely head with correct planes, best of legs and feet, coat of correct texture & condition, firm topline, good tailset, free striding, merry and a sound mover. 

3rd Weare, KAMAZE REVOLUTION (Large Munsterlander) D.    Repeat 


Any Variety Gundog Open Bitch   (11,7) 

1st Brewer, STRADCOT THREE WISHES (Golden Retriever) B. Pretty head with excellent pigmentation. Strongly developed chest, excellent pro-sternum.  On the stack she presents a balance outline and her movement is fluid. Expertly presented in gleaming coat. 

2nd Cuff, SILVERNITJAR WAGTAIL WALTZ (Pointer) B. Repeat  

3rd Harries, MYRNA LOY (German Wirehaired Pointer) B. 


Any Variety Gundog Special Champion  (8,5) 

1st Collier, Sh Ch BELATARR MAHALIA JACKSON Sh CM, (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla) B. Super bitch. A real showgirl with a very pretty head. Correct body shape with good fore and aft angles. She looks a picture when stacked, and she possess a good harsh wire coat. On the move she has powerful driving action. Well presented and very well handled.  

2nd Carson & Dunne, Sh Ch KHAMSYNN CARRY ON CRUISING TO MOORPOINT ShCM JW, (Weimaraner) D. Repeat 

3rd  Courtier, Sh Ch MAYCOURT HUNKY DORY JW ShCM, (Curly Coated Retriever ) B.  


Any Variety Gundog Good Citizen Scheme   (12,7) 

1st Kibby, TIVERSTONE LADYS DELIGHT (English Springer Spaniel) B Repeat 

2nd Harris, KINGSMIST PANTHER (Field Spaniel) D. Lovely size and balance, typical head with the best of expressions from well shaped eyes. Strong neck of good length leading into well placed shoulders, very good angulation with good, width of second thigh. Moved true. Just needs his coat to develop to complete the picture. 

3rd MacDonald, GRAYLACIER GRAND ILLUSION (Gordon Setter)  D. 


Any Variety Gundog Special Working Gundog  (4,2) 

1st Trotter, LUSSAC VILL I AN JW (Flat Coated Retriever) D Not a big dog but very masculine and balanced. Long, moulded head with a soft expression . Good fore and aft angulation. Moved well with a lashing tail. 

2nd RUTILUS WHO KNEW (Weimaraner) D. , balanced head, stands well in front, holds his topline on the stack and on the move. He was quite fussy on the move today and this made him over reach. 


Any Variety Gundog Brace  (4,2) 

1st Powell & Tatum, MADRELIATH’S ASTA & WELTGUIST AMY (Weimaraner) Well matched pair who moved fluidly with reach and drive and matching footfall.  

2nd Harries, DREGHEDA IF I WERE SINGLE & MYRNA LOY (German Wirehaired Pointer). Complimetary pair that were just a bit of a handful on the move. 


A.V. Gundog The Brenda Phillips Memorial Puppy Stakes   (9,2)  

1st Bastin, WILCHRIMANE MINT JULEP TO JAROBEDE, B  (Pointer) Repeat 

2nd Harris, BLAZING BRONZE HAPPY CLAPPY SINGS WITH KONAKAKELA (Imp Nld) (NAF) (TAF)   D.  (Irish Setter ) Well grown boy with a pleasing outline and proportions, balanced and good proportions to head, good bone and substance, well-shaped feet, good balance of fore and rear assemblies, pleasing tail set and carriage, nicely settled on the move. 

3rd  Braddon, TRENDLEWOOD DUNABBEY TEN OUT OF TEN B, (Labrador Retriever) 


A.V. Gundog The Alfred Fowle Memorial Open Stakes  (22,12)  

1st Collier, Sh Ch BELATARR MAHALIA JACKSON Sh CM, (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla)  B   Repeat 

2nd Courtier, MAYCOURT CRIMSON MOON, B ( Curly Coated Retriever) B Repeat 

3rd  Johnson, DEVONIVY DIAMOND CUT BY NIALLGOLD, (Golden Retriever) D, 


Christine Schofield