• Show Date: 05/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christine Schofield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern English Setter Society

Northern English Setter Society – Open Show  5th May 2018 

Many thanks for a lovely quality entry, and the sporting way that the winners were applauded, it made it a most enjoyable day.  Presentation of all the dogs on the day was excellent and my hands were as clean when I had completed my judging as when I started

Veteran D/B      6,3 

1st    Loynd’s Richecca Sea The Stars At Crimbledale  Beautiful headed bitch showing balanced planes and a soft expression. Medium boned limbs, long neck into clean shoulders, deep brisket, super spring of ribs, correct topline, excellent coat, moved with a great profile stride. Best Veteran In Show 

2nd   Harris’s Sh Ch Mariglen Gift Wrapped, Strong moving elegant girl, her footfall is excellent. Sweetest of heads with a soft expressive eye. Balanced throughout with good length to neck leading smoothly in to shoulders, firm topline and well-muscled quarters.  

3rd    Mellish’s Walshaw Christmas Spirit At Monbrec   

Minor Puppy D/B     7,2 

1st    Golby’s Wansleydale Coin Treau For Shadymoore , Fabulous head to this lady, great chiselling and the softest of expressions, strong topline and well developed quarters, Sound and stylish on the move with good reach and drive.   Best Puppy In Show 

2nd   Grimsdell ‘s Tattersett Dark Honey, Balanced feminine head. Straight front limbs, well ribbed for age.  Unfortunately, she was losing her topline on the stance, I’m sure this will correct itself as she matures. Moved out well.  

3rd    Stewart & Quenby’s Tattersett Dash Of Spice   

Puppy D/B      3,1 

1st     Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray My notes say ‘’exudes character’’ and he certainly did. Quite an eye catcher, possesses the loveliest of head, great bone and presents a balanced outline, moves with accurate footfall and a fabulously lashing tail.   

2nd    Taylor’s Wansleydale Quicksilver, Good body and type on this boy, he is classic in outline.  Correct head and balanced fore and aft he moved with purpose and drive using his tail to advantage.  Just preferred the bone on 1st .   

Junior Dog      4 

1st     Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray  - repeat 

2nd    Jones’s Ravensett Carnelian At Redbornstoke, Balanced head with a kindly expression. Good front and rear angles and good overall balance. Moved exuberantly using his tail well. 

3rd     Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz   

Yearling Dog     4 

1st    Schoneville & Derry’s Hawklawn Khamsin At Balveni. Really liked the size, front and rear angles and overall balance of this young man. Loved his head with the ‘kind’ look and correct proportions and squared off muzzle. Moved fluidly using his tail well. 

2nd    Jones’s Ravensett Carnelian At Redbornstoke - repeat 

3rd    Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz       

Graduate Dog     1 

1st    Mellish’s Wattlewood Silver Arrow To Monbrec.  Well grown boy, possessing a typical outline and impressive stature. Moved out with style. 

Post Graduate Dog     5,1 

1st    Goutorbe’s Redhara Billy Whizz. Appealing eye and expression, well arched and strong neck line, excellent fullness of rib, has complimentary balance of forehand and rear assemblies, Moved stylishly and positively.  

2nd   Jennings-Suarman & Suarman’s Canteris Cool For Catz attractive masculine young dog, appealing head with a soft expression. Balanced outline good front, neck and correct topline. Quality throughout but unfortunately he decided not to give ‘his all’ on the move. 

3rd    Stead’s Upperwood Michaelmas Man   

Limit Dog     5 

1st     Cole’s Sorbus Storm Ryder. Masculine young man who was showing his attributes with confidence. Well-developed head with good chiselling below the kindest of eyes. Good balance throughout. Moved well with the characteristic lashing tail good drive from his excellent quarters.  

2nd    Stewart & Quenby’s Tattersett Galileo This boy has the most appealing eye. Pleasing for overall balance, moves enthusiastically which can throw his front out but he has good reach and drive 

3rd Valance & Callander’s Ennybloc Yorkshire Elite To Rowanmyle   

Open Dog     3  

1st     Bott & Allen’s Quensha Back To The Future. This young man scores in outline and balance. He carries his topline firmly, deep chested and lovely bone. Straight and strong in front and he has a good ‘big bum’. Flowed around the ring showing good reach and drive. Very well presented and well- muscled. Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show 

2nd    Loynd’s Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea The Skies. Typical head shape with the kindest of eye, strong neck leading in to sloping shoulders, good depth and correct spring to ribs. Strong quarters which were used to advantage on the move giving a free flowing stride. Reserve Best Dog 

3rd    Wilson’s Abiwrose Blue Musketeer   

Junior Bitch     3,1  

1st     Howarth’s Alolfran Kansas Kate At Moorbrook. Classy young lady with loads of promise, so soundly built on correct lines. Balanced head planes with a soft expression. Her body proportions are ideal giving the outline that I look for. On the move she has reach and drive, a bright future I’m sure.  

2nd    Henry’s Beechanger Velvet Crab. Pleasing head, she has good balance to her body and showing lovely breed type. In lovely coat. Move freely.   

Yearling Bitch      2  

1st     Jarvis’s Hawklawn Summer Breeze. Well grown girl, possessing a sweet head with a soft expression. Well laid back shoulders and good spring of rib, strong quarters which were well used on the move. Just needs to grow a coat.   

2nd    Welburn’s Bramstorm Faerie Silk At Osshowa. Finer all way through than 1st, but I did like her size. Good length to upper arm, good tight feet. She covers the ground well on the move   

Graduate Bitch     5,2 

1st     Taylor’s Wansleydale Margarita Lovely size and shape, balanced throughout and fits the standard so well. Well balanced head with the best of eyes and such a soft expression. Well ribbed back to strong loin and strong quarters. Super muscular condition which translated into effortless driving movement.  Reserve Best Bitch 

2nd    Valance’s Shanza Coralinn Over Rowanmyle. Feminine bitch in good coat and very well presented. Has a lovely shape but to be critical I would like more forechest and depth. But she is of good breed type and she moved well.   

3rd    Jarvis’s Hawklawn Summer Breeze   

Post Graduate Bitch      3 

1st    Williamson’s Hawklawn Kaleidoscope Lovely stylish quality bitch, typical feminine head with a lovely expression, strong neck leading into clean shoulders, deep well sprung ribs, correct topline, very good angulation behind, moved soundly and with drive. 

2nd    Ridsdill’s Tattersett Burnt Sugar I really liked this lady she has good proportions and her footfall is prescise, she just needs a bit more schooling to show her attributes to advantage. 

3rd     Dennis, Harris & Morgan’s Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen   

Limit Bitch       7, 1 

1st     Loynd’s Crimbledale Seaing Stars. This lady has breed type from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. I loved her head, kind eye of lovely shape and colour giving a melting expression. Good neck & shoulders, well sprung ribs and strong quarters which give her a firm level topline. She has reach and drive and wonderful profile movement. Skilful handling brought out the very best in this lovely bitch.  Best Bitch &  Best In Show 

2nd    Dennis’s Mariglen Sweetpea a beautiful headed bitch, the softest of expressions. Good length of neck leading in to well- placed shoulders, strong quarters which were well muscled, and in turn gave driving movement 

3rd    Wilson’s Upperwood Unforgetable At Abiwrose   

Open Bitch       3

1st     Bott & Allen’s Quensha Shadows Of The Night Such a lovely size and balance, typical feminine head with the best of expressions from lovely shaped eyes. Strong neck of good length leading into well placed shoulders, very good angulation with good, width of second thigh. Moved true and with attitude. Just needs her coat to develop to complete the picture. 

2nd    Stephenson’s Lakecastle Sakura at Wistaton. , Sweet headed with a lovely soft eye. Pleasing outline but does tend to drop her topline on the stack.  Moved steadily. 

3rd     Williamson’s Balvenie Sheer Surprise     

Christine Schofield