• Show Date: 21/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christine Pollok Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ulster Cocker Spaniel Club

Ulster Cocker Spaniel Club Open Show 21/04/2018 Judge Ms C Pollok

My thanks to all exhibitors for managing to make the show after it had to be rescheduled due to bad weather in March. I would also like to thank the committee for a well run and sociable show which I think all exhibitors enjoyed. Presentation was a bit hit and miss for some exhibitors and I noticed on some exhibits, the use of clippers/scissors especially on the outside of the upper arm, which can make it look unnatural.

MPD:2(1abs)Baillie's Thornbrook Pretty Tied up. 7Mth b/r  a chunky square promising puppy with a nice balanced square overall outline which didn't disappoint on handling, with well sprung ribs for his age. Dark eye and soft melting typical cocker expression, good dentition and good ear set and balanced muzzle and head. Square all through with good level topline and angulation front and rear, good tail set, short coupled and happy on the move showing good front and rear action and showed drive.BPD & BP

PD:3 (3)

JD:1 Brennan's Kerrijoy Marlon Brando. Appealling 20Mth b/r Square and cobby all over, good level topline. Dark eye set in a balanced head with good dentition and well set ears. Still got a bit of maturing to do as expected at this age but moved well holding topline and a good tail set, with reach and drive. Should do well in the future.

SYD:2 (1abs)Lavery's Minvery's Quid's in. Well marked b/t well developed body and deep in brisket with tight elbows.Didn't have the overall balance I like to see. Nice dark eye and balanced head. Short coupled. However rear action was not positive on the move today.

GD: 2 (1abs)Baillie's Helenwood thunder Cloud Over Thornbrook. Dark b/r this dog really appealled to me however subdued tail action on the move let him down in the challenge. Not the biggest of dogs but very square with substance. Beautiful square head and dark eye with soft expression and good dentition. Moderate reach of neck leading into an excellect front assembly,well sprung ribs Short coupled, level topline with well developed and angled rear assembly with well let down hocks. Moved true with reach and drive, I hope in the future he can begin to enjoy himself in the show ring.RBD

LD:2:1) Baillie's Tuxedo Junction for Thornbrook.b/r would like more of him all over, good front, short coupled. Dark eye and square head. Was moving a bit too close behind on the move today.

2)Comisky's Etiruza Buster Bumblechops. My notes say a bit of a handful.A longer coupled b/r dog than the class winner but has substance and a good head and expression. Also moved close behind today.

OD:4 (2abs) 1)Brennan's Kerryjoy The Ice King; A substancial mature dog Square in outline, Dark eye and square muzzle good dentition and well set ears. Good reach of neck flowing into a well angled front assembly, Well sprung ribs and short coupled with a nice rounded rear end and well set tail. Level topline which he kept on the move and he does like to move, happily and with reach and drive both front and rear, a real showman. BD and BOB.Well handed and presented.

2)Laferty's Marquell Mister Call To Snowgate. Dark b/r Square in outline all through from head to rear. Balanced head and ear set. Preferred my winner's front assembly angluation, not as much reach on the move as my class winer but did move soundly and happily. Well presented.


MPB: 3(1abs)Laferty's Snowgate Special Time. Dark b/r. A substancial puppy short and cobby with deep well sprung ribs. Good angulation front and rear. Good dentition and dark eye. Moved steadily on tight feet and nicely presented.

2)Baille's Thornbrook Dancing Belle. b/r Very much a minor baby with plenty time to mature into herself. Square outline and short coupled. On the move she had a lot of fun.


PB: 3 (2abs) Graham's Stiloga Sweety Charity. A mature black bitch with plenty of substance. Good dentition and ear set. Deep Brisket and good front angulation. Level topline, rounded rear and well set tail, moved well with a happy tail.BPB,RBB & RBPS

JB:2 (1abs) 1)Laferty's Topenkopf Spirit Dancer at Laveris. b/t Well bodied bitch with a good dark tight eye and square muzzle. A good front angled assembly with a deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Nice tight feet and a good tail set. Moved well with drive, well presented.

2)Baillie's Thornbrook ballerina. b/r, square muzzle and balanced head with good ear set, not quite the overall balance as my winner and would prefer more of her. Gave her handler a difficult time on the move.


SYB:5 (1abs)1)Laferty's Laveris Tinsel Star. Light b/r pretty bitch short and cobby, not the biggest but everything where you want it to be. Square all through with good angulation front and rear. Well presented and moved well once settled.

2)Irelands's Thornbrook Hawian Sunset. o/r. My notes say not the easiest to handle but an honest bitch free from exageration. Pretty head and expression, took time to settle.

3)Brennans Backhills Mini Model at Kerryijoy

4)Cominskey's Kerryjoy Merry

GB:3 1)Lavery's Minvery's After Eight. b/r  Underneath a rather wild coat there was nicely put together bitch with an excellent front and deep ribs and brisket. Square head with dark eye and square muzzle and good ear set. Well rounded rear with good hind angluation. Moved well.

2)Cominsky's Thornbrook Somebody to Love. O/r A very happy girl who would rather be moving that standing my notes say. Nice head eye and expression. A touch wider at the front than I like which showed when moving. However she did move with cockery exuberance.

3)Ireland's Thornbrook A Kind of Magic

LB: 2 (1abs) Lavery's Minvery Indian Summer. Dark B/r bitch with a lot of substance. Balanced head and ear set. Plenty of bone Slightly longer coupled than I prefer and had a tendancy to pace on the move.

OB:3 (2abs) Laferty's Laveris Instyle. Gold bitch of a type that I could take home. Beautiful square head with tight dark eye and typical soft cocker expression. Balanced and square allover in outline with an excellent front assembly, deep brisket and tight elbows. Level topline and good well muscled and angulated rear, short coupled and good tail set. Well presented. Moved true front and rear, however in the challenge did not do herself justice BB and RBS.

VDorB:2 1)Fleming's Lynwater Favour o/r bitch not letting her age slow her down too much. An honestly constructed girl with an appealling head and expression with a nice dark eye, deep in brisket with a well constructed front, with good hind angulation who moved steadily.BV

2) Lavery's Hustonia Paparazzi. Black bitch who was clearly enjoying her day out. A very happy girl a touch longer cast than my winner.