• Show Date: 17/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Devon County Agricultural Association



  POINTERS  Junior  1.  Siddle’s Wilchrimane Pirouette. A beautiful 14 mths o/w full of quality with bone and substance and a very elegant outlook. I love her size and tight skin and her flowing curves. She has a classic head and expression, thin ears, excellent front angulation and oval feet. This is all carried through by her excellent tail set and wonderful Pointer bee sting tail. Very stylish in the move.  2. Matthew’s Medogold Tartini With Sonham. This 10 mths bitch is very eye catching on the stack and carries a strong topline on the move. She has a well angulated front with good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Wonderful slope to her pasterns and quality tail. Just not as together as the winner. BPIB. 3. Osman’s Fleurfield Firethorn At Marissolo  Graduate  1. Cuff’s Silvernitjar Wagtail Waltz. Rather rangy b/w who picks up in front on the move and carries her tail a bit high for my preference. That having been said she has quality, a strong topline, good length of upper arm, strong quarters and clearly visible sinew. She has a very pretty head with clean cheeks.  Open   1. Tannahill’s Wynbury Walter Jack JW. Stylish b/w with a quality head showing a well proportioned dished face, high set fine ears, strong arched neck, well muscled front, deep chest, wide quarters and moves on an easy open stride. BOB. 2. Webb’s Wilchrimane Rough Crystal. This is a quality dog but sadly stacks very upright in front. He could use a bit more spring of rib but his head is very handsome indeed with a bright expression. He carries a strong level topline, is deep in brisket and has very clear sinew.     GSP  Graduate  1. Burford’s Pingarypoint Legolicious. She has grace in outline with a short back and stands over plenty of ground. Pretty, clean cut head, deep chest and is well ribbed up. Covers plenty of ground on the move. 2. Sanders’ Alcazar Amano. Solid liver puppy of excellent type with a broad and slightly rounded skull and high set broad ears. Level topline and good underline. Lithe on the move but crabbed slightly. Good coarse coat texture. BPIB. 3. Burford’s Kavacanne Morgan You Know  Open  1. Burford’s Pingarypoint Hot Topic. I have done well for both 1st and 2nd before. Both have grace and style and are of very noble bearing. Being full siblings they carry many of the same qualities. Clean cut heads with raised brows, strong muzzles, elegant necks and well laid shoulders. They are well muscled and have short coarse coats. Today I preferred the winner in front with her clear prosternum and legs well under her body. Moves on a long stride. BOB. 2. Burford’s Pingarypoint Eye Candy JW. 3. Cox’s Viewforth The Rodders    Hungarian Vizsla  Graduate  1. Warnes’ Debian Domination. Square in outline with good spring of rib and plenty of depth. Good in front, strong neck, short loin. I was distracted by his high tail carriage but his head carriage shows a noble bearing. BOB.  2. Wilkins and Littler’s Kensteen Ash. Rangy 13 mths dog whose handler needs to get to grips with him. Noble appearance, level topline but movement is all over the place right now.       Italian Spinoni  Graduate  1. Kemp’s Pendio Pelo Ruvido. Rather heavy in head for me but with good width in front and shoulder blades set well apart. Solidly built with strong bone, short neck, good front angulation and strong topline. Short strong loin, wide quarters, moves with a good Spin trot.  2. Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Perlescenti. Rangy and immature but only 11 mths so plenty of time. Pretty roof like head with human eye, a good spring of rib but rather narrow in loin. Powerful thighs, moves OK. BPIB. 3. Sansom’s Lyndyck Ginger Biscuit  Open  1. Kruglow’s Amberellie Adrianna. Fabulous size and so square in outline. Balanced head with lean skull and divergent planes, short strong neck, big ribs, subtle fall and rise to topline, broad croup, good bend of stifle. Moves on a relaxed and pounding trot. BOB and Group 3.    Gordon Setters  1. Passmore’s Beechlake I Dared To Dream. Has a coal black coat with rich tan markings and a striking outline with galloping lines. Deep head with slightly shorter foreface to skull, lean muzzle with square finish and thin low set ears. Has strength in body and well sprung ribs. Broad and muscular behind giving propulsion and great reach in front.  BOB. 2. Passmore’s Gladysrose Candy Crush. Slightly rounded skull with clear stop, elegant neck, great tail set. Didn’t have the steady movement of the winner.  3. Grigg’s Beechlake The Dreamer    English Setters  Open  1. Osman’s Bournehouse Star Gazer at Marissolo ShCM. A well constructed and eye catching dog carrying plenty of coat but I would prefer a more silky texture.  He is a tad broad in skull but he has a well defined stop and strong muzzle. His shoulders are well laid with an excellent return of upper arm, short back, strong loin and moves with that fabulous slashing tail action. BOB. The next two are 10 mths o/b  litter mates and I found it hard to separate them as they are both quality exhibits. Their heads are well balanced with dark eyes and melting expressions and they have that loveable, bubbly puppy roll on the move. Both have good depth and spring of rib with wide quarters giving push and drive from behind. Today the dog had better forward reach. 2. Harris & Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s First Edition With Konakakela. BPIB, Puppy Group 1 and winner of Res BOB Stakes.3. Masters and Dott’s Bridgella’s Lauren Bacall At Manchela    Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  Graduate  1. Dee’s Melanitta Carelinus. Plenty of type and a good size. Wedge shaped head with almond eye, high set ears, great front angulation and moves with very good forward reach. Well coated with clear white markings. 2. Palfrey’s Flushpoint Whata Accident For Melanitta (Imp) Such a pretty head and compact body. I just wish she’d got her tail up a bit more on he move 3. Vaughan’s Catimba Malvasia Of Valsannra.  BPIB.  Open  1. Erikachen Oiruadh For Deltandamba. It was a close decision between 1 & 2 which was clinched by the better performance of the winner. Super forehand with depth and heart room, strong loin, well muscled throughout, neat, well marked feet. Moved with drive but a tad close behind. BOB. 2. M. Carelinus. 3. Vaughan’s Born To Run For Valsannra    Flat Coated Retrievers  Junior  1. Bellamy’s Moontorn Goddeess Of Love. 13 mths bitch who has an eye catching outline, strong topline, well moulded head, strong neck and well turned quarters. She needs to develop a bit more in rib and is a bit loose in front but this will come with maturity. Very stylish on the move.   Graduate  1. Bowen’s Clandrift Midnight Galaxy. Presents a racy outline and has plenty of substance, strong neck, excellent forechest and strong topline. Wedge shaped head with small ears. Glossy black coat, moves very well. 2. Thurgood’s Thurwhitt Madam Cholet. Not as forward as the winner but has good angulation, long head and moves well. 3. Legg’s Clandrift Dark Lady  Open  1. Thurgood’s Ballyriver Snowflake At Thurwhitt. What a fabulous dog. He totally filled my eye on the stack; a picture of power and flowing elegance. He clearly knows how good he is and has that ‘who’s second?’ bearing. His head is so beautifully moulded and his eyes dark and expressive. He has quality bone, depth of brisket, a long ribcage and short loin. His hindquarters are strong and powerful without exaggeration and his feet are round and strong. In superb coat and condition, he was glowing blue black in the sunshine. He powers round the ring on a free and easy stride with an ever wagging tail. He upped his game even more in the group and showed off his confidence and sheer love for life to take Group 1 and then BIS. 2. Lewis’ Draketor Sea Gypsy Among Fairwinds. Heavier in build than the winner but moves with drive and an ever lashing tail.     Curly Coat Retrievers  Open. A cracking class, three excellent bitches.   1. Jack’s Maycourt Space Oddity BOB. Both 1 & 2 have beautiful wedge shaped heads with small ears and strong necks. Well ribbed up and strong behind I felt the winner had a slightly crisper feel to her coat and was more elegant in outline. 2. Courtier’s Maycourt Crimson Moon. 3. Courtier’s Maycourt Hunky Dory JW ShCM    Weimaraners  Graduate  1. Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk. Masculine head with medium sized eye, well developed forechest, good length to height ratio, well ribbed up, good underline and moderate angulation. Needs to develop more second thigh and rather unsettled on the move but this is a good young dog.  Open  1. Rutland and Jones’ Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry On Camping JW. This is a fabulous 8 yr old, so noble in appearance with a wonderful head and eye. Long back, short strong loin and well turned stifles. Effortless ground covering movement and terrific tail carriage. BOB and Group 4. 2. Mutlow’s Risinglark Hawk Wing JW ShCM. Upstanding dog of good type. He is a lovely shape displaying strength and balance with well sprung ribs and a nice big bum. Couldn’t match the movement of the winner and was rather proud of his tail.   American Cocker Spaniels  Open  1. Walden’s Taramount Wot Dream May Come. Good head with round skull and soft expression, plenty of stop and low set ears. He needs more rib and was a bit skinny under that beautifully presented coat. Moved well but didn’t get his tail up. BOB.     English Springer Spaniels  Graduate  1. Holman’s Wenark Mayzin Grace NAF TAF ARAF. Springer by name and springer by nature but she was certainly enjoying herself. She has a lovely head and eye, strong muzzle, good ear set and strong neck. Just a bit raw at the moment. BPIB.  Open  1. Hosking’s Teignvalley Revo. Has a typical Springer front action and shows a clean pair of heels going away. Decent rib and depth with well developed second thigh. Just a bit untidy in coat.  BOB.     AVNSC Gundog  Graduate  1. McAllister’s Mizani Diorbe Of Slovakia (Lagotto). Handsome head, square body with legs slightly longer than depth of body. Tail well set on slightly sloping croup, woolly coat. Excellent front movement. Best AVNSC and Puppy Group 4. 2. Harries’ Dregheda If I Were Single (GWP). I liked his head, well sprung ribs and strong quarters. Fabulous forward reach. 3. Cole’s Zoldmali Jaguar (HWV)  Open  1. Majster’s Pindani Honeysuckle (Sussex Sp). Long well ribbed body, strongly boned legs with plenty of substance throughout. Wonderful Sussex frown and soft coat with gold tips. Moves with a typical roll.     A.V. Gundog  Puppy  1. Rutherford & Judge’s Riverbrue Galliano Fizz To Clonageera (Irish Setter). A very exciting puppy with masses of promise. He is racy, has substance and is full of quality. He couldn’t be missed. 2. Harris & Bridgwater B. First Edition With K (Eng Set). 3. Matthews’ M. Tartini With S (Pointer)  Open  1. Hillary’s Edasiy Dream Maker (Cocker Sp). Square in outline with a beautiful head. Sound mover.  2. Lampersberger’s Benoveor Field Of Dreams To Kurzeja (WSS). Balanced with a good topline and strong quarters. Moved well. 3. Lampersberger’s Benoveor Playing For Keeps To Kurzeja (WSS)    A.V. Gundog Veteran  1. Green and Brain’s Rothmia Queen Sophia At Meloneras ShCM (Cocker Sp). Beautiful black and one I have done well for in the past. Square and merry. Loving the limelight and showing her socks off. 2. Edworthy’s Sh Ch Maycourt Chase The Ace (Curly). Excellent type with the best of crisp curls. 3. Palfrey’s Foxdown Bertie Allsorts ShCM (Toller)    Gundog Group  1. Thurgood’s Ballyriver Snowflake At Thurwhitt. Flat Coat Ret. 2. Pearn’s Fonesse Fingibson In Gwbert (Cocker Sp). So square and Cockery. 3. Kruglow’s Amberellie Adrainna (It Spin). 4. Rutland & Jones’ Sh Ch K. Carry On C. JW    Gundog Puppy Group  1. Harris and Bridgwater’s B. First Edition With K. (Eng Set). 2. Masters and Dott’s Manchela Sarabi (Cocker Sp) A beautiful puppy nothing exaggerated, so square. 3. Clunie’s Warrentor Caipirinha (Gold Ret). Classy with excellent tail set. 4. McAllister’s M. Diorbe Of S. (Lagotto)    A.V. Gundog Champion Stakes  1. Bowen’s Ch Candiliz Black Admiral For Clandrift JW ShCM (Flat Coat). What a grand chap. Exudes type with his raciness, substance and lashing tail action. Super front and turn of stifle. 2. Attwood’s Ir Sh Ch Moorash Lady Ygraine Of Kylowen (WSS). She has such a kind eye and has excellent footfall but I wish she’d got her tail up on the move. 3. Edworthy’s Sh Ch M. Chase the A. (Curly). 

Christine Morgan