• Show Date: 30/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Edwinstowe & District Canine Society


30TH MARCH 2018


Puppy (3)

1. Taylor’s Maursett Mathos. What a grand little chap at 6 mths old today. Square head with a pensive expression and muscular crest to his neck. Well boned and straight front legs, long body, deep flank and silky coat. He was all puppy on the move. BPIB. 2. Dawson’s Berskerby Luminescent. Doesn’t have the head nor the balance of the winner but what a terrific temperament he displays. Well boned and moves with purpose. 3. Guy’s Teedsmuir Swashbuckler at Jahanghir

Post Grad (4,1)

1. Grant’s Tweedsmuir Chenoa at Windfly. Res. BOB. Balanced head with deep stop, heavy brows and square muzzle. Has good angulation with nothing exaggerated. Uses her powerful quarters on the move but just dips slightly behind the withers. Preferred her depth in flank to that of 2. Boden’s Suelynda Devil in Disguise. Not in her best coat today and looking rather raw and waisty but she has a very pretty head and a kind and thoughtful expression. 3. Boden’s Marshalver Moonriver

Open (3,2)

1. Boden’s Suelynda Chantilly. Of very good type displaying strength in body with plenty of bone and has a super strong topline that she holds on the move. Her head is balanced and square and her eyes are clean and expressive. She has a strong neck, well laid shoulders, depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Her quarters are well developed and powerful with a good turn of stifle. An effortless mover showing a clean pair of heels and excellent tail carriage. Very well handled. BOB and Gundog Group 4.


Puppy (2)

1. Clarke’s Tigerock Radio Ga Ga. What a cracking 10 mth old puppy. He has such wonderful balance and a masculine, handsome head with square finish to muzzle. Compact body, well developed chest with depth and muscular loin. Well muscled all through with exceptional second thigh development. Beautifully presented and handled. BPIB and Gundog Puppy Group 2. 2. Clarke’s Tigerock Strike a Pose. Doesn’t have the head of her brother but it is still very agreeable. She has the same slightly arched neck and strong compact body with well sprung ribs and moves on an easy stride with lashing tail.

Junior (3)

1. T. Radio Ga Ga. 2. T. Stgrike a Pose. 3. Osbourne’s Pendarlow Peter Pan with Braego

Post Grad (3, 1)

1. Glendinning’s Plaiglen Beaters Bstylish. A quality exhibit of great balance and style. He has that slightly racy look whilst maintaining strength and substance. His masculine head is beautifully chiselled and he has a very kind almond shaped eye. His forequarters are well developed with plenty of depth and an excellent prosternum. Broad, muscular thighs with moderately bent stifles. Stands on tight feet and moves effortlessly. BOB. 2. Milner’s Ferncopse Turke. Rather broad in head and moves close behind but he has big ribs and excellent muscle tone.

Open (5, 2)

1. Wallis’ Petranella The Real Deal of Pendarlow. Has a very pretty and nicely chiselled head with strength in muzzle and ears set in line with eye. Compact body, good turn of stifle and well developed second thigh. Has good forward reach. RBOB.

2. Rose’s Jaraina Justella. Rangier than the winner and couldn’t match her movement but her head is well balanced with flat cheeks and square flew. 3. F. Turke


Puppy (2)

1. Squire’s Taftazini Honour Wynna. Full of breed type this is a quality puppy. She has a beautifully chiselled head, strong neck, well laid shoulders and a short strong back. She stands over good ground on tight feet with gently sloping pasterns. Her coat is harsh and she strides out well. BPIB, Res. BOB and Gundog Puppy Group 1. 2. Thompsons’ Withamfriary Sacramento. Rangier and finer than the winner but she is short in back and stands over plenty of ground. A very happy girl carrying her tail well.

Junior (4)

1. Pearson’s Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Certainly not making the most of herself on the stack she relaxed on the move to show a good outline and strong driving action. Typical head with slightly rounded skull and raised brows. 2. Slack’s Pingarrypoint Legolustrous. Strong level back, deep chest and good sweep of stifle. I found her tail set a bit high which spoiled her outline. 3. Hooper and Brooks’ Kentsteen Diemal of Lollitonk

Post Grad (3)

1. Staley’s Jomeel Monkey Wrench. An upstanding dog of substance who is very well muscled and moves with drive. He is deep in rib and has wide quarters. I preferred the finish of his muzzle to that of 2. Trow’s Winterwell Mr Hobbs. Very well balanced in body and with a noble appearance he is short in back with powerful hindquarters. 3. Ellerker and Hunton’s Mischief Maker Brecon at Deaconsmiley

Open (5, 2)

1. Trow’s Ch Winterwell Inca Trail JW. This bitch simply screams GSP. She is so impressive on the stack with her grace of outline and noble appearance. She certainly looks like she could do a day’s work and from her title I see that she can. Being a non-coated breed, her attributes are there for all to see; correctly made with a clean cut head she is very agile and alert on the move. BOB and Gundog Group 2. 2. Staley’s Keigame Chilli Bean at Jomeel. This dog has wonderful front angulation with its length and return of upper arm. He doesn’t have the width behind of the winner but he moves well and is well handled. 3. Staley’s Jomeel Midnight Rambler

Christine Morgan