• Show Date: 11/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christine Bell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association


SUNDAY 11.02.18

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this lovely open show, to all the exhibitors for the pleasing entry and the sporting manor they took my decisions. I was not scheduled to judge Chihuahuas but unfortunately the judge was unwell.


PUPPY (4,0)

1.Rhodes Calonlan Pretty in Pink. 9 month well broken blenheim bitch. Broad skull almost flat between ears. Large round eyes spaced well. Good spring of rib for age. Moved well once she held her head up. BP.

2. Rhodes Calonlan Margarita. Very feminine well marked tri-colour bitch. Round dark eyes giving the softest expression. Moderate neck slightly arched. I liked her overall size, very balanced and free moving but lacked the confidence of her kennel mate.

3.Holbrook Vonnyisle ice princess

4.Holbrook Vonnyisle ice maiden.

JUNIOR (6,1)

1.Goodwin, Lanola Santuzza JW. A quality rich Blenheim bitch. Nice size. Correct head with dark pigment & large dark round eyes. Moderate arched neck on well laid shoulders Good turn of stifle and let down hocks. She moved elegantly with drive showing her wonderful reach.

2. Case, Cobbets catatonia at Ginajay. Pretty blenheim bitch with shallow stop & well tapered muzzle. Correct ear se. Her nicely angulated stifle and muscled rear allowed her to move with ease and drive round the ring.

3. Long, Arroline utopia

4. Holbrook, Vonnyisle Party Politics

5. Yeates, Merryanna queen Eleanor


1. Long, Arroline Euphoria. Immaculately presented well broken blenheim bitch. Excellent temperament and eager to please her handler. Correct dentition & nicely tapered muzzle . Good reach of neck and level topline. Strong pasterns and compact feet. She moved with drive.

2.Yeates, Underknoll Amelia with Merryanna. Tri bitch. Almost flat broad skull. Correct shoulder placement and deep chest. Good spring of rib. Held a level topline on the move.

3.Rhodes, Calonlan Cafe Noir

4.Goodwin, Lanola liberty

5.Kemp, Culverhill cianna at capriconia

OPEN (5,1)

1. Cole Carolus Don Barzini. This boy really moved with drive freely. He is up to size but very balanced. Pleasing head, broad skull complete with lozenge. Large dark round eyes. Well set ears & excellent pigment. Deep chest, well laid shoulders & well sprung ribs. His coat is silky with plenty of feathering. BOB.

2. Long Arroline Phoenix. 3year old tri bitch. Another well presented dog from this kennel. Attractive head with just enough blaze. Shallow stop & dark round eyes. Well constructed with good muscle tone.

3.Smith, Sallcott hallelujah chorus

4.Cragg, Underknoll cherish with Aureus

Chiuhuahua smooth coats

Junior (8,1)

1.Sutton, Nikitos nowearnearnormal. 11 month dog. Large round dark eyes & good pigment. Level back with a nice spring of rib and well bodied. Very confident and Sassy on the move. BOB & BP

2. Ayres, Stanghurst High Flyer. Large dark round eyes placed well. Good depth of brisket. Moved well. I just preferred the pigment of the winner.

3.Brown-Percival Copymear Cactus flower with Sandiman.

4. Slavinec, Copymear Chance

5.Hollister, Voxel ux November Rain.

Post Grad (4,0)

1.Sutton, Arrendene Look a like Nikitos. Well balanced & alert. Nicely arched neck on well laid shoulders. Used her rear angulation to her advantage.

2. Slavinec, Silverchi string of pearls. Apple domed head with dark round eyes and correct ear placement. Good tailset and carriage moved well once settled.

3. Hollister, Sibirskiy Brend Shine Beauty(imp)

4.Bird, Parisland The Shy one.

Open (3,0)

1.Slavinec, Bramerita Berry Nice. Apple domed head with good expression. Ample bone, deep brisket & well sprung rib. She moved swiftly.

2. Sutton, Nikitos Nothinglikenormal Tri bitch lovely dark eyes, sweet expression & moderate muzzle. Level topline but I preferred the front ģ of 1.

3.Brown – Percival, Valenchino premier colour at Sandiman.