• Show Date: 25/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christina Wilkin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Schipperke Club

My thanks to the Schipperke’s Club for inviting me to Judge the Open Show on Sunday March 25th 2018 Class 1: Minor Puppy Dog – 2 entries 1 Holmes Schipdale Morse for Dencas – 1st Best Minor Puppy in Show 6 mths old, first to be judged, cheeky chappie full of himself. Well presented and nicely constructed. Coat just starting to lift but in excellent condition, much to like about him. 2 Thorne Schipdale Rebus – 2nd 6 mths old, litter brother to 1, fractionally small than 1, similar in structure slightly shorter in back, masculine head, coat in prime condition. Class 2: Puppy Dog – 1 entry Wilson’s Chadbower Nevan Henki Mit Clynalwin - 1st 11 mths old, just beginning to fill out, cobby with level top line, balanced head with good eye/ear placement and dentition. Well constructed front assembly and quality coat. Class 3: Junior Dog – 1 entry Forknall’s Avidore Putting on the Style – 1st Best Puppy in Show 15 mths old, another young dog just coming into the lime light. Nicely constructed both front and rear assembly with good angulation. Good top line, nice coat of good texture throughout. One to watch as he matures. Class 4: Special Yearling Dog – No entries Class 5: Post Grade Dog – 3 entries Smiths Ristine Black Sabbeth – 1st 2yrs old, Well balanced top line, correct head improved by good neck and slopping shoulders, and good depth of rib. Sound rear assembly providing free movement. Brookes & Davis Deakie Donnie Dinne - 2nd 2yrs old, good bone, muscular with well developed thighs, rounded rump, front a tad too wide, broad chest and deep in brisket. Massey’s Ristine Tweedledee – 3rd 2 yr. old small dog, nice balanced head correct ears&dark brown oval eyes, good dentition, everything in proportion but a tad to long in the back. Class 6: Limit Dog – 1 entry Brookes Fandal’s Viljam at Ridgebrook – 1st 2and a half years old. Loved the expression of this lad and his assured attitude. Good neck and shoulders. Legs well under body, strong rear assembly, good muscle, allowing for freedom when moving. Coat in good condition, well balance head, level top line. Class 7: Open Dog – 4 entries Philpott Ch Aradet Expert Timing (Agility Warrant Bronze) – 1st Best In Show 7 year old dog. Much to say about this dog, took my eye on movement when he came into the ring. Level top line, balance head with wonderful expression. Nicely constructed front assembly, good neck and shoulder and well sprung rib. Powerful loins, hocks well let down allowing freedom of movement. Fludder Ch. Aradet Xtra Addition – 2nd 7 year old dog did not have the drama of 1 but still another pleasing dog of good quality although slightly smaller. Excellent condition, good coat quantity and texture, excellent head and front assembly, hind quarters strong, muscled thighs, hocks well let down. Rollinson Fandal’s Un Amor For Chadbower – 3rd 3 year old dog Good outline and size, abundance of rib, good straight legs but displays a tendency to be a little wide in front. Tail drops but good tuck up. Class 8: A.O.C. Open Dog – 1 entry – Best Coloured in Show Moore & Nock - Ch Chadbower Finlay for Blitzstan 1st 3 and a half years old, substantial dog, good shoulders and depth of chest. Level top line, balanced head with good pigment, lacks length of coat but what is there is of good quality. Class 9: Veteran Dog Under 10yrs – no entries Class 10: Veteran Dog Over 10yrs – 1 entry Manners Komargo’s Crazy Diamond at Roopec – 1st Regal Gent for his age in excellent condition. Top line still level, good ribs and shoulders, lovely expression and good temperament. Enjoyed his day, just lacked a bit of coat but wonderful for his age. Class 11 Junior Handling (6-11yrs) Francesca Wilson, 10 years, JH 2 1st Charlotte Wilson 6 years, JH 1 2nd Both ladies provided excellent handling skills, having been asked to do a T. Both were nicely groomed, Charlotte just lost out to her sister Francesca and I expect she will be challenging her sister for first place next time. Class 12 Junior Handling (12-16yrs) Leah Scales, 15 years, Having watch this young lady over the years she handles the dog as well as any professional handler. 1st Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch – No entries Class 14 Puppy Bitch – 1 entry Manners Chadbower Nevaeh Lahetti – 1st 1 year old pretty little lady, head well carried, dark oval eye, neat ears and good mouth. Rib adequate, firm loin and nicely tucked up. Level top line, would have like to see a bit more bone. Class 15 Junior Bitch – 2 entries Moore & Nock Ristine Lunar Eclise for Blitzsan – 1st 15 mths old, just beginning to fill out, well constructed front and hind, short coupled level top line, bone appropriate to size allowing for free flowing movement, good coat condition. Thorne Dencas Heartbeat for Schipdale – 2nd 11 mths old, Different to 1, slightly longer in the back, good movement when settle, bold little lady, good shoulder and front assembly, much to like about her head, eyes& ears & mouth, correct coat. Class 16 Special Yearling Bitch – 1 entry Leaf Skipton Golden Gem – 1st 11 mth old, Lovely coloured bitch, well proportioned, beautiful head with correct eyes and ears, sufficient pigmentation on nose. Level top line, good spring of rib, chest broad, nicely boned for size. Would prefer a tad more neck but overall a lovely well balanced lady. Class 17 Post Grade Bitch – 1 entry Daksfina Raven at Blitzstan – 1st 3 and a half, Lovely lady, well proportioned through out, Level top line, good spring of rib, adequate neck and shoulder, lovely head ears and eyes, stop neither to much or too little. Good hind quarters and excellent coat. Paced a little on the move. Class 18 Limit Bitch – 1 entry Rollinson & Scales Chadbower Islay Skye – 1st 2and half years old, very self-assured lady of excellent quality, and wonderful foxy expression, good neck and shoulder, a slight exaggeration of chest which did not impede her movement both coming and going. Class 19 Open Bitch – 5 entries Bugg Ch Byquy Black Carat – 1st Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex 5 years old, this quality dog, compact, well balanced throughout, from her head to her movement, good front, decent rib and good top line, correct coat texture, richness with good undercoat. Good outline and hindquarters nicely angulated, neat feet, fully coated tail, strength of legs appropriate to size and well muscled. Smart little mover both coming and going. Fludder Ch/Am Ch. Ebonorth Never on Sunday – 2nd 7 years old, another quality lady of breed type, different to 1 but could change places on a different day. Well presented, nicely ribbed body, short coupled with good well muscled hindquarters. Nicely balanced head, all elements correct to breed standard. Stunning movement. Coat a little too heavy which flattened the natural coat, lacked obvious mane and culottes which would usually enhances the silhouette Millar Abylity Nina’s Celtic Queen of Turnlaw – 3rd 4 year old young lady, yet another quality lady, balanced throughout from her legs to her tail. Small but very well proportioned. Nicely balanced head, would like ears a bit closer, well ribbed body, short coupled, good hind quarters. Excellent coat of good quality and texture moved well. Class 20 A.O.C. Open Bitch – No entries Class 21 Veteran Bitch (under 10 years)– No entries Class 22 Veteran Bitch (over 10 years) 1 entry Forknall Ch Avidore Hot Gossip 1st - Best Veteran in Show 10 year old, fantastic lady who ignores her age, good top line, balanced throughout, slight loss of coat but plenty for me and of good texture, good head improved by her wonderful cheeky expression, despite her age lives up to the breed standard and a great ambassador for the breed. Class 23 Brace – 2 entries Moore & Nock 22&28 1st Leaf 16&20 2nd Christina Wilkin