• Show Date: 19/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christina Chapman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Redditch & District Canine Society

Redditch Show held on Saturday 19th May 2018.

My thanks to the Committee for this lovely invitation and to my very efficient Stewards for keeping the rings running smoothly. The BIS line up was lovely with all exhibits being quality examples of their breeds, I was literally spoilt for choice, however, after watching them all move again

Best in Show just had to be Baileys Canadian Eskimo Dog Can.Ch. Arcticice Qimmiq G_Amorak Avec Akna for me this dog epitomises the Breed Standard, he is so well built, so well balanced and so good in the move with the required strength and width between his hocks going away and enough reach to work all day. His head is superb as is his temperament. Reserve went to Larkins Rhodesian Ridgeback Rubicon Red Do the Right Thing Royaal Pearl (Imp) Lovely feminine head, well bodied and balanced in angulation and on the move looked very easy yet powerful. Not yet two years old so more to come but can only get better. For Best Puppy an equally good line up awaited me and from these I chose the SCW Terrier Holdings Celtannia Atlantic Gigolo just over 9 months short coupled and standing four square with well furnished head, dark hazel eye & clean cheeks. Angulation balanced correctly for age and his movement is so very positive for one so young just could not get passed him. Reserve to Rolfes Groenendael Jetaime All For Love, still showing her socks off at the end of a long hot day, pushed hard for the top spot and her handler certainly got the best from her. Best Veteran in Show turned our to be a dog I awarded a CC to 7 years ago, namely Trueman/Brownridge Rottweiler Ch. Jezeve Sherbert still has the same super movement, muscle and head. I'm sure this dog could still hold his own in any competition delighted to see how well he has matured.

Other breeds judged:

GSP Puppy D/B

1. Stedman Indijazz Designer Genes D. 9 mths with pleasing overall shape & topline slightly rising over the croup with good muscle tone & bone. Head obviously still needs to finish but has nice proportion, is clean with skull sufficiently wide and rounded for age. Angulation not yet balanced but again correct for age & movement was very positive with a good amount of drive & covered the ground well. BP

2. Angus Sparkenhoe Overture 10 mth B. Very similar to 1 in many aspects to similar remarks apply. She has a feminine expression, good eyes and well set ears. Moves again quite positive but today, just not quite as firm as 1 but again OK for age.


1. Rumney Kacela Sweet Ayana 14mth B. Good topline, rising a little over the loin which is well muscled as are the thighs. Depth of chest and balance of angulation appropriate for age. Lovely feminine head with well set eye & well set ears. Moving has stride, reach & drive good for age which will firm up a little more with time. RBOB

2. I. Designer Genes repeat

3. S. Overture repeat

Post Grad

1. Brown Hillanhi Pure Gold Just under 18mth B. So much to like here, very good overall shape, strong loin, well muscled thighs and good depth of chest. Medium length to neck with slight arch atop of which is a well proportioned feminine head with well placed eyes & well set ears nice width to skull and slightly rounded. Moving I saw reach, power in her rear driving action and good profile stride. BOB

Weimaraner Puppy D/B

1. Matthews Silvermews Shiomi 10mth B. Good topline with firm loin & well muscled thighs. Angulation not yet balanced but correct for age. Head has nice length, well proportioned with well set eyes & ears. Moving used her hocks well to provide a good amount of drive already, just needs time for everything to firm up. Lovely temperament, very promising BP

2. Brierley & Needham Grausturm Hairy Potter (Imp) 10mth L/c. Good size, topline, loin & depth to chest already. Strong thighs. Well proportioned head with good eye & ear set will fill with time. Angulation balanced for age so on the move covers the ground but needs to firm up all round, another lovely temperament.

3. Smith/Scourfield Gunalt Lustrous 6.5mths baby puppy shows promise, movement is still quite loose but fine for age. Time will firm her up all round.


1. Beagrie Gunalt Audio 15mth D. Well grown with good overall shape, strong loin and thigh muscle. Good depth to the chest & strong neck. Well proportioned head with well set eyes & ears. Angulation is just about balanced so movement is good with hocks well used to provide drive. Once settled has good profile stride too.

Post Grad.

Dane Weipowa Little Bit of Good 2yr D. Overall shape with height at wither strong loin & slope to croup. Good depth to chest, strong neck & well laid shoulder. Well muscled through & angulation is well balanced.. Head is masculine & good proportion muzzle to skull. On the move has the necessary drive and reach to work. Looks good in profile too. RBOB

2. G. Audio repeat


1. Palmer Kalimor Claude at Parmelly 19mth D. Very good make and shape. Good firm muscle throughout. Angulation is well balanced & he has good depth of chest, well ribbed. Also has a super masculine head, eye & expression. On the move has the reach, drive & stride, must have a good future ahead. Loved him. BOB

2. Brown/Filby Desjiem American Pie 5yr D. Nicely balanced throughout with good topline & depth of chest. Angulation gives true active movement with reach & drive. Masculine head and expression. Just has a tendency to relax his topline in stance, but overall a nice example of this breed.

3, Brierley Tatze Rogue Legacy B.

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Puppy

1. Edwards Shanlimore Raffaella 11mth B. Good size and strength of boner, nice feet with dewclaws present. Balance is fine for age & she has a lovely feminine head with blaireau marking, good dark eye & pigment. Super coat texture. On the move has very positive footfall for such a 'big' baby BP

Spec. Yearling

1.Dickson Kalaski Fields of Gold 13.5mth D., Well grown for age with good bone & feet. Nice depth to chest & firm loin, well bodied & balanced for age also. Movement was quite positive from all angles, for this slow maturing breed

2. Flounders Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni 17.5 mth B. Another with good overall make & shape & as she was 'out in her underwear' this was obvious. Depth of chest & overall balanced is good too. Movement has enough reach and drive to work.

Post Grad.

1. Flounders Gillandant Spirit of Xmas at Lakamoni almost 2.5 yrs D. Nicely proportioned head with Badger markings & good pigment. Liked his size & well bodied through. Angulation is balanced & Movement looks powerful yet so easy. Covered the Ground Well

2. K. Fields of Gold repeat

3. Thorne Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay


1.Reilly Lisjova Boris Bear at Darmaror D, Another very good head with blaireau markings & super pigment. Strong bone & muscle throughout & he moved with power yet so easy & ground covering just as he would need to work. Super youngster BOB

2. Thirne Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay B. Another good one with all the above qualities. Good feminine head with lovely eyes & good pigment. On the move just not quite as strong behind as i today. RBOB

Import Register Stakes

1. Dennis Bailey of Sereno Spirit White Swiss Shepherd 6yr D. Very well bodied, good bone and balanced angulation. On the move has lovely well used hocks for drive and reach & covers the ground well. All this and a well proportioned head with lovely eyes and good pigment too. 

2. Smee & Coleman Balthazar Pumida Avec Schnaubern Hung. Pumi 3yr D. Super well shaped head with those wonderful well set and mobile ears & good pigment. Well balanced through & on the move he has typical breed stride, drive and reach. Super character too.

Rare Breeds Open Stakes

1. Baileys Can.Ch. Arcticice Qimmiq G-Amorak Avec Akna 4yr CED D. What a super example of the breed. Very well muscled throughout, balanced angulation, go depth of chest, all this and a super masculine head & expression too. On the move he has the necessary reach and Drive to work coming from well used hocks which maintain a good width. Loved him BRB and delighted to award him BIS later which I understand makes history being the first CED to win a BIS award.

2. Watkins Albionspitz Blue Moon 13mth old Eurasier D. A vert typy example of this breed. Lovely head and expression, excellent pigment. Good topline strong loin & well balanced moderate angulation, so on the move was easy with brisk action and a goodly amount of drive. Very promising youngster.

3. McAllister Mizani Diorbe of Slovakia Lagotto of very good type and sound movement.

Minor Puppy Stakes

1. Gilkes Zeeva Reflections Shih Tzu 8 mth B. What a character! |Loved her overall make and shape, so well bodied and boned, nice depth to chest & everything balanced for age. Om the move was very positive & easy for such a baby. She also has a super head & expression.

2. Davenport Aritaur Slingsby 6mth Dobermann D. So well put together for age. Clean head, super dark eyes & pigment. Good topline with strong loin & well muscled thighs combined with angulation balanced for age, giving quite good ground covering movement for such a baby,

3. Carey Donnadoon Dark Moonbeam 10mth Min S/h Dachs. Lots of character but very well handled.

Puppy Stakes

1. Rolfe Jetaime All For Love 22mth Groenendael B with lovely clean head & expression, good neck leading into nice shoulder and topline with correct slight slope. Well bodied through 7 sufficient balance of angulation for age to move with a brisk and positive action. Very promising

2. Bolsover Charmedkelz Hippogriff Siberian 11mth D. Good outline & overall bodied well, angulation balanced for age. Head is clean and coming well with super pigment. His movement is also right for age & he uses his hocks well.

3. Kass Fostebrie Venchi Star of Kimarlaz 10mth Briard D. Lovely type & sound mover.

Junior Stakes

1. Summerfield Miadsc Eternal Flame Hung.W/h Vizsla B 14mth. Super outline., strong topline. Good harsh coat of deep sand colour. Well proportioned head, well placed eyes & well set & held ears. Angulation not quite balanced but fine for age, however, on the move she already has the required drive & reach plus stride to work all day.

2. J. All For Love repeat

3. Wilson Chadbower Nevan Henki Mit Clynalwin D. Schipperke good type & movement

 Post Grad Stakes

1. Marshall Stoneglad Jumpin Jack Flash 19mth Bullmastiff D. Good size, extremely well muscled & quality bone. Lovely chest, solid topline & strong loin. His head is just as I would expect it to be with a good square muzzle set right onto a good square skull, dark eyes, black mask & good large open nostrils. Angulation is well balanced so movement appears so easy yet so powerful & certainly cover the ground. Wouldn't want to be a Poacher with him around!

2. Young Furzeland Devon Blaze Avec Cocsamel 3yr Samoyed D. Good make and shape, Head is well proportioned with dark eyes 7 excellent pigment & biscuit tips on his rounded ears. On the move does have reach , drive & stride but could just not match 1 today.

3. Hillary Edaisy Dream Maker Cocker Spaniel B. sound mover and lovely temperament

Jane Theron Memorial Stakes

1. S. Jumpin Jack Flash repeat

2. Hillary Sheigra Mr SAnuggles at Edaisy 6.5 yr Cocker D. Good breed type with muscle tone firm & good bone & feet. Depth of chest & balanced angulation is good too. Moving he has go reach & drive & was presented in super gleaming coat.

3. F. Devon Blaze Avec C.

Margaret Cooke Memorial Stakes

1. Bailey & Atkins Hr.Ch. Akna Asavakkit CED 5yr mature bitch with type, super outline, good bone, depth of chest & balanced angulation. She also has a lovely feminine head & expression helped by lovely dark well set eyes & dark red markings. She moves so well & uses her hocks which have good width going away. Super girl

2. Nokes Kenmillix Sparta of Eurotas at Goldpaw Hung. W/h Viszla which I found hard to believe she was 11 years old. She has breed type, a good wire coat, depth of chest & lovely clean teeth. Plus on the move she is so sound she sets a good example for youngsters to follow!. Just had to have this place and pushed 1 hard too.

3. Smee & Coleman Ir.Ch. Odivane Maid for Fun with Schnaubern. sound Schnauzer

                                                   Christina Chapman ..........Judge