• Show Date: 10/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christina Chapman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dukeries [Notts] Gundog Club

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club - 10th July 2018

Thanks to the committee for this kind invitation, to the exhibitors for their entries and my very efficient Stewards for all their help.

Weimaraners Junior

1. Finch Silberliss Summer of Love B. 13mth Pleasing overall shape, good topline, nicely muscled and although angulation is not yet balanced it is correct for this age. Very good feminine head yet strong too. Movement, she uses her hocks well and looks very easy all ways.

2. Radford Schonhund Show Dolly B. 14mth very similar to 1 so same remarks apply. Build and angulation right for age as is movement. Just a bit 'fidgety' in stance today.

3. Turner Minstergate Call For Rockleyan

Post Grad

1. M. For R. Although third in junior it was a strong class. She has a good make, shape and topline and is well muscled with good bone and feet. Head is coming along nicely and angulation is balanced for age. Movement is also appropriate & she uses her hocks well too.

2. Cooper Delfstock Dazzling Star 18mth & another pleasing typy one with good outline, strong topline, good ,muscle and bone. Angulation not quite balanced but again correct for age, just not quite so firm behind as 1 today.


1. Batty Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor B. 3.5yrs. Super type & quality. Well muscled, good depth of chest, angulation balanced, good topline and strong loin. Very feminine head and expression yet not weak in any way. On the move has reach and drive from well used hocks and good profile stride too. BOB

2. Finch Int Ch.NL.Ch.Lux.Ch. Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss B. Close up to 1 so similar remarks apply just didn't quite see the same power in hind action today but they could change places on another day. RBOB

Hungarian Vizsla Puppy

1. Layton Layways Noah's Mill, just over 6 mths and what a little cracker. Pleasing outline, good muscle tone for age, angulation balanced nicely, in fact everything correct for his age. One the move was very positive and uses his hocks well already. Very promising BP


1. Elliott Aldom Dark N' Stormy D. 17mth. Very good make and shape, good depth of chest, very good muscle tone and angulation is balanced for age. Head is masculine with nice eye and well held ears. On the move has reach, drive from well used hocks and good profile stride. Still will firm up a little all round but very good prospect. RBOB

2.Wall Piroseg Mandarin of Perlianside. Just 12mths B. Very similar to 1 but obviously feminine. Good shape, topline, well bodied and balanced for age. Needs to firm up all round in movement but very promising.

3. L. Noahs Mill

Post Grad.

1. Bradley Highforce One Vision B 2yrs. Very well balanced through in both body and angulation. Feminine head, good eye & well set ears. Depth of chest, bone & feet all good. Lovely rich Russet Gold colour. On the move has very good front action, driving rear and apparently effortless profile.


1. Bradley Sh. Ch. Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce 3yr B. Very well muscled and angulation is balanced too. Lovely feminine head & expressive eyes. Go depth to chest, bone and very good feet. One the move used her hocks pr provide the drive, super reach and good profile stride too. BOB

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Junior

1. Bendikas Holson Electra 14mth B. Liked her size and outline. Good strong loin nice depth to chest already & well muscled especially on the thighs. Lovely coat with good texture. On the move was driving behind, with good reach & profile stride so good for her age.

2. Spillane Belatarr Jupiter 15mth D. Well grown, super muscle, good bone and feet. Good masculine head and expression. Coat of good texture. On the move has reach and drive just not yet quite so firm in front as one.


1. Spillane Belatarr Charlie Parker 6yr D.Very good overall make and shape. Well muscled and angulation is balanced too. Super masculine head which is well furnished & coat has good texture. Good bone and feet. Movement is strong and driving with good reach & profile stride too. BOB

2. Spillane Sh. Ch. Balatarr Hercules 5yr mature dog so similar to 1 that same remarks apply. Good type and movement. Could only separate these two as this one moved his feet in stance. RBOB

3. Hibbert Ewfor Skyfall at Mindszenty D.

Bracco Italiano Post Grad

1. Frost Dora of Bushwacker (Imp) 14mth B. Very good type. Angulation not yet balanced but correct for age, as is her movement with enough reach and drive for age and she kept her head high. Her head is well proportioned with good eye and well held nears. Very promising youngster.


1. Whiteside Allesandro L'Difensore To Absolamour D Very good male with good topline rising over the loin, well muscled expecially on the thighs. Good chest , bone and feet. Angulation correctly balanced and his movement has drive, reach and stride that looks to easy and he holds his head high on the move too. BOB

2. Hamlyn Bushwacker Pietra Good looking bitch with feminine head, lovely eye and well set ears. Angulation is balanced and her movement is very positive, she also holds her head high when moving quickly. Could not quite match 1 on the move today but another good prospect.

                                                         Christina Chapman ...... Judge