• Show Date: 03/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chris Briggs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ripon & District Canine Society

Ripon & District Canine Society 03/06/2018

Pyrenean Mountain Dog 

Graduate (2/3) 1. Holmes Lisjovia Emilio 20 month old bitch, excellent deep body with powerful driven movement, super stylish outline, out of coat today but what was there is course and weatherproof. BOB. 2. Holmes Lisjovia Takahashi JW ShCM 3 year old male, really out of coat, good type, moved well with drive but his kennel mate had the edge today. 

Open (1/4) 1. Holmes Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle JW ShCM 4 year old male, large powerful dog with clean sound movement, liked his strong head and excellent pigment, just lacking a little condition. RBOB.

Shetland Sheepdog. 

Puppy (4/5) 1. Glover Guests Doonelodge I Will Survive, Stunning 7 month old sable bitch, super elegant head she made me smile from ear to ear, Smooth graceful movement, deep brown well set almond eyes and tiny perfectly tipped ears, shown in fabulous condition. BPIB Puppy Group 2.

2. Atkins, Milesend Merchant 11 month old sable bitch shown in good coat, I liked her head, could use ears better. 

Junior (4) Bird and Caden's Molson Mr Blue Sky 17 month old Beautifully Marked Blue Merle male shown in fabulous condition with a silvery full hard textured abundant coat, his crowning glory is his beautiful head of excellent length, well set eyes of striking colour, uses his ears to best advantage, fabulous body with deep chest, level topline held well when moving, graceful arched neck. BOB, Group 1 and Best In Show under Leana Lewis.

2. Jacobs and Johnson's Willowthorn Dream Gazer, 11 month old sable male excellent condition moved well with low set tail, typical head with lovely expression. 

Post Graduate (4/9) 1. Bird and Caden's Molson Mr Blue Sky. 2. Glover and Guests Doonlodge Demora, 3 year old sable bitch of excellent type, beautiful head with perfectly tipped well used ears, excellent dentition, shown in fabulous coat and condition. 

Open (6/7) 1. Bird and Caden's Molson Mr Blue Sky. 2. Schofields Channerswick Hey Jude, 9 year old sable excels in movement, good head and eye, excellent outline. 

Rough Collie 

Post Graduate (1/3) Gibson's Dipdown Midnight Serenade, huge 2.5 year old male, well marked, moved ok, very long head, with good ears.

Open (3/4) 1. Masleman's Wicani Wears Red, 7 year old sable bitch in superb body and coat, moved well, pretty head with good shaped well set eyes, best ears. BOB. 2. Gibsons Wicani Solinvictus At Dipdown, didn't go well today, shown in good condition.

Border Collie 

Junior (3) Wiltshires Dark Side Of The Moon at Caleykiz, 14 month old Black and White male excellent outline stood and moving, well marked, shown in good condition. 2. Wiltshires Caleykiz I Got A Feeling, 12 month old black and white bitch, liked her type, her fortune is her head, moved erratically, tricky to assess. 

Post Graduate (2) 1. Schofields Rogansrock Just The One, 2 year old black and white bitch, excels in movement, smooth and stealthy, excellent outline held well at all times, I liked her head very much, excellent ears. 2. Amblers Caleykiz Faith In Black With Jaztech, 3 year old black and white bitch good type uncooperative and difficult to assess. 

Open (6) Wiltshire and Rottgers Caleykiz Boogie On JW, 3 year old Black and white bitch, excellent type with superb ground covering movement, she's no flash no frills but is all border collie well marked with typical head. BOB. 2 Schofields Roganstock Beautiful Dream JW 2 year old Black and white all male, good outline and markings, big masculine head. 

Belgian Shepherd Tervueren.

Post Graduate (3/4) 1. Lindsay and Davies Fablehawk Credle Dreams, 10 month old feminine bitch, short backed with good length of leg, pretty expressive head, with good eyes, tiny well placed ears, moved and showed well. BP. 2. Lindsay and Glentons Fablehawk Wolfheart, 10 month old tall raw male, small well placed ears, hasn't the head planes of his litter mate. 

Open (2/4) Bird and Caden's CH Domburg Brown Sugar (imp USA) 4 year old male, shortest back giving him a superb outline, long neck holding his head perfectly giving me that typical Belgian expression, fantastic head proportions with a well set, kind, almond eye. Well set and well used ears. BOB. 2. Glenton's Corsini Endeavor At Baudwin, 4 year old male in excellent body and coat, moved and showed well neat well placed ears. 

Belgian Shepherd Gronendael.

Post Graduate (2) 1. Turnbulls Xanova Black Magic At Jenkova 3 year old bitch in fabulous body and condition, excels in movement, neat well used ears. 2. Clarks Kehala Whispered Lyric, 11 month old bitch, very raw, nice outline, moved well, pretty head and expression, excellent length of head. BPIB. 

Open (2) 1. Lawless And Donaldsons Ch/Ir Ch Revloch Celebrity Status 2.5 year old bitch short backed, best head and expression, excellent compact silhouette with elegant arched neck, moved really well, beautifully shaped dark eye. BOB. 2. Clarks Kehala Ice Whisperer, 5 year old bitch, moved and shows well, shown in excellent condition. 

Bearded Collie.

Junior (3/4) 1. Jays Talraz Relight My Fire, 6 month old slate bitch, lovely in outline free honest easy movement, excellent tail carriage stood and moving, super level topline. BP, PG3. 2. Jellies Kiltondale Coco Chanel At Jellwell 7 month old brown bitch nice outline shown in excellent condition, good jacket, moved well.

Post Graduate (2/3) 1. Leckenby's Killondale Amarillo Star, 23 month old slate male, excellent movement, tail carried a little too enthusiastically, broad head, shown in good condition. 2 Jays Talraz Gift Of Gold 14 months, raw and sluggish on the move, nice outline. 

Open (5/7) 1. Jays Talraz May Queen, 4 year old slate bitch, fabulous topline and low carried tail, moved with smooth long reaching action holding her topline perfectly, kind soft eye, broad skull. BOB. 2 Kneeshaws Killondale Spring Blossom, 4 year old slate bitch, moved and showed well, well set dark amber eyes, good head planes. 

Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

Post Graduate (3) 1. Cuthberts Salvenik Star Magic With Triella 16 month red bitch, excels in movement shown in excellent condition, well used well placed ears. 2. Hoggarths Whitebarn Moonbeam, 11 month old young and needs time, shown in excellent condition, lovely expressive head with good ears. BPIB, Puppy Group 4. 

Open (4/5) 1. Hoggarth's Whitebarn Sea Nymph, 2 year old tri bobtail bitch, superbly handled by her confident young charge, I loved her body and outline, foxy head with well set ears, excellent angles throughout. BOB, Group 3.


Post Graduate (3) 1. Matfins Tiksi Dancing Flame With Ashlante, sweetest head and expression with dark almond eyes, super ears used to advantage, excellent pigment, moved and showed well with excellent outline. BOB, Group 4. 2. Woodhead's Nikara Secret Wish With Pashka, 9 month old male, nice head and expression, cocking one ear which spoiled his symmetry, good outline, moved well. 

Australian Shepherd.

Open (3) Turnbull Clegram and Holligans Jenkova Dark Secret, 2 year old bitch who seemed to have left her knickers in the car park, powerful and foot perfect on the move, attractive head and eye, good angles all through and despite being out of coat couldn't be denied Best Of Breed. 2. Browns Triforce Morning Mist Over Shepwood 10 month old bob tail, fantastically coloured Merle bitch, good size, moved well just needs maturity, her glory is her beautiful head, eye and superb ears. BP, Puppy Group 1. 

Old English Sheepdog. 

Open (2/3) 1. Ferguson's Mellowdee Moriarty With Lexalby, 2.5 year old all male, with the most fabulous body underneath his coarse abundant coat, strong head with good eyes, powerful, sound movement. BOB, Group 2. Laybourne and Johnson's Mellowdee Patsy's Spirit Im Dominoesdale, raw and out of coat, moved ok. 

A.V. Pastoral N.S.C. 

Post Graduate (2) 1. Heaths Cannyyatton Avvo 14 month old Finish Lapphund, showed like he would rather be anywhere else than here, nice head when he uses it, good feet. 2. Mcbeths Cariadus All For Love At Maclaurien 14 month old Puli bitch, needs a bath, Moved well. 

A.V. Pastoral Veteran.

1. Matfins Ch Vandreem Imperial Shandlin With Ashlante, 9 year old Samoyed bitch in immaculate condition with whiter teeth than some dogs a third her age, this is how to present a Veteran! Excellent head and expression, well set well used ears, fabulous pigment, powerful elegant movement. 2. Cuthbert's Salvenik Star And A Prayer With Salvenik, 11.5 year old red Pem Corgi bitch, excellent condition, fabulous Foxy head with well set ears, lovely expression. 

A.V. Toy N.S.C. 

Post Graduate (4) 1. Hicks Ingerdorm Marguerite 2 year old Affenpinscher bitch, excellent square outline with superb topline and tailset, small head with excellent symmetry, sparkling round eyes of super dark colour, moved well holding her shape.

2. Haigh's Tazanory Maid In Lochmaddy, 14 month old Affenpinscher bitch shown in fabulous condition, good head and eye moved well. 

Open (4) Hicks Carmichan Heidi Hi, 19 month old Affenpinscher bitch with a fabulous body which she held steadily on the move, abundant coat of rough harsh texture, a little monkey through and through. Best AVNSC. 2 Haigh's Polien Mrs Flintstone for Tazanory, 18 month old Affenpinscher bitch, not quite the substance of one but lovely none the less, moved well, tiny feet. 

Toy Group.

1. Henshall's Gemolli Antique Velvet, 11 month old Italian Greyhound Bitch, high stepping dainty action, I loved her pretty head and expression, superbly handled. 

2. Hicks Carmichan Heidi Hi, affenpinscher

3. Proctor and Mcgowans Vader Easy Tiger To Tramarllan, Tidy fiery little Pomeranian, foxy head with wicked expression, brisk sound movement all ways. 

4. Harrison's Rayjen Rumbaba For Trenson, year old deep red male Miniature Pinscher, shown in fabulous hard condition, excellent sloping topline held rock firm on the move, wedge shaped head with sharp expression, moved soundly with slight lift. 

Toy Puppy Group. 

1. Henshall's Gemolli Antique Velvet. 

2. Proctor and Mcgowans Vader Easy Tiger To Tramarllan.

3. Mortons Ablazzor King Of Spades, 11 month old Tri Papillon male, nice body and outline, sweet expression viewed from front, good ears with symmetrical markings, excels in movement. 

4. Walkers Sunlea Bertie Button, 9 month old pug, moved well, loved his head free from extremes, coping well in the heat. 

Calvdale Minor Puppy Stakes.

1. Glover Guests Doonelodge I Will Survive, still showing her little head off all these ours later and making me smile after a long day she so earned this fiver. 

2. Gee's Watercroft Peggy Sue, stunning 7 month old Norfolk Terrier bitch, excellent head with really naughty black head eyes, moved really well holding her shape perfectly, excellent body with with fabulous topline and tailset. 

Aubrey Niven AV Puppy Stakes. 

1. Robbins and Rowark's Quakerhill Lady Bountiful By Brekswood, 11 month old Golden Retriever bitch, excellent outline held well on the move, her movement is sound and steady, her real fortune is her classic head and expression, super dark eyes and pigment. 

2. Smiths Javidel Despicable May, 10 month old all male Norfolk Terrier, smart moving with excellent outline, masculine head with well set Dark eyes, good thick jacket of correct texture. 

CLD Briggs