• Show Date: 01/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Charlotte Ayres-Cousins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wombwell & District Canine Society

Wombwell & District Canine Society

Cocker Spaniel

Puppy 1 entry

1 Marris-Bray’s HELENWOOD ILLUSION, Last puppy class for this pretty nice sized bitch. She stood alone but was a deserved win. Very balanced throughout, lovely head and muzzle, nice straight front and angled rear. Cobby and well boned. Plenty of drive for this youngster, moved true BP,PG1

Post Graduate 4 entries (2 absent)

1 Needham’s SNOWGATE GOLD EDITION AT MERRYHAZE, 14 month dog, handsome head offering a warm gentle expression, good dark eye and low set leathers. Compact body and level topline. Doesn’t need more angulation, moved freely. 2 Proudler’s KIMAPA KRAZEE KRITTER, bitch coming up to 3 years of age, good depth to chest and ribbing, straight in front, and well angled rear, just lost out to being a little out of condition, think she has been on maternal duties recently.

Open 4 entries

1 Sewell’s WINTONIA HIDDEN GEM AT QUATTROZAMPE, 1 year bitch who is a little gem never mind a hidden one. Stunning blue roan, shown in fantastic condition and coat, Very feminine in the head and muzzle, possesses a melting expression. Such a picture in profile, stunning outline. Great reach of neck, front assembly straight and well boned, plenty of reach and drive on the go. BOB, G2. 2 Marris-Bray’s HELENWOOD AMAZING GRACE, bitch of lovely type, sturdy and compact, plenty of chest and well ribbed. Moved true.

Golden Retriever


1 entry 1 List’s HAYDENGOLD RUMOUR HAS IT, Plenty to like about this 9 month bitch. Still maturing but full of promise and potential. Stunning head of correct proportions, great reach of neck, good well laid shoulder placement, plenty of depth to the chest, level topline and short coupled. Enthusiastic mover with correct tail carriage even in the heat of the day BP, BOB G3 PG2

Post Graduate

2 entries

1 Middleton’s HESSONITE TREACLE PUDDING, This 2 year old dog was a pleasure to go over, good head and eye, lovely outline. Straight in front with good bone, muscular rear with pleasing angles. Powerful long striding action on the move. 2 List’s HAYDENGOLD POWER OF LOVE, Just over a year old this bitch just needs to strengthen in the rear and mature, she has the softest of expressions yet a strong head and muzzle. Neck clean and muscular, good depth to chest. See plenty of potential.

Open 1 entry

1 Baxter & Riley’s BERMARY DUKE OF WELLINGTON, a strong mature boy of 3 years, in balance throughout, Good depth to chest, correct in front and nicely angled rear. Moved freely, true fore and aft.

Labrador Retriever

Puppy 1 entry

1 Hoban’s MEADOWLEIGH BACK TO BLACK, 6 months of bundled enthusiasm, this black bitch was so happy to be here. Her tail didn’t stop wagging throughout her assessment, so merry and infectious. Lovely type, although such a youngster she’s developing evenly and looks a picture. Good head with defined stop and strong jaw with nice muzzle. Expression soft but full of excitement. Well balanced in body, width to chest and spring of ribs. Moved playfully but settled to be a true mover covering the ground with ease BP BOB G4 PG3

Post graduate 2 entries

1 Barthram’s GULSARY GRAND OPERETTA AT DANRU, 2 year bitch, feminine head with lovely dark eye, strong neck of good length. Level topline held on the move. Short coupled, good turn of stifle. Free mover. 2 Culley’s BESKERBY WOODLARK AT BENELDYS, adorable bitch of 6 years, full of merriment and wiliness to please her handler. Lovely head and expression, good front, and aptly muscled rear. Just a little out of show condition on the underline. Moved well with plenty of drive.


1 entry

1 Culley’s DEVONELITE JUST ONE LOOK OF BENELDYS, 9 years young, delightful bitch of fantastic temperament. Good head and eye, well boned, super tail carriage, depth and width to chest, easy mover with drive. Whippet Puppy 1 entry 1 Smith& Wisniewski’s BONDOR MISS FAIRY SUNSHINE, 6 months, lovely bitch with plenty of potential. Head long & lean, fantastic reach of neck, good depth to chest, nice tuck up. Muscular rear driving her around the ring with ease BP PG2

Post Graduate 3 entries (1 absent)

1 Kirby’s KELSMONK HAWAIIAN SUNSET, 1 year old simply stunning bitch. Just loved her. She has so much quality throughout, such elegant curves, and graceful outline, she is a picture in profile and on the move. Great head and eye, well laid shoulders making a great front assembly, right amount of tuck up, good arch over the loin. I could go on. Such a free mover, true fore and aft. BOB,G3. 2 Shaw’s SUPETA’S SPECIALITY, 1 year old dog who also oozed so much quality. This really was my class of the day. This boy has a superb neck and depth to chest, body is balanced and was presented in tip top condition. Free and easy mover.

Open 4 entries (2 absent)

1 Kirby’s VEREDON LA VIDA LOCA, a bitch of 5 years who I see is the dam to my BOB. I can see very similar traits in this beautiful girl, a lovely shape of flowing curves, well powered loins, and great turn of stifle, very pleasing to the eye. 2 Shaw’s SUPETA’S SO SQUIFFY, dog of 3 years, good head and eye, strong neck of ample length, nice straight forearms and well angulated rear, plenty of power to move with ease.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Post Graduate 2 entries

1 Watson & Kenna’s ALONZO GRANDE CUORE MIT CYNETKOY (IMP RUS), just over a year old, this dog is jammed packed with character and breed type. Nicely proportioned head and dark eye, great soft expression, correct length of leathers with inward fold. Body compact and muscular, good turn of stifle. Loved watching him move, tail wagging and head carried proudly and in nearly 30 degree heat. BOB G2. 2 Bartley’s ERYLAN LOKI MAITRE DU MAL, 1 year old dog. Good size and nicely balanced, his dark warm eyes really gave him the sweetest expression, correct length to leathers and tail, body compact with good ribbing and depth to chest. Flowing free movement.

Open 1 entry

1 Alderson’s BUNNYWOOD ATHENA, 5 year old bitch possessing a pleasing head and expression, would have preferred a slightly darker eye. Good reach of neck and impressive depth to chest. Moved out really well with plenty of drive, would have just liked a little more turn of stifle.

Judge: Charlotte Ayres-Cousins