• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scarborough & District Canine Association


15 JUL 18


SY 2(0)

1. Beal’s Emsuart Roosevelt. Strong male of 12 months with correct head, dark eye and lovely expression. Excellent front with pleasing lay of shouder, good depth of chest. Well balanced all through with strongly made rear, good muscle tone. He moved well with easy reach and drive, presented in tip top condition.

2. Ogden’s Ready to Rumble at the Bumblebarns. Nicely presented puppy of just 6 months, developing well. Kind head with dark eye. Good top-line and reasonably well balanced for this slow developing breed. Showed some good reach and drive on the move, BP.

PG 1(0)

1. Ogden’s Shibastone Seek and Destroy. 9 month brindle bitch, would like a broader head, even at this stage of development, dark eye. Good depth of chest but felt neck a little long. Fair angulation, she moved ok when settled.

Open 1(0)

1. Beal’s Emsuart Lady Middleton. 2½ year old fawn bitch with lovely expression and feminine head, balanced skull with dark eye. Nicely angulated throughout, she held her top-line well standing and moving. Moved with good reach and drive. Well muscled, she was presented in excellent condition, well handled to bring out her best, BOB & G3.


PG 2(0)

1. Byrne’s Fozydown Adara. Nicely presented bitch of 18 months with appealing head and dark eye. Good neck leading into correct shoulder placement. Straight front and good depth of chest. Strongly made rear, she was well balanced all through. A little erratic on the move but lots of promise, BOB.


PG 2(1)

1. Piercy’s Juffther Forever and a Day. Promising young male of 16 months. Masculine, kind head with correct eye, good balance in skull. Nicely angulated all through with good depth of chest and excellent top-line. Well muscled in rear, he moved with good extension and drive in all directions. Presented in clean, fit condition, BOB & G2.

2. Bower’s Rojaneva Stop n Stare. Male of 11 months who was struggling to cope with the hot conditions today. Head plains ok with dark eye and good ear-set. Would like more angulation throughout and better body proportions. Moved ok, BP.

Open 2(1)

1. Bower’s Rojaneva Micky Finn. Male of nearly 5 years. Would like more balance in skull but kind expression and dark eye. Held a strong, level top-line moving and standing. Well muscled in rear but short tail. Moved ok but would like a tidier rear action when moving away. Presented in clean, tidyj condition.


PG 2(0)

1. Schwartz’s Liareedon Star Gazer. 7 month male of good quality. Appealing head with good balance in skull. Nicely balanced and angulated all through with good depth of chest, strong, muscular top-line which he held well, very free and easy on the move, BOB, BP, G4 & PG1.

2. Dandy/Shaw’s Liareedon The Lieutenant at Andilorn JW ShCM. Another nicely presented male of 23 months, appealing in head with masculine expression and balanced skull. Good body proportions, he was turned out in fit, well toned condition.

Open 1(0)

1. Copland’s Liareedon Bang Tidy JW, Ir Jr Ch, ShCM. 4 year old bitch of nice quality with lovely temperament. Feminine head with keen expression. Sound, level top-line, she moved out well but felt she could benefit from carrying a little less weight. Presented in beautiful condition.


PG 3(1)

1. Lowes’ Callowdale Deja Vu. Liked this 6 month bitch very much. Strongly made but feminine with lovely expression. Straight front with pleasing angulation all through, sound top-line. Presented in well muscled condition, she moved with free movement in all directions, good tail carriage. Coat in excellent condition and presented well.

2. Porteus’ Seii Taishougun Baldan (Imp Rus). Another promising puppy of good size and strongly built all through. Masculine head with good balance in skull. Clean, straight front with good depth of chest. Sound top-line which he held well both standing and moving. Would like a little more strength in rear movement but well presented in good coat.

Open 2(1).

1. Naylor’s Callowdale Dick Dastardly from Skaijak. A real character full of mischief! Lovely masculine head with strength and balance in skull. Clean, straight front with pleasing angulation front and rear, well muscled. Sound top-line. Very free and easy on the move, he was handled and presented in tip-top condition. BOB, BP and PG2.


Y 1(0)

1. Adair’s King of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear (imp Svk). Beautifully presented black bitch of 16 months handled to bring out her best qualities. Very feminine in head with lovely eye and expression. Clean front with good angulation front and rear, correct shape and depth of rib. Moved out well with excellent reach and drive, one of the few dogs that coped with the very hot conditions today, AVNSC & G1.

PG 1(0)

1. Adair’s King of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear (imp Svk).

Open 1(0)

1. Adair’s King of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear (imp Svk).

2. Houchin’s Ch. Philoma Pay Back Time for Barnsdale ShCM. Beautifully presented quality male of 4 years. Masculine head with lovely dark eye, strong muzzle and kind expression. Straight front with good length of neck leading into a well-placed shoulder, strong bone, well-muscled strong rear. Correct body proportions and in excellent coat, he moved out well with good reach and drive.

3. Nattriss’ Soultime Keep the Faith.




SY 3(2)

1. Schwartz’s Liareedon Star Gazer.

Cath Moffat