• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society


SUN 22 JUL 18



Kelleway’s Dornoir Luciana. Blue bitch of 10 months with feminine head and good eye. Clean, straight front with strong bone. Good angulation and pleasing shape both standing and moving. A little unsettled moving but showed some good extension and drive. Would like a little more body condition to complete an otherwise pleasing picture, BP.


Griffin/Grierson’s Griffindane Athos. Fawn male, 17 months of good size. Masculine head with balanced skull and good eye, lovely expression. Clean, straight front with excellent depth of chest. Lovely outline standing just a little unsettled moving. Presented in clean condition.

Middleton’s Rayjen Campaign. Black bitch of 14 months reluctant to be assessed and very unsettled. Feminine head and pleasing outline when she started to relax. Good body proportions and presented in lovely condition.

Post Graduate

Middleton’s Taysca Must De Cartier. Nicely presented black bitch of 15 months. Looked well in profile both standing and moving. Kind head and expression with good eye. Sound top-line, she moved well in all directions. Deep chest and good body proportions. Liked her angulation front and rear, presented in well muscled condition, BOB.

Herring’s Roucandane Theodora. Liked this fawn bitch of 20 months very much. Lovely outline with sound top-line, she moved well in all directions. Good neck leading into pleasing shoulder placement. Confident temperament, she really appealed. Would just like to see her carrying a little more condition.

Kelleway’s Damarkann Marquisite.    


Morgan’s Samdice in your Honour (AI). Another lovely fawn bitch of 2 years presented and handled to bring out her best qualities. Feminine, appealing head with lovely expression. Lovely shape standing and she moved correctly in all directions. Nicely angulated front and rear, would just prefer a shade more breadth of chest. 



Vanson’s Vonkassel Jade at Tiesto. Lovely 11 month bitch with gorgeous head and expression. Clean, straight front with strong bone. Lovely outline and sound top-line. Correctly angulated front and rear, she moved with easy reach and drive. Excellent temperament and presented in immaculate condition, BP.

Green’s Torsite Flower Bomb. Loved this 8 month old bitch. Very feminine in head with lovely temperament. Good neck leading into correct shoulder placement, ideal body proportions, pleasing depth to chest with well muscled rear. Very confident on the move and presentation excellent.

Jakeman’s Beiderbecks Morgana for Ravensecret.


Evans’ Paloduro Gold Dollar at Maddiecass. 14 month old male of good type who I have judged before, would just like him a shade longer in leg and today, was carrying just a little too much weight. That said, his head is developing well, good eye and balanced skull. He moved well in all directions and presented in lovely condition.  

Post Graduate

Hucker/Abells’ Bevanray Reggie. 2 1/2 year old upstanding male of good type. Strongly made masculine dog with strong bone and pleasing depth of chest. Well angulated all through with strong top-line which he carried well standing and moving. Moved with powerful extension and drive and presented in immaculate condition, BOB.

Evans’ Paloduro Gold Dollar at Maddiecass.

Greeen’s Seittor Midnight Fantasy at Torsite. 

Cath Moffat